The Origin of the Gods

After the battle of the Giants, Percy and the Seven lead normal lives, well, as normal as a demigod life can be. On Olympus, the gods are being weakened by a new strange force. Never before seen monsters start appearing all across the world. It's time for a new hero to rise. Without the help of a prophecy or the gods. Carly Rembrandt embarks on a seemingly impossible mission with the help of familiar faces and unlikely allies.


3. We Bring A Coffin To Dinner

Sadie went out for a run like she always did before the attack. It took everyone in Brooklyn House and the Australian Nome to defeat the terrible monster. No one knew where it came from and exactly what it was. Carter had called their other friends but they didn't know what it was either. Ever since then Carter had restricted everyone's outside recreational time. It had been two weeks since she had been able to step of the Brooklyn House campus. Which wasn't much since the mansion was on top of an old factory of some sort. Sadie had chosen to use her time outside to explore and see if there were any normal monsters or gods to fight. She thought about this and laughed to herself, there's no way this is all "normal". Being an Egyptian magician it was her duty to maintain balance and to get rid of rouge monsters or power hungry deities. At least that was her only problem until a year ago, when she meet a curious race of half human, half gods. Half-bloods. Or demigods, as Carter established we use as the accepted vernacular. Some had extraordinary powers; such as, flying, generating fire (as in, they can make fire come out of their own body, unlike Egyptian magicians who need to have magic), controlling water, mind control. Sometimes they got out of hand and there would be some that rebelled against their godly parents. Sadie wished she was born a demigod. Not that the life she had so far was bad, she loved it, but what if...Her thoughts were broken by a faint crack coming from the sky. It sounded like a storm was on it's way. She had gotten so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't even notice the sky getting darker. She turned around and headed back home. She decided to jog back home so she slipped her earbuds on and started on her way. Sadie was well a mile away from Brooklyn House when her music began to receive strange feedback. It sounded like a woman desperately explaining something in...Swedish? Sadie pulled out her phone to inspect it, but it was drained of battery. Weird, she thought. A red minivan just ahead screeched to a stop. Sadie looked up and observed as a couple stepped out and were pointing to the sky above her. Sadie turned in the direction of there finger and her face turned to one of fear.

Great, she thought. The day they were given the all clear. She watched as a white streak painted the sky like an airplane plummeting towards earth. By now others in the area were looking up at the sight. Sadie quickly reached into her pocket and pulled out a scroll. Carter had given her that spell to teleport her back to Brooklyn House just in case. As she was about to make the incantation something told her to stop. She couldn't quite tell what is was, she looked up at the falling object, which was now a few thousand feet from the ground. There was something non-threatening about it. She rolled up the scroll and stuffed it in the inside pocket of her jacket. She started jogging but in the direction of the falling object. This could probably qualify as one of the rashest and dumbest things she has ever done, or if her instincts were right, it could be the beginning of something big.

It didn't take much locate the crash site. Thank the gods it was only a few hundred feet from where she was. By the time she had gotten there a crowd of locals were forming around the crash site. It was in a nearby wooded area with a creek running through the middle. Sadie's phone rang about twenty times already. Calls from Carter, Walt, and Jaz  probably all wondering where she was. Focused on her mission, which she really didn't even know exactly what it was, she continued making her way to the epicenter. The crowd was thickening around the edge of the forest line so she decided to go around and walk along the creek. Sadie was nearly there when she heard sirens just on the outside of the forest and helicopters in the distance, she needed to hurry before they catch her in there and mistaken her for the intruder. As she got closer she noticed a giant metal container sticking out the ground. It must have landed like a spear. She ran to it to inspect it more closely. This didn't seem like last time when the monster landed and caused havoc right away. Sadie looked at the metal case and realized it looked more like a coffin. There was strange figures engraved along the sides. They were bizarre and clearly not from any language she knew. When she finally decided it wasn't going to suddenly pop a monster out she proceeded to touch it. Immediately as her skin touched the metal flashes of memories flooded her mind, but they weren't hers. She could feel a burning sensation fill her bones, that sensation turned into agonizing pain. She screamed and ripped her hand away from the container. She wanted to run but was somehow drawn to the container. Before she could think about what to do she heard voices and dog barks. Sadie ran to a nearby shrub and hid. She watched as police officers marched in and surrounded the site. They seemed to be making a perimeter around the metal container.  Sadie looked at the coffin and felt like she needed to take that with her. Suddenly a hand grabbed her shoulder and her blood went cold.

"Sadie!" Carter hissed as he whirled her around. 

Sadie sighed in relief to see it was her brother. "I thought you were a police officer, don't sneak up on people like that".

"What are you doing here?" He said demanding. "I specifically told you not to do anything stupid, this qualifies as stupid".

"Funny, I had that same thought on my way here", Sadie said simply.

"We have to go before someone sees us", Carter went to grab her arm but Sadie pulled away. "What are you doing?" Carter asked annoyed.

"We have to take the container with us", Sadie said.

"What!", Carter said much louder than he intended. "It doesn't belong to us, for all we know it could be babies from the monster we killed in Australia".

"No, Carter, there is something different about this time", Sadie looked at the metal container. She couldn't help but feel a pull towards it.

"We're leaving it here", he said then reached for his sister again. This time Sadie backed up and ran out toward the metal container. 

"Sadie!", Carter called out. "Dang it!" he said then ran after her. "You better have a plan".

Oh I have a plan, Sadie thought to herself. She still had her teleportation spell with her, she pulled it out and started casting it. By now the police officers had noticed two teenagers running toward the metal object that just entered our atmosphere. One of them shouted "Hey! Stop right there!" Sadie and Carter ran on until the reached the object. Sadie had the portal opened already. 

"Carter, use your avatar to grab the coffin and shove it into the portal", Sadie said out of breath.

Carter nodded and generated his Horus avatar. Who knows what the officers were seeing through the Duat, but they all backed up and some ran away. Carter pulled the container out of the ground and threw it into the portal. Sadie jumped in and Carter followed.

Jaz was counting heads at the dinner table making sure everyone was there and accounted for. Carter had left to search for Sadie.

"They'll be fine", she kept telling Walt who was pacing back and forth. "Sadie is a little adventurous but she's smart, too".

Jaz counted forty two. They had grown significantly in numbers since last year. Brooklyn House has also grown to be the most popular school for magicians. Ever since the attack in Australia they had gained ten more students. The arrival of these new breed of monsters has awoken many magicians. Jaz looked around confidently, but deep down she was worried about Carter and Sadie. Everyone was sitting at their new long table that was nearly thirty feet long. Cleo had just made samak mashwi for everyone and set the table when the the chandelier in the middle of the room began to shine brighter. Jaz stood up and muttered, "Oh, no".

As if on cue, a portal opened up above the table and a large metal container dropped from it. Half of the students dropped to the ground. Another yelled bomb and ran out of the dinning room. A moment later Sadie and Carter fumbled through the portal.

"Well that could have been worse", Carter said. Suddenly there was a crack and the thirty foot table broke in half and all the fish fell to the floor.

"Seriously!" Cleo yelled from the kitchen entrance.

"Sorry, guys", Sadie apologized. "I was hungry and was thinking of food, probably why we ended up here".

Jaz rolled her eyes and gave them both a hug. Walt was already at Sadie's side.

"Where have you guys been?" Jaz asked.

"Well, my stubborn counterpart decided to ignore my rules and bring home alien scraps", Carter announced.

"What?", Walt looked at Sadie. "Are you guys crazy?"

"Don't worry", Sadie said to calm everyone down. "I can assure you that whatever is in there, is not a monster".

"Sadie, we can't keep that here", Walt argued.

"Walt's right", Jaz agreed. "What is it anyway, a coffin?"

As they continued to argue there was a subtle hiss coming from the container. It grew louder until Cleo told everyone to hush. All eyes turned to the metal container. The hissing stopped and for a moment everything was quiet. Then without warning, the top of the container flew open.

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