The Origin of the Gods

After the battle of the Giants, Percy and the Seven lead normal lives, well, as normal as a demigod life can be. On Olympus, the gods are being weakened by a new strange force. Never before seen monsters start appearing all across the world. It's time for a new hero to rise. Without the help of a prophecy or the gods. Carly Rembrandt embarks on a seemingly impossible mission with the help of familiar faces and unlikely allies.


4. The New Student

Everyone was quiet for a full five minutes. Nothing happened. The whole room started inching toward the container in the center of the room.

"Wait", Carter held out his hand. "I'll check it out first".

Everyone stopped moving and held their breaths as Carter made his way to the ominous object. He was nearly three feet away when his face turned into one of curiosity.

"What is it, Carter?" Jaz asked impatiently.

"It's..a boy", he said still unsure if he was seeing clearly. "He looks unconscious".

Sadie, Jaz, Cleo, and Walt joined Carter. They all looked down in awe and confusion. There was a boy about eleven or twelve who seemed to be lifeless in the metal container. Sadie thought to herself, this was a coffin after all. 

"Is he alive?" Felix called out from further back.

Jaz reached down to check for a pulse. Nothing. She looked up and shook her head. A tear formed in Sadie's eye, normally she wasn't this sensitive, especially if she didn't know who this person was. She examined the child again. He wore a black rubber suit, his hair was black and slicked back. He was human and most definitely not a monster. Perhaps he was abducted and killed, then sent back to where he came from. Sadie knelt down next to Jaz and placed one hand on her. The other she placed on the boy's chest. Instantly, as soon as her hand touched she felt that same feeling when she had first touched the metal container. It felt like the boy and her were sharing each other's power. This time it didn't feel painful, the boy seemed to be welcoming her.

"Sadie?" Walt asked.

Suddenly Sadie collapsed. Jaz caught her before she hit the floor. 

"Sadie!" She screamed.

"What just happened?" Carter rushed to his sister. "Sadie?"

There was a groan from the coffin. Everyone was silent again. Walt who was nearby started groaning with pain. He fell on his knees and held his head.

"Walt!" Cleo held him. "What's going on?"

"It's not me!" Walt struggled to say. "It's...ARRGG!"

The boy in the coffin began to groan again. "Everyone, get out of here!" Carter commanded.

The students didn't need a second warning. They scattered leaving Carter, Sadie, Jaz, Cleo, and Walt behind with the boy in the coffin. 

"Carter," Cleo yelled, "it's coming from the coffin!".

Carter nodded then rushed to the metal container and began to shut it. As he reached over he looked down and the boy opened his eyes. Carter gasped and stepped back. At the same time Walt stopped groaning and Sadie began gaining consciousness. The boy sat up in the coffin and looked around with a scared look on his face. Once Sadie was somewhat able to move, Jaz pulled her away from the container. No one said anything for a long awkward while until one of the students walked in and saw the boy sitting up. He turned around and started yelling "Zombie!"

"Who are you?" Cleo a little too demanding.

The boy looked at her like he was studying her. 

"Carter...", Sadie said weakly.

"It's okay", Carter began. "My name is Carter. We are not going to hurt you".

The boy looked down at Sadie who was sitting up now. Sadie looked back at him. She stood up and started to make her way to him. Carter caught her arm, "What are you doing?"

"It's okay", she assured. "He's probably just scared".

"Hi, I'm Sadie Kane", she began.

"I know", the boy said. "I can see your thoughts".

Everyone looked at the boy with puzzled faces.

"I can see your thoughts, too!" Sadie shouted excitedly. "At least I think they are yours".

"They are, but how is that possible?" the boy asked. He looked around the room, "and where am I?"

Carter helped the boy out of the coffin, which he clarified that it was a like a preservation box. Walt stayed behind to clean up the mess in the dining room while the other four took the boy to the library. There Carter explained to the boy that this was an orphanage for special children. It was strange because whenever he asked the boy a question Sadie would answer like their thoughts were one.

"What's your name?" Cleo asked.

The boy furrowed his brow and seemed to be thinking hard. Suddenly Sadie answered, "Owtanee!"

"I think it's said Au-tani", the boy smiled. "But it translates to Anthony here".

"Anthony, where are you from?"

"I don't remember", he said plainly. He looked at Sadie. "Sorry this side of your brain is clueless, too".

"What's the last thing you remember?" Jaz joined in.

Anthony thought for a moment. "I was in my house when my mother rushed in and told me that we had to leave. After that I blacked out and woke up here".

"Well, that really doesn't help us", Carter said exhausted.

"Would do we do with him?" Jaz said.

"If you could just help me regain my memory then I'll be on my way", Anthony said. "You don't have to worry about me exposing your magicians either".

They all froze and looked at him. Carter thought to himself, oh no mortals have discovered us.

"How did you..." Cleo began.

"Sadie", Anthony said. "I can see her thoughts remember".

Sadie face palmed herself. "It's okay", Anthony continued. "Besides, this is an orphanage right? There is one thing I do remember from my past, my parents are dead".

Carter looked at Anthony for the first time on an empathetic level. He smiled and said, "Welcome to Brooklyn House, Anthony. We'll find out how to get your memory back. In the meantime you can be a student here". He extended his hand to him and Anthony took it.

Meanwhile, Walt cleaned the mess he kept thinking to himself, or was that Anubis, this boy can't be trusted. Something was off about him. Alyssa had come in to help, along with a few other students.

"What was that all about?" she asked Walt.

"I don't know, they took him to the library", Walt answered. "Something doesn't seem right about any of this".

"What do you mean?"

"He came from the sky, in that thing", Walt pointed at the metal container. "I'm going to find out what's going on". With that he left and made his way to the library. He had never felt this much resentment toward anything before. He also couldn't tell if it was feeling or Anubis. They should be more comfortable as one by now. He shook it off and continued to the library.

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