The Origin of the Gods

After the battle of the Giants, Percy and the Seven lead normal lives, well, as normal as a demigod life can be. On Olympus, the gods are being weakened by a new strange force. Never before seen monsters start appearing all across the world. It's time for a new hero to rise. Without the help of a prophecy or the gods. Carly Rembrandt embarks on a seemingly impossible mission with the help of familiar faces and unlikely allies.


7. Learning New Tricks

Walt paced in his room. He couldn't believe Carter and Sadie let a suspicious stranger into their Nome. He especially didn't like that Sadie and him were sharing a brain. He kept telling everyone that he wasn't jealous but deep down he was boiling with jealousy. They were always together, just in case they needed to remember something that was in the other brain. It sounded so weird, like of a bad sci-fi movie. They even moved his room to one next door to Sadie. Walt's head started pounding again, it was Anubis. What do you want, Walt spoke in his head. Are you going to do something about Anthony, Anubis answered. There is something off about him, I can feel it. He continued to contemplate the idea when there was a knock on the door. He called out for whoever knocked to come in. Jaz peeked her head in and announced that the evening meeting was about to start.

Walt made his way down the main stairs then into the library where all the elders of Brooklyn House held a meeting once a week. When he entered the others were already in discussion. He found a seat next to Sadie and listened in on the conversation. Carter was talking about their latest addition to the school. Next to him was Anthony with a smile on his face. Despite the fact that he was only twelve years old, he looked pretty mature. He had a change of clothes, a white t-shirt with tan cargo shorts and sandals. He introduced himself and the meeting began. Same old stuff, no destructive magic in the main rooms, no sneaking out, complete lock down.

"No one must go out until the all clear has been given", Carter looked at Sadie. "If you need to go out you will have to take someone with you".

Sadie smiled at Anthony. He stared at her and she laughed. It was like they were talking to each other in their minds. That made Walt even more uncomfortable. The meeting adjourned and all went to their rooms.

It was the middle of the night and everything was quiet. Everyone was long fast asleep, Anthony paced around his room, a nice big one, only meant for the elders of the school. He went out onto the balcony to get some fresh air. He could smell the salty air of the ocean. Above him the moon and the stars lit the sky. It was all so familiar yet different. He pushed his mind further trying to remember something, anything that would help him figure out who he really was.

"Hey there", a voice whispered to him.

Anthony spun around startled. In the balcony next to his was Sadie. She was in pajama shorts and a worn T-shirt, her hair was tangled into what looked like a bird's nest. 

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you", Anthony apologized.

"Well, when you start deep thinking my mind starts racing too", Sadie explained.

"I know, don't worry we'll get ourselves straightened out", Anthony looked out onto the ocean.

"It's okay, Tony", Sadie followed his gaze. "Even if you did have my piece of your mind, there was nothing here that hints to where you came from or who you are".

"Nothing direct", he looked at Sadie. "Maybe something will spark a memory". 

"Yeah, I got sparked alright", Sadie laughed. "When I..."

"Touched the box", Anthony said finishing her sentence. He smiled and looked at Sadie, she rolled her eyes.

"My brother just got down saying, no sneaking out", Sadie complained as the two made their way to the library. 

"That box connected us", Anthony explained. "Maybe it can undo that".

They came to the library entrance where Sadie stopped. She pulled out her wand and said a few incantations in ancient Egyptian. Once she was done she opened the door slowly.

"What was that all about?"

"Carter likes to put locks on some doors, unfortunately he's not very good at coming up with passwords", she smiled.

The library was dark and eerily cold. There was a group of clay men moving around sorting books and cleaning. "Shabati", Sadie whispered. They moved along the wall keeping away from the light. 

"The vault is just on the second floor", Sadie led the way. "Just be careful not to trigger..."

Just then a loud shrill rang throughout the library. One of the shabati got so startled that he fell off his ladder. Both Sadie and Tony held there ears trying to reduce the sound. Thinking quickly Tony shouted, "U'af!" Tony felt something leaving his body, like some sort of force and instantly the sound ceased. Sadie looked up, "How did you do that?"

"I don't even know WHAT I did?" Tony looked around. The shabati stopped what they were doing and stood completely still. "Did I turn them back into statues?"

"They should have shrunk, too", Sadie said. "Tony, what did you say".

Tony thought about it, "I think I shouted 'stop', or something like that".

Sadie looked up and gasped, "I think you stopped more than the alarm and shabati", she said as she pointed up. The shabati that had fallen was suspended in the air along with other books. Tony thought about it for a moment, then suddenly the alarm went off and the shabati continued his journey to the floor. "Tony!" Sadie said as she held her ears. The shabati seemed to come to their senses and charged at both Sadie and him. Tony focused, as suddenly as he started time, he stopped it. A smile grew on his face, he didn't know he could do that.

"Whoa!" Sadie exclaimed. "I didn't know you can fly", she said as she was floating four feet off the ground. Tony focused but couldn't seem to levitate himself. "How did you do that", he asked frustratingly. 

"I don't know", she answered. "Something I picked up from your side of the brain".

Suddenly an image flashed through both of their minds. Sadie landed and looked at Tony, "Did you see..."

"Yeah", Tony said gravely. "I think...I think that was my mother".

They were both silent for a while until Sadie spoke up. "Let's get to the box and put you together".

Tony nodded and followed her. Sadie was right, Carter's password game was weak. In no time both of them were standing in from of a metal coffin. "So, how are we going to do this?" Sadie asked.

They tinkered with the box for a while with no luck. Tony read the markings on it, which was basically a warning label and instructions on how to use the box. After an hour of poking around Tony got frustrated, he sat down and stared at the box, defeated. Sadie walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. In that instant, their was faint whirring sound coming from the box. Tony shot up, startling Sadie. "What's wrong?"

Tony answered by taking her hand and pulling her towards the box. "Don't you hear it?" Tony asked excitedly. As if in confirmation, the box began to glow brighter as they got closer. He let go of her hand, "That sound!"

The glow and the sound started to fade. "No, no, no!" Tony begged. He searched the box again in a futile attempt to restart it. Nothing happened, Tony rested his head on the top. Sadie walked over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder again. "Sorry Tony, I wish this could have..."

There was a faint sound and a glow. That's when Tony realized what he had to do. "We are suppose to be one mind".

He stood up and took Sadie's hand. "Are you ready?" he asked.

She nodded. They took their free hand and placed it on the box. The glow turned into a bright flash and the sound became louder. 

"What are you guys doing!" someone shouted from behind them.

Sadie let out a scream. In a few moments Tony figured out why she was screaming. It felt like his brain was being ripped in half and then being welded together again. As his mind began piecing things together, all the emotions he felt before poured in simultaneously like he was feeling them for the first time. His past was shocking but what frightened him the most was the reason he was there. It seemed to happen so quickly, when it stopped both Sadie and Tony were on the floor unconscious.

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