Times unknown history.

This book follows the story of Klide who is an adventurer from the year 202015 and we follow his misadventures through time writing a new history book with a new and exciting perspective on time travel created by yours truly with collaboration with a good friend of mine, The writer of things. his character is called Lucienne. Feel free to enjoy and comment! :-)


3. the breach in time.

Year 202015

Month December

Day 15th

"Klide? Klide where are you?" An oldish voice shot down the hall until ricocheting of the glass door which if supersonic would have shot through the glass and continued for miles.

"Out here!" a loud but still soft voice returned an answer like a snow white dove dropping a paper like a single drop of sunlight. A glass door slowly creaked open allowing sunlight to flood in causing life to blast up filling all rooms.

"Would you like something to eat darling? You've not stopped working for 18 hours." the old lady hummed in a happy tune.

"No thanks Mia. Thank you for offering though. I need to get this finished as soon as possible." Klide was still in remorse after what happened in September... He needed Keith back...

"OK but please eat soon, you haven't in 3 days and you'll get sick." Mia was a nice old woman that took Klide in and fed him. She truly felt like a mother to Klide.

"Don't worry I wi -" mid sentence Klide was interrupted by himself pulling a switch that made a sound similar to that of a light sabre (Please don't sue me Disney.)

"Oh My Gosh, it's working!" He dashed over and hugged Mia nearly crushing her arms. He slammed through the door nearly smashing it but dashing back out without giving the door time to react practically phasing through it. He dashed through the tree in the back yard not paying attention to the physics breaking speed he is performing and into his machine.

"Bye!" he screamed, crying with happiness as it faded away taking this child and backpack with it. 

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