Times unknown history.

This book follows the story of Klide who is an adventurer from the year 202015 and we follow his misadventures through time writing a new history book with a new and exciting perspective on time travel created by yours truly with collaboration with a good friend of mine, The writer of things. his character is called Lucienne. Feel free to enjoy and comment! :-)


1. An introduction to time.

Year 202015

month September

day 15th.


"So the final hypothesis is that you cannot truly travel back but you..." A booming voice echoed down the empty silver hallway talking to itself as if there was someone else there.

"Doctor is it true?" A young child yelled down the hall.

"DC. Mahashwaren told me you finally did it, is it true?" The same voice asked multiple times over and each time sounding more ecstatic then the last.

"Yes Klide, I believe I have a working prototype. Mostly its working but it is just a prototype and we are trying desperately to get it working for humans but it is still highly dangerous." The doctor replied (Introducing Dc. Keith PHD).

"Awww really? That is really bad." The boy know as Klide replied losing that happy tone of his that always brightens the work place. (Introducing Klide who graduated university at the age of 12, a super genius of sorts, Dc. Keith is his favourite as he is the only one that even takes him a little seriously)

"Come on Klide, cheer up. I promise you and I shall be the first to test it, together." The good doctor replied and within seconds that happy look was back on Klide's face.

"Are you coming to the lab then? You still need to help finish it so you can qualify for your own PHD."

"I know doctor, i'm waiting for you!" He said in a cheerful face only a child can pull (Klide is 13 now.)

"What are we waiting for then, lets go!" The doctor replied as he began to start running towards his laboratory with a huge grin on his face.

"I'm waiting for you, I've already told you!" Klide replied as he began his run as well.

"What a bunch of kids." Said some doctors watching from nearby.

"You do need to remember his farther left him when he was 3."

The group jumped off their feet as Dc. keith said that with a stern look on his face.

"Dc. keith, we are sorry. we didn't realise that you were stood their." one of them apologised.

"That doesn't make it ok!" at this point he was shouting as his eyes started to tear up. "He has had no farther for most of his entire life! he has had nobody to have fun with him or to guide baring his mother and you believe it is ok to ridicule him?! now please move, I left something in my office." he was really angry now. As he locked the door the group of other scientists were apologising over and over again. He paced angrily towards his lab and as he walked in Klide was tinkering with their machine. 

"You ok?" Klide asked him.

"Yep, I'm fine, hows the machine doing pal?" he replied, the smile back on his face.

"She doing great, there seems to be a few loose screws though. I told you we should have used a non oxidizing metal, the screws have rusted overnight."

"yeh you did, guess you were right. you wanna run and grab 'em?"

"Sure!" he smiled.


An alarm sounded over and over.

"what's going on?!" screamed Klide.

"I dont know!!!" Keith yelled back.

Soldiers with face masks and pentagram symbols on their left shoulders stormed the room,

"Are you Dc. Keith?" one of them asked, this one looked like the leader as his helmet had horns.

"Who is asking?" The doctor replied. The soldier held a gun up to his head.

"ok, ok. I am. what do you need?"

"We want your time machine."

"But it isn't mine." He laughed. "It's his." he continued to laugh as he pointed at me. "Soon to be Dc. Klide."

"Then we'll just kill him instead." Mr keith stopped laughing and turned to the leader.

"If you so much as scratch him I will kill you all... Hey Klide, grab the mainframe data hard drive and run, understand?"

"I get it." so he ran towards the machine and grabbed a memory chip.

"get him!" cried the leader. "just get him!"

so Klide rushed out the room, ran out the door of the industry and left, he had no time to ponder why nobody had followed him he just ran like he was told and ran for so long that he began to get a bit dizzy so he ran to the nearest house, knocked and then passed out not knowing what happened to the lab, doctor keith, why the soldiers were there and why they wanted his time machine...



authors note: will be uploading next chapter soon but my half at least will have read insight, feel free to comment any time periods you want the hero to visit, any people you want him to meet and any people you may want him to take with him. thanks and happy reading :)  


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