The Story That Began it All

The start of a new series. Learn about the main character, Dragorina, a powerful creature capable of doing things never imagined. Meet new friends and tag along to go on epic journeys and adventures as Dragorina must hide its identity, save and protect dimensions, and keep its wacky friends out of trouble all at the same time.


6. Where'd They Come From?

Things eventually started getting so bad we couldn't even have pokemon running out in the wild. We even had to stop having guards at the Poketown entrances in fear of them getting seriously harmed or worse killed.  So we needed to find where the evil pokemon were coming from and soon. I didn't even want Ash, Misty and Brock to leave until we solved this problem.

"So how are we going to find out where they are coming from." asked Arceopogrin.

" Well we could find out where the most incidents have occurred." I said. " but that would take to long."

"What if you asked people though." Asked Ash.

me and Arceopogrin stared at him for a moment before I finally said something.

" No, that would be way to suspicious." I told him.

" Wait, what if the evil pokemon aren't coming from somewhere but someone." stated Arceopogrin.

" You may be on to something, but who though?" I questioned.

" An evil team of course!" It said.

" Now which one?" I thought aloud, " Team Aqua, Team Magma, and Team Galactic are all to busy going after legendaries. So that leaves us with Team Flare and Team Plasma."

" What about Team Rocket?" asked Misty 

" Team Rocket's to stupid." I told her.

"HAA HA HA HA HA HA!" the three of them burst out laughing. 

Arceopogrin and I glanced at them with confused looks.

"Sorry it's ju..just so funny how you said that!" said Ash still giggling.

"Well it's true!" exclaimed Brock and they all burst out into laughter again.

I couldn't help but think it was funny myself.

"Can we please concentrat!" Shouted Arceopogrin over the laughter."Now is not the time for joking around!"

"Okay so we need to figure out which one it is." I said.

"Well Team Flare is still back in Kalos, but Team Plasma is also back in Unova." said Arceopogrin

"WAIT!" I said. "If I remember correctly after Team Plasma broke up N was seen flying off on the back of a dragon pokemon or as we know, Zekrom. I also remember seeing Zekrom around some of the unsettled parts of Sinnoh."

"Wait we're in Sinnoh." said Brock.

"Exactly." I told them.

"So you think N did it?" questioned Misty.

"No but He my know something about it." I said.

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