The Story That Began it All

The start of a new series. Learn about the main character, Dragorina, a powerful creature capable of doing things never imagined. Meet new friends and tag along to go on epic journeys and adventures as Dragorina must hide its identity, save and protect dimensions, and keep its wacky friends out of trouble all at the same time.


4. Poketown

Poketown, a peaceful home for all pokemon. A place to get away from humans( with the exception of Ash and his friends who are good friends of Henry and me). A place to relax and have normal lives instead of the lives people think they live. The pokemon speak as freely as they please. A truly peaceful town, except today.

"I kid you not, I was just swimming minding my own business when swore I saw another Manaphy!" cried Manaphy

"Saw Mew in the woods the other day, but there was something about it that told me it wasn't really Mew!" exclaimed a Cinccino.

"I haven't been in the woods at all lately. I've been to busy working." said Mew.

"Manaphy are you sure it wasn't your reflection in the water again?" I asked it.

"Yes, because the other, well, me was on the shore, just staring at me." said Manaphy acting like a nervous wreak.

"Something isn't right for all of these pokemon to be so worried." said Ash.

"Agreed." I said.


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