The Story That Began it All

The start of a new series. Learn about the main character, Dragorina, a powerful creature capable of doing things never imagined. Meet new friends and tag along to go on epic journeys and adventures as Dragorina must hide its identity, save and protect dimensions, and keep its wacky friends out of trouble all at the same time.


9. Not Expected

It had been a sense the evil pokemon incident things wheren't right though. And not just because I was gone...

Ash, Brock, Misty and Henry were at the Lavender Town Pokemon Center when suddenly there was some strange news on the TV.

"People have been claiming to have seen a strange dragon pokemon flying over the region. Some people even claim that it could be the mysterious legendary Dragorina. Yes the same pokemon that destroyed itself a year ago for the sake of all pokemon when Ghetsis, a dangerous criminal of the Unova region created a new version of pokemon, the same as the ones we all know only said to be pure evil. Could this strange figure be Dragorina or it's ghost perhaps?" said the news reporter.

"That's strange." said Henry.

"Do you thing maybe Dragorina did come back as a ghost?" asked Misty.

"Please don't be ridiculous. Coming back as a ghost is completely out of the question especially when you're talking about the most powerful creature in the multiverse." said a voice.

They all sprung up to see me standing in the doorway.

"ASHLEY!" they all exclaimed at once and ran over to see me.

"But..but how?" asked Henry.

"Henry you should know that by now." I told him.

"Know what?" he questioned.

"That you can always count on me to be there for you." I smiled.

He just smiled back.

"Special Report!" Exclaimed the reporter on the TV. "This just in we have detail that an evil pokemon have been apparently spotted around all the regions. Some have even said to have been seen going through strange portals to what could be other worlds. Could this be a threat to us. And if so will Arceopogrin be here and able to stop them on it's own?"

"Great." said Henry.

"But they have it wrong. Arceopogrin won't be on it's own." I stated.



                                                                               To be continued...

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