The Story That Began it All

The start of a new series. Learn about the main character, Dragorina, a powerful creature capable of doing things never imagined. Meet new friends and tag along to go on epic journeys and adventures as Dragorina must hide its identity, save and protect dimensions, and keep its wacky friends out of trouble all at the same time.


7. Bad Timing

I flew around Sinnoh until I finally came to a mountain peak with N's mansion on top. The mountain was extremely steep and the top was covered with a thick fog. I knew that soon was going to be having one of my weak phases, for I had not quite felt myself lately and it had been a while sense the late one. Though I figured there wouldn't be a problem. N never really was the hostile type necessarily. Just a bit misunderstood. I landed and entered cautiously, something wasn't right. 

"Hello?" I called out.

No answer. I wandered a bit util I came to a large ballroom. It was dark except for what little light that shown through the stain glass ceiling. There in the middle of the room was N sitting in a chair. He was facing the other way.

"N?" I questioned.

His head jerked up and he began to struggle. I ran over to find that he had been tied to the chair, and his mouth was taped shut. I pulled the tape off and began to untie he when he started to cry out.

"N, calm down I'm not going to hurt you." I told him.


"Before nothing. It's to late to leave." said a voice.

I spun around to find Ghetsis coming out from the darkness.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't my old nemesis Ashley." He snickered. " Or should I even call you that?"

"What are you implying?" I played it off.

"Don't fool with me. I know exactly who you are, DRAGORINA!" He stated.

"Father what is wrong with you?! Have you lost it? Ashley is no different than us!" N told him.

"QUIET! I didn't ask you." snapped Ghetsis.

"Also he's long past 'lost it'." I muttered.

"Oh, is miss pokemon trying to be funny? Well we'll see who's laughing when I'm through with you." warned Ghetsis.

" What could you possibly do to me? Like you could do anything." I said.

"Oh, no,no,no,no,no. Not what I can do, what my friends can do." laughed Ghetsis.

Suddenly hundreds of glowing, pure, white eyes appeared from the shadows. Eyes of evil pokemon.

"So you are the cause of it." I gasped.

"The cause of what?" questioned N.

" You fool. The cause of the attacks. The attacks of pokemon everywhere across Sinnoh. The only reason she, or it, is here. To try to stop the attacks. And the only way Ashley would have a clue is if she were Dragorina." explained Ghetsis.

"Looks like you hit the target didn't you." I said as I changed into my normal form.

N gasped.

"But I must ask why before we take this any further." I stated.

"Ha! Why not? These magnificent creatures were just what I needed to draw you out. The power is beyond any normal pokemons. I knew if I tried to take over though you would somehow stop me. So I knew if the pokemon needed help you would do whatever it takes to do so. Thus drawing you here." He explained.

"Isn't that sort of a flawed plan. I mean if you think I would beat you while taking over what makes you think I couldn't beat you before?" I pointed out.

" Not so fast. I also heard from a little pidove that it's about time you had something known as, oh a WEAK PHASE!" He said.

"NO!" I exclaimed.

" MUA HA HA!" He laughed hysterically.

"HOW?!" I shouted, but he continued to laugh and with a point of his finger, the evil pokemon began to attack.

I took to the air as an evil Luxray tried to use volt tackle. I shot down a psybeam and the light destoryed it, but only for another evil pokemon to attack. There was to many and I was running out of energy fast. 

"CRASH!" suddenly I fell to the ground with a mass thud. I tried with all my strength to push myself up, but I just couldn't.

"Not so strong now are you?" grinned Ghetsis. But I couldn't say anything. "Night, night."

"BAMM!" an evil Suicune attacked from behind knocking me out in an instant.

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