The Story That Began it All

The start of a new series. Learn about the main character, Dragorina, a powerful creature capable of doing things never imagined. Meet new friends and tag along to go on epic journeys and adventures as Dragorina must hide its identity, save and protect dimensions, and keep its wacky friends out of trouble all at the same time.


3. A Problem

"Hey, Ashley what's up?" Asked Henry.

"Well Professor Sycamore asked me to work on an experiment for him. He gave me some formulas for some new pokemon he's been working on and I said I'd help him out. Check it out." I told him. 

I started up a machine and a bright light formed in the center. When it cleared there in the middle was an off looking pokemon staring at us.

"Whyyyyooowatt!" It exclaimed.

"Uh,huh. Yah I can see it's going great too." said Henry sarcastically.

The pokemon looked much like an Oshawatt, only it's face was quite obscured and really needed dental work.

"Very funny. Can you go take him somewhere I'm going to go ahead and try something else." I told him.

"Okay, just don't do something stupid." He said.

"Would I do that?" I joked, but he had already left.

I typed some codes into the computer and stared the machine again. But something wasn't right. The machine started to short circuit and a thick, dark purplish smoke formed inside the machine. Then it stopped. Inside the machine sat a dull colored pokeball. I reached in and took it. Was that supposed to happen? I decided to find out what, if anything, was inside. 

"Come on out!" I threw the pokeball and out came what appeared to be a Pignite."Well that wasn't so bad was it."

"CRASH!" suddenly the Pignite attacked me!

The Pignite was no Pignite. This thing was pure evil, it's eyes glowed of hatred. I had but one choice. Quickly I used flash and the bright light destroyed the creature.

"ASHLEY!" Henry ran in to see what the ruckus was."Ashley what happened?" He asked helping me off the floor.

"I no one must ever repeat this formula. It's to dangerous." I told him as I deleted the code.

"What?" said Henry. 

"Never mind. It's over now." I said.

But it wasn't over. Somewhere in a distant lab someone had somehow hacked into our system and gotten the codes for the formula. Someone was planning something. Something evil...

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