Win... Or Else


1. Win...Or Else

    I couldn't wait! I was going to Cubs game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. A four hour bus ride and there we were. With me, was some of my teammates; Reese, Bo, Cameron, Qwenton, Tyler, Ethan, Justin, and Jack. Also with us was my dad and Ethan's dad. It was a bright and sunny day, great for baseball. The game would start in 45 minutes, after the game we would spend the night in Chicago.

    Finally, the game is starting. The Cubs are playing the St. Louis Cardinals. Jake Arrieta is starting for the Cubs. In the field was Addison Russel at second base, Anthony Rizzo at first, Kris Bryant at third, Kyle Schwarber playing catcher, and Starlin Castro at shortstop. In the outfield is Dexter Fowler, Jorge Soler, and Austin Jackson. John Lackey is on the mound for the Cardinals.

    The game started off great for Jake and the Cubs with a one, two, three first inning and three strikeouts. In the bottom of the first inning, the Cubs drove in two runs. The sun was starting to set and the temperature was cooling.The game continued on with the Cubs in the lead. 


    "Take me out to the ballgame..." The crowd sang in sync. It was the middle of the seventh and the Cubs were in the lead four to one. As the song concluded and the crowd began to sit down, I noticed something in the ivy. "Did you see that?!" I asked  Reese in pure confusion. "What?" Reese asked puzzled. "That there in the ivy!" I explained. "No." Reese replied still puzzled. Hmm... Must have been a bird. The game finished at about 6:30 p.m. The final score was six one in favor of the Cubs. Jake Arrieta finished with 12Ks, 1ER, and a complete game.                             

    After the game we lingered around the park for a while. We were at a statue taking a picture when I saw it again, the movement int he ivy, and again when we were in the gift shop. I couldn't stop asking myself," What was it?"

    On our way to the hotel we stopped for a bite to eat. "Lets stop for Chicago style pizza!" Bo suggested. "Good idea, sounds great." My dad and Ethan's dad agreed. There was a local pizzeria around the corner, so we stopped for what ended up being a great dinner. I shared a pizza with Reese, it was delicious!


    "Hoomme ruunnnnn!!!" Cameron hollered. Qwenton had just slapped a monster shot. We were playing water baseball. For a bat you use a noodle and a beach ball for a ball. My team was Cameron, Qwenton, Ethan, and Tyler. On the other team was Reese, Bo, Justin, and Jack. With Qwenton's home run, we were now in the lead with a score of two to one. We were having a blast when my dad asked," Do you guys want to go shopping?""Sure!" We all cheerfully replied. "Go get changed. You can each have thirty five dollars plus any money you have." Ethan's dad told us. SPLSH! SPLASH! The nine of us climbed our way out of the pool instantaneously. "Be back by 9:30!" I could hear someone holler behind us. Still wet, we raced up to our rooms. The hotel rooms were very large. We were sharing four rooms, three people per room. In the first room it was my dad and Ethan's dad, Reese and Bo in mine, Qwenton, Ethan, and Jack in one, and Cameron, Justin, and Tyler in the last. We changed in a hurry, and were out in a matter of seconds. It was starting to get dark and chilly, so we grabbed our jackets. 


    "Look at these." Ethan exclaimed. We were in the Nike store when---"Lets get out of here!!!" Reese screamed. The wind outside was whistling and the lights were flickering. SCREECH, a loud noise coming from the stadium! Being, maybe a little too curious, we headed for the stadium. When we got there, the gates to the front entrance were mysteriously open..."Should we go in?" Jack questioned. "What else are we supposed to do?" Justin asked rhetorically. We cautiously walked in.  After about fifteen feet into the stadium, Bo noticed something, "Who are they, on the field?" he asked. Again, being possibly a little too curious, we headed towards the field. One of the people on the field pointed at us and shouted, "Hey! You there, come down here!" We had no idea who or what they were, so we weren't going to refuse. Once we could see their faces and jerseys we were silent. On the field was "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Roberto Clemente, Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Andre Dawson, Ted Williams, and the one and only Ernie Banks. Babe Ruth spoke up, "We challenge you nine to a pick up game." We all were still dazzled by the fact that we were standing in the presence of some of the greatest players of all time. "How did you get here?" I asked now relizing that they were all dead. "Through there..." Ernie Banks replied with a mysterious tone in his voice. Now, I don't think things could get much more confusing. "Hu?!What?!How??" We all asked puzzled."When we die, we end up either behind the monster at Fenway or in there," Ty Cobb pointed at the ivy, "Why? Two oldest and most historical." "WOW." We all said in awe. "I'll say it again, we challenge you to a pick up game. Winner remains in existance." The "Babe" repeated. "What do you mean by remain in existance?" Reese questioned suspiciously. "It's simple, we win, you go into the ivy and we come back, you win, and everything stays the same." Ted Williams explained. The "legends" were starting act a little suspiciuos, and we were getting a liitle nervous. We didn't want to test them, so we decided quickly, "Deal, if you pitch slower to us." The nine of us were being ridiculously crazy, insane, and flat out dumb. "Deal." The "legends" agreed. "One  question. Why are your cleats so sharp?" Jack asked, worried. No one replied...


    Suprisingly, their was no score after the second inning. Justin was pitching for us, Reese was catching, Qwenton at third, I was at shortstop, Jack at second, and Tyler at first. Bo, Ethan, and Cameron were in the outfield. This game would be the "long ballers" v.s. the "small ballers". On defense, the infielders were practically playing outfield. The odds were against us by a lot. Our gameplan was hit a lot of singles and doubles. 

    Still zero to zero at the end of the fourth, I was up to bat. There were runners on second and third base. Here comes the pitch, a slow fastball right down the middle. CRACK! A line drive straight into the right-center gap. I sped around first, headed straight for second. It would be close. SLIDE!---SAFE!!! We took the lead, two to zero! No way! With the odds against us, we were winning! How in the world?! We were ecstatic! The other team was struck with awe.

    It was now the fifth inning with the legends upt to bat. They were now acting very suspicious and almost violent. They meant business. Justin was pitching great. Two outs with Andre Dawson up to hit. Justin fires a bullet right down the pipe. SLAP! He crushes it, straight into the centerfield stands. Homerun! Fortunately, there wasn't anyone on base, which meant we were still winning two to one.


    The game was coming down to the wire. With a homer by Roberto Clemente, the games was tied two to two. It was the bottom of the ninth with us hitting. We were almost nervous to win. The legends were looking paler and scarier then ever. We didn't know what the legends would do if we won.

    The game was on the line with runners on first and third, two outs, and Cameron up to bat. It was risky, but we ran a safety squeeze. I got a huge lead off of third. Cameron laid down a perfect bunt, I sprinted home...SAFE!!! How is this possible?! We just beat some of the greatest players in history! "Good game..." Ty Cobb congradulated us. SCREECH! The noise again! And then, they were gone... "Where did they go?" We asked, puzzled. Of course, there was no reply. "I don't know about you, but I am getting out of here." Reese logically suggested. In an instant, we were gone.

    "What time is it?" Bo asked. "It is still 8:45. But how?" Ethan replied. "I don't want to know, but lets go shopping." I replied with relief.


    "How was it?" My dad asked us. "Great!" We all looked at eachother and answered. "We are going to bed." I told him. "Ok. I bet you are tired." My dad responded."You have no idea..." Qwenton replied with exhaust. And within three minutes we wereall asleep.Until...





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