The Proof of a New Sun


8. Why I write

Some days my love 
I will say that
I write to vent some buried anger
And I know that in some
You can tell 

Some days my darling 
I will tell you that
I write to say all the things 
I cannot with a look
Or my voice

Some days my little sun
I will tell you that
I write to fill the void
When you leave
With words as that is all I have 

Some days my gorgeous 
I will tell you that 
I write to see you 
Even in my imagination 
To picture you so clearly 

But most of all my Oakenwood
You told me to 
"Just write"
Everything I write 
I write for you
As I know that you will be proud 
You always seem to adore 
Every letter 
They are all for you 
As am I, body and soul as I spend every second I can adoring you
Most ardently 

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