The Proof of a New Sun


18. We are steadfast

To be steadfast is
a difficult thing my love 
And there are so many 
Things on different screens 
That jumble actual conversation 
But we are steadfast 
And we will not lose to our doubts 
We take our anger & worry & pain 
And as us 
Looking back we've made it beautiful 
Because we try 
To understand each other
All of each other 
No matter what
We have patience 
We try & as I said before my love 
We may not always fully understand 
But we try 
To make sure the other isn't so alone 
Or cast out & in pain 
We try to understand that things are difficult 
Like talking after not being allowed to have a voice 
As the saying goes 
Waking up to face the same demons 
That made us so tired in the first place 
We are steadfast 

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