The Proof of a New Sun


23. Watch

When my dad died he left me, among other things, his favourite watch. Old, dark leather, worn down & smooth, from his fathers wrist before him. After I found out it was meant to be mine I was surprised he hadn't left it to my brother, being a traditional man. I only ever lost it once; on a train, the strap broke. My name & phone number were on a piece of fabric I'd attached to it. I don't know when, but when I got off, I wasn't wearing it. Somewhere along the way, she picked it up & called me. 
"Um, hello?" 
"Hi, I think I've got something that belongs to you." 
"Is it a watch?" 
"Yeah, a really old one with a broken strap." 
"That's how it fell off. Thank you for picking it up and calling, I cried when I couldn't find it."
"That must be one hell of a watch."
"It was my fathers" 
We went on like that for hours, back & forth, cracking jokes. We arranged the perfect place to meet, a little cafe in the nearest city to us both. I was first & nervous, to say the least. I just sat, waiting & thinking, thinking & waiting. Then, in she walked & took my breath away. 


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