The Proof of a New Sun


22. Violin

I used to play, in my room, with the curtains drawn & my window open. My beautiful violin. I just lift my bow & lose myself in four strings. But what I never knew was that she was listening, just outside my window. Every six o'clock when I practiced, she'd be there, listening. She told me later on that she loved to hear me play because I sounded so sure of myself, so free. She didn't tell me she was listening until the last time I was ever going to see her. Before she left. I stopped by her old house every so often & I went to her favourite spot even more so. Just to play one last time, every time I tell myself "This is the last time." Every time I go, I play from whatever part of me I still have left. I played from my broken heart & hoped that she's listening. Then, one day, she was. Just like that, there she was. Stood a little way off. She told me she came back to hear me play, because I sound so free. She fell in love with my notes & I fell in love with the smile those notes bring. I fell in love with every aspect of her. Even now, years later, she stands just outside our bedroom door just to listen to me play. She loves me & I love her. My playing will forever be pure & so full of that love. 

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