The Proof of a New Sun


24. Valentines

Oh valentine of mine 
one day, when it's filled 
you'll see the space 
where these all go 
oh valentine of mine 
that day will be 
a fun one full of laughter 
I hope you like them 
oh valentine of mine 
I have no idea when 
you'll receive them
where & when 
oh valentine of mine
it could be all wrapped up
in each other 
safe & sound at last
oh valentine of mine 
or outside, at a picnic
I'd suddenly spring
it on you, an "oh by the way"
oh valentine of mine  
or I could leave it 
for you, with a note 
"For my gorgeous" 
oh valentine of mine 
but, however it happens 
I do really hope 
that you like these
oh valentine of mine 
I hope that these help
in some way, on the bad days 
to drive out your demons 
oh my dearest, darling 
valentine of mine

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