The Proof of a New Sun


20. Storm

The sky shuddered & exploded in light, as the crash of thunder sounded over the almost torrential rain. I was sat, with her, on our sofa in our apartment watching some movie we don't care about. We have each other in every beautiful way. We have each other & that's all the matters. The sky shudders & crashes as she cuddles into me. She told me once, a long time ago, she doesn't like thunder. As the sky shudders and she curls into me, I smile at the top of her incredibly sandy curly hair, whispering,
"I've got you". 
Her smile radiating. I'll never forget how we met. It was raining, like tonight, practically torrential. I was stood at a bus stop, no umbrella, thinking my day couldn't get any worse. Then, she appeared flowery umbrella & all. We stood waiting in silence for around 5 minutes, until out peeped a timid voice. 
"Do, do you want to share my umbrella?" Along with the kindest smile I'd ever seen. 
"Are you sure, it doesn't look like we'll fit?" I replied quizzically. 
"Well, it wouldn't be polite to let you catch hypo..." She looked around terror truck as the sky flashed & rumbled "... I don't like thunder." Covering the ground between us quickly. 
"I'm Fae." I blurted out as a distraction. 
"My name's Sian." Was her melodic response as the bus pulled up. 

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