The Proof of a New Sun


21. Post-it notes

I remember so vividly, you would always leave me post-it notes of things I needed to remember. It was always things like; "Dentists appointment, 2:45 don't forget!" or "Watch that new episode!". Every single one of those notes of yours were signed off with a little smiley face & "- Yours L x".
Once, I asked you why you signed them like that; I've never seen you blush as much as then. It took the best part of half an hour to coerce the answer out of you. Then mine matched yours in both crimson hue & heat. All because of two little words & those doe eyes. Big, bright green, sparkling & crystalline; gleaming with, well, something else. All from those two words. "It's true." 
 Just like that, everything flipped. The notes still showed up, in your perfect, messy, handwriting. I'll never forget the first one, the very first,
"Listen to that song I told you about. :) 
Love you 
- Your L x". 
I kept all of them, in a little box, under my bed & then under our bed. They've been there ever since, the new entries go in there too. Always signed off with, 
"Love you
-Your L x"

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