The Proof of a New Sun


16. Just you wait

When I look back 
At who I was when I was a child 
So entitled for no reason.
If I could go back, to then
Young me would think 
I was a freak & 
Me now would put a pencil
In their hand & say 

"You listen to me, don't be a twat & listen.
You can be so much more 
If you take all that arrogance,
throw it out of a 
window & just write.
That'll save your life one day,

It's a lie of course
Writing has never saved me 
Hope for a future
With you 
Saved me, saves me 
Your laugh 
Saved me, saves me 
Your real smile 
Saved me, saves me 
The one where we're alone 
& one of us 
, usually me, 
Has said something stupid 
& you've just finished that 
"I don't care who can hear,
I'm happy" laugh 
So I suppose I 
Should tell young me 

"Listen to me, you 
take that entitlement,
Throw it out of the window.
You wait for her 
Because she is the best
thing to ever happen to you.
So you just wait. For her." 

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