The Proof of a New Sun


11. I remember you

In the times when you aren't
Here & I feel alone
I sit & remember you
From your morning grin as you call me
To your late night murmuring when you call me 

I remember you 
Helping me, making pancakes & omelets & spaghetti bolognese
I remember you 
Covered in flour after kitchen wars 
I remember you 
Writing my name in ketchup 

I remember you 
Lying with me by the fire 
As I read in a happy silence 
I remember you
Carving my name out of soot 
As we speak of fire & water 
I remember you 
In candle light flickering & glowing 
The candles were luminous too 

I remember you
On weekends unlike these
Where we have lived
In every glorious way
I remember you 
Your American accent 
Tricking everyone but me 

When I sit & remember you 
I don't feel so alone 

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