The Proof of a New Sun


12. Dear Quinn

There are a great many things 
I can't even begin to 
thank you for
However, I at least want to try.
Your introducing me to one
of the most brutally honest men
I wager I'll ever meet.
He & his rivers of shit & Captain 
Walrus, are all such mad genius 

Your introducing me to not 
just "being alive" but truly living.
That is a gift in & of itself & 
from you means even more

Your listening to my tears 
over a dead girl who never existed
in the first place. 
Along with my screaming among
an imaginary flower garden 

Your introducing me to good
music. Which was a long-time 
coming if I may say so.
Although not as much as 
your taste previously 

Your laugh/scorning look 
because of your reminder of your
"different" taste in, also questionable, 
(Then again I was no better)

Most importantly I need
to thank you. For saying, a thousand times,
yes. Each & every time I ask, 
especially for the first time.
One dark & not so gloomy night 


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