The Proof of a New Sun


1. A list for my lover

When you ask
"What do you like about me?"
I smile
Because I have so much to say
So much I want,
You to hear
But I'll try my best

It all starts with your smile
It's the light to my dark days
And the canvas upon which 
I paint my kisses 

Then your eyes
Both before a kiss
And after it
So brimming with that glow 
That will be forever yours

Your hair is next 
It changes every so often
But I adore every regeneration
Even if it goes wrong
It's still gorgeous 

Your laugh comes after
How it fills the air
That glorious sound 
Of your joy

My dear
I could continue for two centuries 
About you
But, mostly
There's one thing

You looked back
With a smile
That made me think 
You never wanted to stop looking

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