Can You Keep A Secret?

This is a new story that my friend wrote, no it wasn't Mrs. Greenkins for those of you who are wondering. So please enjoy!


5. Part 3 - Love Maybe

In the magical world Mythica and Ciaptha were running out of backup.

“Ciaptha we need more backup-”

“You don’t think I know this?” she snapped.  “I have been thinking about this my whole life.  I am not just about to lose this on the chance of a lifetime.  Scarlet has those princess at my finger tips.  Now,” and she dragged a finger across he throat sticking her snake like tongue out.  The two laughed and cackled so loud the king and queens could have heard them.



Senior year was slow and nothing exciting.  Except that Bailey and Adelly changed their last name to their birth last names. Some people were confused and they got plenty of questions about. One was are you married now? well of course their not. in the meantime, Bailey skipped all the dances unlike Adelly who didn’t want to stay home and study.  Bailey stayed single and Adelly constantly was on dates.  Bailey was asked out plenty over the course of her senior year, but she rejected all.  Finally it was prom and Bailey was going to skip it again.  Adelly was determined to make sure she goes. Adelly had been asked to prom by Josh, but just as friends. The only person she thought of that could make Bailey go was,

“Nick!” she said out loud.

“What?” he said surprised she wanted to talk to him.

    “Oh, uh, I need to talk to you after class at my locker.”
    “Ok,” he said unsure of what was happening, and Adelly anxiously glanced at the clock every second waiting to get out.  Finally she got out of class, and she went to her locker to wait for Nick.

    “Are you single?” she blurted out once he was approaching her.

    “Whoa, back off eager.  Where is this going?” he asked.

    “Look, Bailey hasn’t gone on a happy date since you crushed everything in her.  She has to go to prom and I am not letting her miss her senior one.  Last year was alright, but she has missed EVERY SINGLE DANCE THIS YEAR BECAUSE YOU BROKE HER.” Adelly shouted at Nick.

    “Why me?!  I mean according to you I’m the o-” he said annoyed.

    “Shut up.” she replied back with attitude.  “I, want you, to go, WITH BAILEY, to prom.” she breathed out.  “Ok that’s better.”
    “How is this better exactly?”
    “Let me rephrase this, you broke her, you fix her.  How slow does it take you boys to compre-”
    “Look Adelly, the spark is gone.  I am single and ready to mingle.  But it takes two, and Bailey has rejected everyone.  She’s going to reject me if I try to take her, why did you come to me?”

    “Because you’re special.  She cried for days over you.  That night you made out with Jillian, she went home and cried all night.  Every time she sees you with someone else, she cries.  She isn’t over you, I swear.”

    “That Jillian thing was a dare first of all.  And second, what if she is over me?  I’m not letting myself see that.”

    “Fine, you never were good enough for her anyway.  Heard of a mirror?” and she slammed her locker door and walked home with Bailey.

    He stood there dumbfounded once again and went to the bathroom confused.  He stared in the mirror running fingers through his hair and all confused.  Eventually he splashed his face with water, wiped it with his shirt, and walked home in deep thought.

    Bailey on the other hand had some secrets of her own that had to do with Adelly.  She wrote them down in a notebook once Adelly left.

    “Number one.” she wrote.  “Thinks I still like Nick.  That’s something I only know.  What if I just want to be friends.  Or more…” lovebird alert she wrote after.  “Number two.  She’s going to prom with Josh and I don’t get why.  They have an on and off relationship, he text dumped her, she dated Cameron, she kissed Josh, dumped Cameron, got with Josh, then they broke up (it was mutual), she dated a bunch of other guys, made out with other guys, dumped them all, and now she with no one, but is going with Josh to prom.  Don’t you think if it’s on and on it’s not meant to be?  My opinion.” she released a deep breath.  “Number three.  Sometimes she won’t leave my love life alone.” and she locked up the journal, hid the key, and fell asleep on the couch.

    “HAPPY PROM DAY!” she woke up to.  She opened her eyes and saw Adelly above her.  “AHHHH! she said with a scream throwing herself into the corner of the room where her bed was.

    “Just waking you up early.  I told your parents to make sure you can’t get in the house, so lets go!” and she literally dragged Bailey out of her bed, and Bailey fell onto the floor and was continued being dragged out the door.

    “Wait!  I’m still in my pajamas!  Can I, at least, get shoes…” Bailey said with lost hope as she was dragged out.  After the door shut she heard the door lock.  So they went to the dress store first.  Finally Bailey settled on a dress that was baby blue, strapless, and at the very top, had a thick piece of the same fabric twisted around once to cover her whole top chest.  Below the twisted fabric there was a inch wide silvery sparkly belt, and then it went down to her knees, and got longer in the back, almost down to her feet.  It had a few ruffles at the bottom, and sparkles went in one row all around the each ruffle.

“DOn’t forget, it’s a masquerade!  We also need masks.” Adelly said.

“Yeah yeah, where are those?”

“Uh, right over there.” she said pointing at a wall of masks.  And Bailey walked over and found a black glittery mask that had some feathers poking out of the top.  Even those had some tiny rhinestones on them.  Then she grabbed some black velvety high heels that were nearly half a foot tall.  They were like any normal heels, but they weren’t wedges.  There was also a little strap around the ankle.  Adelly took a little longer to get her things, but eventually she decided to get a long off white, light pink, and light blue dress with a light pink laced belt and flowers on one of her sleeves and a light blue scarf that matched the dress. Then she grabbed a pair of off white 3 inch heels. Then Adelly went over to the mask and grabbed a light blue and pink mask which also had a little bit of sparkles on it.

    Then they got their nails done and the nail store next door.  Bailey got white french tips, and as an accent nail she did silver glitter on the whole nail, and a rose on the bottom left corner.  Adelly did white french tips on all of her nails. FInally it was way after lunch, and Adelly chose the place which ended up being Surf n’ Turf.

    “Hello ladies what drinks, can I get you started on. “ the waiter said his voice fading out the last half.  “Hey, Bailey.  Adelly.”

    “Nick.” Adelly said with a little scowl.

    “Hey Nick.”

    “Look, Bailey, I was going to wait till tonight, but since you’re here, can you wait a second while I grab my guitar?”

    “Um, Nick I don’t know.” Bailey said starting to stand up.  Nick pushed her back into her seat, and he ran to grab his guitar and came back a few seconds later.

    He smiled and took a deep breath.  “Bailey you stole my heart in the beginning/stole it write out of my heart's bank/and I stole it, I took it right back…” and he smiled and took a deep breath once more.  “Bailey I’m sorry please forgive me/can we please make up?/because now you’re broken though you won’t admit it/trust me, I know you better then you know/Bailey, you get me going/Bailey you make me smile/Bailey,” he stopped playing the guitar and looked at the her.  “Will you got to prom with me?”

    “Look Nick,”

    “I know, I know.  Please, we can even go as friends, it doesn’t have to be a date.”

    “Nick look, I just don’t know.”

    “Please, just as friends?  I swear.  Nothing more than friends, lets just have fun.  No kissing or making out or anything.  Just.  Friends.”

    “Uh, fine.  Just friends.” and they shook pinkies.

    That day went on and Bailey didn’t say a word.  She only got her hair curled, and went to the school for prom silent about what happened until she saw Nick.  It was mutual, no digging or anything, and then they announced the prom king and queen.  “This is the first time it has ever happened, Bailey and Adelly are tied for queen, and Nick and Josh are tied for king!  So, as a result, we crown them both and they chose a partner to dance with.  Take the floor your highnesses.”

    And Nick danced with Bailey, and Adelly danced with Josh.  They were all friends, nothing more, nothing less, and none of them planned on being more.  After the dance Bailey and Adelly sat down to grab a quick bite, and talked a little.  Where they were going to college, what their plans for the future were, and just random thoughts they had.  Later when everyone was partying and on the dance floor.  Bailey was pulled out by Nick in front of the school.  Adelly was pulled out by Josh into an empty classroom; both boys needed to tell the girls something and give them a letter.

    “Why are we in here?” asked Adelly

    “Well I have this for you, I grabbed it from your parents and asked them if I could give it to you. Adelly I still love you and of course I always have. Would you Adelly Junior go to prom with me as a date? I know it’s a little late.” Said Josh

    “Of course and I-I-I-I love you too.” Then Adelly kiss Josh and then they hugged for a long time, just until they were ready to go back to the dance.



“What a beautiful moon.” Bailey said gazing up at the full moon, it glistening in her eyes.

    “Just as beautiful as you.” Nick replied.

    “Are you flirting with me?’ she asked with a little smile giggle.

    “No, I’m in love with you, and I’ve been wanting to do this since forever.”

    “Nick, what are you talking abo-” and she was cut short by Nick taking her little face in his hand, and staring into her gorgeous gray eyes.

    “I’m talking about this.” and he pulled her in and kissed her hard and long.

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