Can You Keep A Secret?

This is a new story that my friend wrote, no it wasn't Mrs. Greenkins for those of you who are wondering. So please enjoy!


3. Part 2 - Starting over, a supernatural human, and awkward

Nick had his hands in his sleeveless sweatshirt as he walked to Josh’s house.  He looked down and kept kicking a rock ahead of him.  When he reached Josh’s house, he continued looking down while he knocked on the door.

    “Hey man.  What’s up?” Josh’s tone was dull.  It was gloomy, dark, and two breakups occurred.

    “Uh, well, Bailey and I just broke up.” Nick said.  He wouldn’t look up.

    “Oh.  Sorry man.  Well, Adelly and I just broke up too.  But common in bro.” and Nick walked in behind Josh.
    Nick took a deep breath.  “But, you know.  We are supposed to be here for an education.  Not for love.  I mean we’re princes who are supposed to come back after college to get married.  I’m only 16, but I know Bailey is the one now that I’ve met her.” he licked his lips and shrugged.  “I can’t imagine marrying anyone else now.  She’s the love of my life and I just lost her.  I wish she was the one I could marry, but I’m supposed to marry a princess and have a child with her.  Not a normal teen who I love.” that last word hung in the air for some time.  Finally Josh spoke.

    “Yeah man.  I know how you feel.”

    “Yeah but neither of you said you love each other.  You would have told me if you loved her, but you don’t.  You two just really liked each other.  Bailey and I,” he looked up as if he was about to cry.  “Bailey and I, we loved each other.”
    “Yeah you’re right.  Sorry ‘bout that man.”

    “It’s fine.  A prince just isn’t meant to fall in love.”



    “Bailey hun, where’s NIck?” her mom asked once Bailey returned home free of tears.

    “Mom, Nick and I broke up.”
    “Oh sweetie.” and her mom hugged her.

    “It’s alright.  And the place is looking good!”

    “Thanks.  Now let’s go have our Monday movie night.  Adelly and her family will be over soon.  And I assume Nick will not be invited.”

    “No,” Bailey said with a hint of a smile, and they went off into the living room just off the front entrance.  Her dad brought in popcorn to eat, and Adelly’s family arrived soon after.  They watched a romance movie.  Something about a girl and boy with cancer falling in love, but then death came in and stole the boy.  Bailey didn’t pay attention though she was glum enough to worry about romance.

    The girls moved on over the boys, and then summer was over.  They packed their stuff and waited for the bus.  They did their best to avoid their ex’s the first few weeks, but then Bailey had a surprise.

    “Hey Bailey.” a boy said.

    “Oh!  Hey Cameron.” that’s his name.  Bailey closed her locker and turned to look at him.

    “Um, I noticed you and Nick aren’t together-”

    “Don’t mention that.” Bailey said interrupting him.

    “Sorry.  But, I was wondering, would you like to go on a date this Friday?  I’ll pick you up at your place.” he asked as he held out a rose.

    “Sure!” Bailey replied with a smile.  But what she didn’t realize was that Nick was passing by, and saw this.  He saw her take the rose from Cameron, and realized he had completely lost her.  He took her ring out of his pocket, and looked at it, and put it back in his pocket as he walked away solemnly.

    “Who’s the rose from?” Adelly asked as they walked to the beach to do their homework.

    “Oh, Cameron.”

    “Did he ask you out?”

    “Yeah.  He’s pretty cool actually.”

    “Nice.” and the girls got to their normal spot and did their homework on the beach.  Then they walked home and hung out with their family for the night.



"Jack we have to tell her sometime!" Bailey's mom shouted to her dad.

"But how Louise?  I mean, what'll happen if we tell her she was adopted and her real name is Everheart?" Wrong timing.  Bailey just walked in through the door and heard this last part.

"What?  I'm adopted?  And my real last name is Everheart?" Bailey said.

"Oh, sweetie.  We didn't mean for you to find out this way.  Yes sweetie, you were adopted as an infant." her mom said.

"How could you guys not tell me this?  And what about my last name?"

"Your real name before you were adopted, was Everheart." this must have been their most awkward conversation yet.



    “When are we going to tell Adelly that she is adopted?” asked her dad.

    “I don’t know, I just don’t want her to be mad at us that we didn’t tell her.”

    “I know but she is almost 17 years old.”

    “True. How about we tell her right now.” said her mom

    “Adelly. Can you come here?” yelled her dad

    “Yeah sure. What’s wrong?

    “We have something to tell you, that we should have told you way earlier.”

    “What?” with Adelly being concerned

    “You are……were adopted by us when you were an infant.” said her dad

    “I……I am?’

    “Yes, your real last name is Junior and we hope your not mad at us and you understand.”

    “Of course i’m not mad at you guys; and I guess I understand it might just take me a while to get a hand over it.”



    Meanwhile both of the girls went to their room with a little confusion and both decided to text each other.

    Bailey: I just found out big news for me.

    Adelly: So did I.  But you can go first.

    Bailey: I just found out that I am  adopted and my real last name is Everheart.

    Adelly: No way!!!!

    Bailey: What!?!

    Adelly: I just found out the exact same thing.  I’m adopted too and my real last name is Junior.

    Bailey: Do you want to meet at the beach in between our house so that we can talk a little in person?

    Adelly: Sure I’d love to.  See you soon.



    Both of the girls grabbed their purse and shoes and headed down in between their houses.

    “Hey.” Bailey said.

    “So; are you mad at your parents at all?  And are you weirded out?”

    “Of course I’m mad.  ANd weirded out.  My parents were arguing about it, and I overheard them.  It shouldn’t be how you find out you’re adopted and whatever.”

    “Oh, my parents told me.”

    “Well, you’re lucky.  And I wonder who my actual parents are.”


    “Yeah.  I think I’m going to change my last name to that next year.” Bailey said.

    “COol.  I think I might do that too.”’

    “Awesome.  And isn’t there the fall formal coming up soon?” Bailey asked deliberately changing the subject.

    “Yeah I think so.  But I think I’m going solo.  What about you?”
    “Oh, um.  I think I may go solo too.  I’m going out with Cameron, but I’m not really in the mood to date right now.  And I don’t like really like him or anything.  I’d like to think of him as a friend.”

    “Yeah.  I understand.  I’m not really in the mood to go out either.”
    “Yeah, well, I think I’m going to go home now.  I need to work on my project in home ec.”

    “Alright.  Well see you tomorrow?” Adelly asked.
    “Yeah.  See you tomorrow.” and Bailey walked home and Adelly did too.  The rest of the night for Bailey was tense and awkward.  Adelly got along fine with her family, but Bailey’s situation wasn’t so easy.  That night she went and looked through royal magazines.

    “Princess Kylie went into labor last night.  Her kingdom waits outside the hospital for news on the baby.” Bailey said reading the covers and captions of this magazine.  “She is 3 weeks early, and rumor is she’s having twins.  Prince Jack waits by her side as she waits for the birth of her children said to come this evening.” Bailey sighed, but not exactly of happiness.  She loved reading about royalty in other countries.  She was hooked on this specific kingdom right now.  “Princess Kylie’s twins are on the way, and she is ready to get them out!” she kept reading that for the night and then went to sleep.

    In the morning she biked to school like normal instead of taking the bus, and Cameron met up with her out front in the schoolyard.

    “So, the fall formal is coming up, you want to go with me?” Cameron asked.

    “I’d, love to go, but I’m just not really in the mood to have a boyfriend.  But we can go as friends and tag along with Adelly.”

    “It’s alright, I understand.  And why not?  Lets go as friends.” it took a hit to him, but he was glad to have Bailey as a friend.  The rest of the school day was normal.  Until the end of the day.  Bailey and Adelly were walking out to get their bikes and go home, when a group of people rushed out and pushed Bailey.  She flew forward over the stairs and landed in someone's arms.  She looked up and it was Nick.

    “You ok?” he was clearly not over her yet.  He really obviously still cared about her, and the way he asked her, made it obvious.

    “Oh, Nick.  Yes I am ok.” and she almost fought her way out of his arms, brushed herself off, and ran away to her bike and left.

    “OK then.  That was odd,” Nick noted.

    “You think?  You break a girl’s heart then catch her and show her you’re clearly not over her?  BOy, you’ve got problems.” Adelly said to Nick, and jabbed her finger into his chest in the last part.  He rubbed his chest, then realized what he did and grabbed his bike and went after her.  By the time he was caught up to her, she was walking to her house.

    “Bailey!” he shouted after her.

    “Go away.” she said and kept walking to her house.

    “Bailey.” he said again.

    “Go away!” and she dashed into her house and ran to her room.

    “Baileeeey,” Nick said after she was gone into the house.  Then he grabbed his bike and walked away.

    “I told you.” Adelly said to him as he walked past.  He looked at her like she was crazy or something.  But Bailey’s got a great friend who is fine with sticking up for her.

    In Bailey’s room she saw the next magazine about Princess Kylie.  She laid on her bed and read it to herself.  “Princess Kylie gave birth to her twins Charlotte and Tessa last night after 25 hours of labor.  Sadly Tessa has a condition which they have not made public yet, but they have told us she is in the hospital in an almost fatal condition.  Meantime, Princess Kylie and Prince Jack have become the new king and queen because Princess Kylie just recently gave birth.  She is the first ever Princess to give birth to twins, but Charlotte will be the next queen since she was born first.  Tessa will remain princess forever unless something happens to Charlotte and she has to resign.  But since neither is a boy, Queen Kylie now must have another child and hope it is a boy.  She will become pregnant with her third child in 9 months, so she has time to recover from this birth and get accustomed to her new lifestyle.  She will continue having children until she has a boy who can marry into another kingdom.” Bailey read to herself.  Then she put the magazine down and went to watch tv.  Everheart kingdom wasn’t all over the news, and neither was Swan kingdom.  Small kingdoms don’t get the attention of others like Queen Kylie’s kingdom.


    Over at Adelly’s house she was quite curious about her background.

    “So, do you know who my parents are?  Or anything?”

“Sorry sweetie, we don’t.” her mom said looking nervously at her dad.  Because her foster parents as well as Bailey’s did know about their pasts.  But nothing super detailed.

    “Oh.  Well do you know where I can go to find out more?  Like a website or bookstore or something?”

    “No sweetie.  And no surfing the internet about your past.  You’ll find out when the time is right.” her mom was stern.  She couldn’t find out about her past.  Not yet.  Adelly was quite curious unlike Bailey.  Who knew what good and bad this would lead to.



    In the other world both mothers are freaking out about the war and their baby girls.

    “Why did we have to send the to a different world?  I want to send her a letter.” said Queen Allison.

    “I do too.  And we already sent one to her foster parents.  Remember?  I just worried that she won’t believe.”

    “Yes I remember, but believe in what?”

    “In magic.  Don’t you remember that we live in a magical world, and if she doesn’t believe in magic she won’t be able to come back.”

    “I know, but she was born here, so she should have a little belief in her.” and the queen sighed.



In the other kingdom many things similar were going on. Bailey’s mother was doing great but was nervous and sad.

“How old is Bailey now?” the queen asked to the king.

“Almost 17. Don’t you remember?”

“Yes, but i just can’t think right now.”

“Why don’t you go get some rest?”

“Alright.” Both mothers have hope for their child, and they miss and still care for them.



    It was Thursday afternoon and Bailey and Adelly were walking to Pizza Palace to get some dinner. Then they came across Brody.

    “Hey, Adelly……Bailey.” he said not exactly acknowledging Bailey.

    “Hi Brody.” both the girls said, Bailey with a little sass.

    “I have a question for Adelly that I was going to ask earlier but I didn’t.”

    “Oh boy,” Bailey said quietly to herself.  She knew what was coming unlike Adelly who seemed a little clueless.

    “What is it?” Adelly said.

    “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the fall formal with me.”

    “U…um I was going with Bailey and Cameron just as friends; but you can tag along if you want.”

    “Sure, why not.” I could tell he was disappointed.  Adelly had always been his dream girl and he did everything possible to be around her and make her like him.

    After Brody left the girls kept walking to the Pizza Palace.

    “Ooo…… someone has a crush on you.”

    “Hey,” Adelly said pushing Bailey, “someone or Cameron has a crush on you too.”

“Yeah,” Bailey winced.

They girls got the pizza and decided to go and sit on the beach to eat dinner.  So both the girls went to Adelly’s house grabbed their bags and a blanket to sit on.  They stayed out there eating and doing homework until about 6:45.  Then they both headed back to their house.



It was the fall formal and Adelly went over to Bailey’s house to get ready.  They got dressed, did their hair, and makeup.  Adelly put on a light orange and green skirt with a white sweater with black dress shoes and wavy hair.  Bailey wore an orange long sleeve dress that was slim on her, and ended at her knees in sparkly ruffles.  She had black high heels and her hair was all curly.  They went to the school and met up with Brody and Cameron.  They hung out, ate, and danced a little.  Then there was the unexpected part.

"Ahhh!" Bailey screamed as she was shoved with Adelly.  They were on the stage talking to Ruby.  Adelly fell into Brody's arms, but once again, Bailey fell into Nick's arms.  When she looked up she looked into Nick's eyes.

"Nick?" she asked confused from déjà vu.  "No, no no." and she ran out of the room almost in tears. It turns out they weren't ever over each other.

"Bailey," Nick called after her with an arm rescued out to get.  Then after a second he ran out after her. He found her on the beach with her head in her hands and tears slowly falling.

"Bailey what's wrong?"

"What's wrong?!  Nick, these things can't keep happening!  I'm not over you." there was a silence.  "Nick, I still love you," she said still looking down into her lap.

"Bailey," he started.

"No, ok?  These things just need to stop.  I'll move on." And she wiped away her tears and left Nick sitting on the beach staring off into the sun thinking.

“Sorry Brody, but thanks for catching me”

“Your welcome, I have something to tell you.”


“U…um I like you, you’ve always been my dream girl.”

“I know, I’m sorry but I like someone else, but maybe we can just be friends.” Brody felt very heartbroken, but he was glad that he could be friends with Adelly.  That whole night was a mess for both Bailey and Adelly.



    A few days went by without anyone talking to each other, not even Bailey or Adelly talked to each other.  After school Adelly decided to text Bailey to see why they haven’t talked in awhile and if they want to hang out.

    Adelly: Hey Bailey,  I was wondering why you haven’t been talking to me lately.

    Bailey: Well, I guess I just haven’t been in the mood to talk.  Sorry if you thought I was ignoring you.

    Adelly: No.  it’s fine.  Do you want to hang out tomorrow?”

    Bailey: Sure.

    Then they both went to bed for the night. The next morning Adelly got dressed in a blue tank top and some navy blue shorts. Grabbed her purse and shoes and headed down to the beach.  Bailey got dressed in a hot pink half shirt, with a white tank top underneath.

    “Hey Bailey”


    “Whats wrong?  You seem very sad.”

    “It has just been super hard to try to get over Nick, and now he has another girlfriend.”


    “Julian, the really mean girl”

    “Oh…Ewww, her.”

    “Yeah.” after the girls hung out on the beach a little longer, they went to the half day amusement park that just opened.  They rode some rides and then went to the water park.  But just as their day got better they saw Nick and Julian sitting on a bench across from them; kissing. That made Bailey extremely sad, so Adelly tried comforting her by bring her to a different spot. By the end of the day Bailey was over it.

    Then Adelly walked home and came across Josh.  She saw him, and ran away quickly back to her house doing her best to avoid him.  She texted Bailey, but got no reply; she was at home in the bathtub reading about Queen Kylie and her twins trying to get her mind off Nick and his new girlfriend.

“How is he already over me?” she wondered before proceeding to keep reading.  Meanwhile, Adelly was on her laptop researching her family history, deliberately trying to disobey her parents and find her real ones.

"Junior family." tree she searched up first.  "Ugh.  Nothing.  Oh!  Adelly Junior." she tried searching up herself.  "Nothing?  Still?  Um," she thought for a minute.  "Wait," she said. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw a website while she was scrolling down.  "New Zealand and Scotland kingdoms wage on in war, King and Queen hope for their baby girl-"

"Adelly hun, dinners ready!" Her mom said poking her head in.  Adelly slammed her laptop closed so her mom wouldn't see what she found.

"Huh?!  Ok mom." and she walked out with her mom to the dinner table.  She picked at her food and all she could do was think about the website she found.  When dinner was over she went right back into her room with her Yorkie Biscuit following behind her.  Biscuit jumped onto the bed and Adelly sat next to her and got back on her laptop.  "King and Queen hope for," Biscuit tried to get into her lap, "not now Biscuit.  “Hope for their baby girl, A-" she started before Biscuit climbed into her lap to be pet, knocking her laptop down onto the hardwood floors.  "No! Biscuuuuuuuuit," and she reached down and got it.  The screen was all cracked and some of the keys had fallen out.  "Turn on.  Come on!" her computer refused to turn on, and the answer remained untold. "No Biscuit.  I was so close!" Adelly said pushing Biscuit out of her lap.

    “Adelly?  What’s wrong?” her mom said rushing in.

    “I was researching something when Biscuit knocked my laptop out of my hands.” Adelly said.  Which was the truth, she wasn’t lying.

    “Well we’ll send it to the shop in the morning.  Ok sweetie?”

    “Ok mom.” and her mom took her laptop and left.  The she texted Bailey right away.

    Adelly: Hey.

    Bailey: Hey.  What’s up?

    Adelly: Can you look up Adelly Junior and go down to the 7th tab?  And send me a pic of what it says?

    Bailey: Sure… Here. *photo

    “Princess Allison of Scotland can marry their charming prince Jackson.  Oh.” Adelly said disappointed.  “What was I thinking?  Of course I’m not a princess.”

    Adelly: Thanks.

    Bailey: Yeah...

    She said texted confused on why Adelly wanted it.

    “Oh well,” Adelly said with a sigh.  Then she got under the covers and grabbed Biscuit to snuggle with as she fell asleep.



    The next morning Adelly woke up to a phone call.


    “Hi Adelly, this is Ryan D. I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me on a double date?”

    “Just wait a minute I’ll call you back in a second.”

    “Ok.” Adelly hung up the phone and immediately called Bailey.

    “Another phone call, hi Adelly.”

    “Hi, who did you just get off the phone with?”


    “Ok, guess what!”


    “I just got asked out on a double date. But I’m not sure if I should go.”

    “Oh my gosh!! I did too. Spencer asked me. Who asked you?”


    “What!!! Are you going? Also I think they’re friends.”

    “Yeah.  I think so too.  I think I’m ready to date, so I’m going to say yes.  Are you Adelly?”

    “Yeah, why not.” she said with a shrug.

    “Hey Spencer, this is Bailey again.”

    “Oh hey Bailey, do you have an answer for me?” he asked in a cool, calm voice.

    “Yeah I have your answer.  Yes, I’ll go with you.”

“Sweet.  So I’ll see you tonight?”

    “TOnight.  Um, yes.”
    “Sweet.” he said and he hung up.

    “Yes Adelly?” Ryan answered after one ring.

    “I decided,” Adelly started.  “that I would love to go on a double date tonight.”

    “Ok, I’ll pick you up tonight then.” and he hung up leaving Adelly to get ready.

    Bailey and Adelly then went about their days, and got ready and left at 5:30 that night. Bailey wore a black skin tight dress that went down to her knees, and was strapless.   Adelly wore an ocean blue summer dress that blew in the breeze.  They went to Surf n’ Turf and got a table on the beach.  They hung out, talked, and then they ordered.

    “How may I help you, oh.  Hey… Bailey.“ he said awkwardly.  His girlfriend cheated on him and he was back to thinking about Bailey.

    “Hey, Nick!  Spencer, this is my ex Nick.  I don’t think you two have met before.”

    “I don’t believe so,” Nick said coldly.

    “Nice to meet you.  I’m sure you two are ok now.  But man, I don’t know how you let her go,”

    “I don’t either.” Nick said with a sigh.  But then they ordered and ate and Nick remained solemn.  But then Josh came.  He sat right next to Adelly at the empty table with Kyca.  She was super hot, nice, popular, everything.  Adelly seemed to be a tiny bit jealous that night.  Then came awkward.  Nick was walking to their table with the check, and Bailey and Spencer were super close.

    “I, got your check,” he said placing it down and walking away.  Then Adelly saw something out of the corner of her eye.  It was Josh fixing the right pocket button on her dress.  His hands weren’t careful and he seemed to take his time re-buttoning the pocket on her dress.  Bailey went home and thought about her kissing with Spencer.  No more feelings for Nick, and she was relieved. She was happy to get that him out of her life it seemed.  Adelly went home jealous, but she knew Josh was a thing of the past.  Bailey went home and thought about Spencer.  A lot.  “Had I even wanted to kiss him?  Or was it just him pulling me in and kissing me that made me stay?  Ugh, I don’t even really like him, do I?” she asked herself.  And she thought and thought about their kiss, and thought about Nick a little too.  Next day at school, it could have been the worst day, and it was.  They were in Home Ec and they were getting assigned partners and projects.

    “Bailey and Nick, you two are partners, and your project is marriage.”

    “I object!” Spencer said standing up and slamming his fist on the desk.  The people around him flinched.

    “Yeah, I’m not fake marrying a fake ex who is dating someone else.” Nick said.

    “Sorry, but you two are getting fake married.  And, Josh and Adelly, you two are also getting fake married.” Adelly’s head went down into her hands and JOsh had an extremely similar reaction to Spencer since he also had a girlfriend.  “Oh wait, I have two extra boys.  Spencer and Ryan, you two are not partners, I wanted a boy and a girl.  So, Spencer, you can marry Bailey and Nick, and Ryan you can marry Adelly and Josh.”
    “Please no,” Adelly said in a scratchy voice with her hands in a prayer position.

    “Sorry, guys, but what it is, is what it is.  Now get started!”

    “Ugh, so you are marrying each other and I am the preach.” Ryan said.

    “Yes,” Adelly said her voice still scratchy and her head still in her hands.

    “Ok,” Ryan said.

    Josh sighed and got down on one knee and took Adelly’s hand.  “Adelly, will you make me the happiest man alive and fake marry me?” he was definitely not happy, just like Adelly’s answer was to be.

    “Yes, I would love to marry you.” she said mad and full of sarcasm.

    “Ok, that’s done.” Ryan said.  “And you better treat her well.  Listen to her and thank her for doing the dishes, and cooking.”

    “Jeez man, I’ll thank her.” Josh said holding his hands up.

    “Good.  And you better not kiss until you have too, unless you need practice.  You could do it right now, make sure nothing between you.” he said glaring at Josh.

    “Ok ok.  Adelly, are you ok kissing?  Because it’s only pretend, and there’s nothing between us.  Right?”

    She sighed.  “Yeah, it is just pretend I guess.  So, let’s kiss.  Make sure there’s nothing between us.” she said awkwardly.  She mouthed sorry to Ryan first, and then she took his shoulders, and he took her waist, and he said, “Ok?”

    “Yeah, ok.” she back to him.  And he pulled her closer, and she closed her eyes.  Then he leaned toward her and kissed her.  She thought for a second not to kiss him back, but it isn’t a kiss unless you kiss them back, and so they kissed each other quickly and pulled out.

    “Ok, so there is nothing.” Josh said quickly breathing out a sigh of relief.

    “Yeah, nothing.” Adelly said.  Then Josh at Adelly as if he really did still have feelings for her.

    “Good.  Now to budgeting.” Ryan said relieved his girl didn’t still like her ex.  Meanwhile at Bailey’s group things were getting a little heated.

    “I’m not letting you fake marry Bailey.” Spencer said to Nick.

    “It’s not my fault the teacher chose it!”

    “Yeah, well how about we call the wedding off at the last second?  Then we still did everything, but you two never seal your vows with a kiss!”

    “Because then we’ll get a zero on our project.” Bailey said calmly while still getting annoyed.

    “Stay out of it babe.” Spencer said.  “I don’t want you to kiss her.  We are dating, you saw us last night.  On a, date.  She isn’t going to cheat on me have me not do anything about it!” he put a real good emphasis on the word date.

    “I know!  I was your f-” he took a breath before he was about to curse.  “I.  Was.  You.  Freaking.  Waitor! But I’ve kissed her, I was her first kiss.  She was mine originally and she still is.  Just because you think you’re dating her and you two are boyfriend and girlfriend doesn’t mean you are.

    “But you two fell in love.  I’m not having her kiss you just to have her leave me for you again.”

    “Well we are both over each other.  I’m fine with kissing her a million times, because it’s is all Bailey in the end.” and Bailey sat with her head on her hands staring at the two boys argue over her.

    “Fine!  So kiss her and prove there is nothing between you two.”

    “Whoa what?   You want me to kiss her right now and prove it.”

    “Yes!  Heck make out if you want.”

    “I’m not making out or kissing her on your command and without her consult!”

    “Gosh!  If you want us to kiss or make out or whatever to prove this whole thing is a dumb argument, I’ll do it!  I don’t want my ex and my boyfriend arguing over me and whether or not a dumb kiss could alter how either one of us feel.”

    “Fine.  If it’s ok with Bailey, I’ll kiss her or whatever and prove it.” Nick said cooley.  Their argument had finally come down to a simmer.

    “Ok.  SO go ahead.  Make out for all I care.  Just prove, there’s nothing between the two of you.” Spencer said not any calmer.

    “Alright, but first, Bailey, will you fake marry me?” he asked.

    “Yes, I will fake marry you.”  And then they kissed.  Quickly, but it was there.

    “I told you, nothing.” Nick said happy to prove Spencer right.

    “Yeah yeah yeah.  So onto budgeting.  We’ll need a wedding dress, shoes, and stuff, a tux, shoes, and Bailey should get her nails done.”

    “Yeah, and we need a wedding arch too.” Bailey added in.  “I can get flowers for a little crown for me and some for the arch.  But before we begin let’s research this stuff and see how much it’ll be.  Oh!  And a cake.  Nick, any preferences?”

    “How about a vanilla raspberry marble?  Three tiers.”

    “I can make that,” Bailey said.

    “Ok, and you two keep it professional.  No more kissing till after, your vows.”

    “Yeah, I can do it.  Doubt you could,” Nick added quietly at the end.  Meanwhile same thing was going on a Adelly’s group, but without the argument.

    “Ok class, pack up and get out of here.” their teacher said.  And everyone grabbed their stuff and got out.  Except for Adelly and Josh, and Bailey and Nick.

    “Look, that kiss,” Nick started.

    “Yeah, I want to talk about that.” Bailey said.

    “Yeah me too.” Nick said leaning on a desk looking into the ground.

    “Ok, um, my place after school.  ‘Spencer has football practice so we’ll be fine.”

    “Ok.  Well, see you Bailey.” Nick said and left the room after Bailey.


    “Yes I know.  That kiss.  I thought it’d would be completely terrible!” she said with a little laugh.


    “Yeah.  But Adelly, I realized, I’m not over you.  That kiss, I don’t know.  It just, well all I know is that it was good and that I’m not over you.”

    “Well I’m sorry but I am Josh.”

    “Yeah, I’m sorry too.” he said and walked out.  Adelly stayed and thought for a minute and then left.  After school Nick met up with Bailey on the beach.

    “So, the kiss.” he started.

    “Yeah.” she breathed out.

    “It was good.” he said.  The two didn’t look anywhere near each other but down.

    “It was.  It was really good.”

    “Yeah.  I miss kissing your lips.  But, you’ve moved on, and I have too,” Bailey said a little sad.  “I thought it was going to be awkward kissing you again, but man was I wrong. But then I thought again and I was definitely right. Completely,”

    “Huh, well, I really do miss your lips, and snuggling you during scary movies.” the he took a deep breath after a thought.  “Do you want to get back together?” he asked finally looking at her.

    “What?” she said looking at him.

    “Yeah.  I mean, I still have feelings for you, I always have.  And after we made out, you realized that too.  Didn’t you?

    “No.  I mean yes.  Well, I don’t know Nick.  I-...ummm-I need time to think about it.  Meanwhile I need to call Spencer.  So, I’ll come over when I’ve decided.” Bailey said with a deep breath.  And Nick walked away leaving Bailey to tell Spencer.  “Just what I need, more boys fighting over me.” she said with a sigh.  Spencer didn’t answer, so she just left a voicemail.  Then she called Adelly.

    “Hey what’s up?” Adelly said all happy.

    “Um, well, can we just meet at Surf n’ Turf in five?”

    “Yeah.” and they girls went one their way.

    “So, what’s up?” Adelly asked taking a sip of her smoothie.

    “Well, Nick and I talked this afternoon.”

    “Yeah…” Adelly said, unsure of what was going on.

    “And, we both agreed that the kisses were,”


    “That the kisses were, good.” Bailey breathed out.

    “Oh Bailey.” Adelly said.

    “No but that’s not it!” she said bursting out.  She took a deep breath, “He said,” Adelly nodded as a gesture for her to continue.  “He wants to get back together with me.” Bailey said, and you could see the tears welling up in her eyes.  :”But I don’t know what to do.  I mean, what about Spencer?”

    “Well, as your super awesome BFF, I say, follow your heart.  Was the kiss with Spencer good?” she asked concerned.

    “Well, I guess no actually.  I mean, I was in moment kissing him, but the more I think about it, it wasn’t good.” she took a breath.  “You know what, I know what I’m going to do.” she said.  “I’ll be back I need to go find Nick,” and she ran off leaving Adelly.

    “I see you’re alone,” Cameron started as he saw her sitting alone.  He was attempting to flirt with her, and it ended up terrible.

    “Not now Cameron.” and she him.  Adelly walked home and thought about her situation while Bailey ran to Nick’s house.  He lived in a run down house with Josh.  He said their parents were off somewhere, but he didn’t say where.

    “Nick,” she said bursting in.  He sat up startled.


    “I have an answer for you,” she said.


    “I, realized.  That I do have feelings for you, and I don’t like Spencer.  But, I’m not ready to date I realized.  Sorry, I’m sorry, but my answer is no.”


    “No Nick.  You dumped me over a, stupid argument.  And I don’t want you breaking my heart again.  So I’m sorry, but I don’t want to date you.  You dumped me for whatever reason and I don’t think that reason will go away.” the tears were welling up again.

    “But I thought you still had feelings for me.” he was upset.

    “Look I do!  But The reasons for dumping me you haven’t told me.  I realize it wasn’t just the argument that broke us up.  You’re hiding something, and until you tell me what, my answer is no.” and she left him sitting on his bed staring at the last place he saw the girl who just broke his heart.

    “AH!” he screamed once he left as he threw his ball off the wall to fall to the ground.  Then Josh ran in wondering what was wrong.

    “Dude what the heck was that?” he asked.

    “Bailey rejected me.  Of course I have a secret!  I’m a prince.  I dated other girls, never fell in love with them though.  Not since Bailey.  I kissed her today, and I realized, I’m not over her, and she isn’t over me.  But she won’t date me because I won’t tell her I’m a prince.  But I can’t; though she seems different from all other girls, but I don’t know what it is about her.”

    “Yeah, sorry man.  I kissed Adelly today, and I hate our projects in home ec.  Why do I have to fake marry an ex?  But, I realized I’m not over her, but she is.”

    “Sorry man.” Nick said patting him on the back.

    “It’s ok.  We’ll move on.” and the boys hug out and talked for the rest of the night.

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