Can You Keep A Secret?

This is a new story that my friend wrote, no it wasn't Mrs. Greenkins for those of you who are wondering. So please enjoy!


4. Part 2 continued


    “Find Nicholas the fourth.  Bring him back and use him.   Make him fall in love with that Princess Bailey, and she’ll be drawn in close, and then I’ll kill her!” Ciaptha told her assistant Scarlet.

    “That’s genius!  You know what, do the same.  Bring in Joshua the second and make him fall in love with Princess Adelly, and then our plans will end the same.  In death!” Mythica shouted with glee.  And Mythica and Ciaptha sent Scarlet out to the real world to track down the two princes.  Since Hawaii was closest and Scarlet was superhuman, she ran across the Pacific to Hawaii and started on Kauai the smallest island, and started working toward the Big Island, and by midnight that night she was there, and the princes knew something was wrong the closer Scarlet got, and the princess's felt odd since her arrival on the island.

    “Nick.  Nick,” Josh said shaking him awake.

    “Ugh, what man?” he asked getting hit with an odd sensation the moment he awoke.

    “I feel weird, don’t you?”

    “Yeah.” Nick said scratching his head.  “Wait.  Melevious el garden.” he said casting a small spell to make a bouquet appear.  “My magic it works.” he said surprised.  He could cast any type of spell, and levitate.  Josh could fly, go invisible, and take the form of any type of water.  But they were no match for Ciaptha who could do almost anything as long as she thought of it, as well as turn into a bat since she was a vampire, and Mythica could turn into a dragon and breath fire.  Scarlet was capable of telekinesis, super speed, and mind control.

    “Something’s wrong.” Josh said, and the boys grabbed shoes, shorts and a shirt and ran out buttoning it.  “I feel it getting stronger over here.  This way!” and the boys ran to the main town by the beach.  They peered around a corner, and they saw silver blue dust.  “What?” Josh whispered to him.

    “I’ve never seen this before.  Super speed I’m guessing.  But I’ve never seen someone with it.  You?”

    “No man.  Let's be quiet and keep looking.” and the two crept around town.

    “It’s stronger than ever over here.  Someone transferred over here from the magical kingdom.”

    “Must be.  It can’t be that strong over here, the two pendant’s are over here.”

    “Not anymore.” Scarlet appeared and the silvery dust settled to the ground.  The boys whipped around to her.  Her accent was Russian like.  “One was stolen.” and she held the black pendant in her hand.

    “Valencio del capriolo.” Nick said once he saw the black pendant.  It was black in the hands of evil, and white in the hands of good.  The spell he cast was a strong gust of fire that hurtled 10 feet to Scarlet.  She moved her right hand to one side and her telekinesis was a silvery dust ball that hit the fire and sent it aside from her.

    “Amateurs.” she said with a little laugh.  She sent another dust ball to the boys, and Josh flew up, and Nick cast a deflecting spell.

    “Who are you anyway?” Nick said out of breath.

    “Who me?” she asked with a giggle.  “Scarlet.  Age 11, from the Mythica/Ciaptha side.”

    “Huh?” Josh asked.

    “Mythica translates to mythical, and ciaptha translates to haunted.” and she smiled.

    “Wait are you a descendant of Ciaptha?” Josh asked seeing her fangs glimmering in the moonlight.

    “Took you long enough.  And yes.  I’m here for you two.” and Scarlet ran a loop around them leaving them coughing in a cloud of her dust.  “I’d tell you what for, but then I’d just be spoiling the plan!” she said with a laugh.  “But I’ll enjoy chasing you two, not that it’ll be hard for me.” she said with another laugh.  “So I’ll let you go.:” and she ran off.

    “And she’s 11.” Josh said.  And the boys walked back to their hut to rest and think.  They needed to stay extra safe now that Scarlet knew their whereabouts.

The next day at school, they boys were gone the first half of the day, and of course, back for home ec.  They worked on budgeting and got everything in order for presentations the next day which nobody was looking forward to.

"Adelly Josh and Ryan, you're up." And they went up and talked about it, then they had to perform the ceremony.

"Do you," Ryan said with a sigh.  "take Adelly to be your wife?" He asked. But before Josh could answer Ryan started talking again.  "And you better be nice and take care of her or I will come for you and track you dish the ends of the earth."

"I do, I do," Josh said.

"And do you, Adelly, take the son of a-"

"Yes!  I do," she said not wanting to see how it's end.

"Then you may seal your, love, with a kiss." he said mad, sad, and a lot more emotions came into play.  And Adelly and Josh kissed quick not willing to hold it long.  And then Adelly walked to her seat her white knee high dress blowing behind her as she walked quickly back to her seat.

"Ok, now Bailey Nick and Spencer." Their teacher said.

"Ugh," Bailey said as she got up. She had a long dress that went durn to the floor and fell behind her.  She had also made two crowns of flowers, one for her and one for Adelly.  Then Ryan started glaring at his ex every so often, and the boy who was to blame for it.

"Now you may seal it with a kiss.  Or kisses." Ryan said angrily.  He didn't want Bailey kissing anyone, and definitely not Nick.  And because Bailey and Nick were both single, they made out for the fun of it, but I guess it actually wasn't really for fun.

"I didn't mean you had to make out in front of everyone.  One kiss would have been good.  And who wants to make out with their ex?  Because it seems you two aren't over each other.  Didn't seem to fake to me." and Bailey's lip trembled, and she burst out.

"I'll make out with who I want."

"What?" Nick and Ryan said confused.

"Stop!  It's done.  We made out in front of the class, does that mean we have feelings for each other?!"

"Well-" Nick started saying.

"No!" and she rushed out.  Adelly went up to Nick to talk some sense into him.

"So you two made out.  I know what's going on, but stop trying to get her back!  It doesn't matter if you two still feel for each other,"

"What?!" Spencer said realizing she never really liked him.

"Not now." she said sternly, and he shrunk away.  "Anyway, you dumped her and she rejected you!  Move on." Adelly said before running to the locker room to find Bailey.  Nick stood there dumbfounded as he basically just got schooled by a girl.

    “Bailey,” she said running in.

    “No, I need to talk to Nick.”

    “Well, he can’t come in here,”

    “I know, I’ll come out.” and she went out with Adelly and Nick came out.

    “What is this all about?  I thought you didn’t want to date me.”

    “I don’t.  I extremely don’t want to.  But every time I kiss you, it makes me miss you.  So I just need some space.  But we can still be friends, but I want to keep my space, that’s all.”

    “Alright.” and they walked in glad having cleared everything up.  Then they went inside and watched other presentations.

    “Ok, class, we only have three more presentations, so let's try to finish them.” their teacher told them looking down at her paperwork.  “Oh, hold on class.” she said as a person walked in.

    “Dude, what do we do?” Josh whispered to Nick next to him.

    “Nothing right now, we need to keep our identity.”

    “Class, this is our, russian, transfer student Scarlet.  Please give her a warm welcome.” and everyone said hi and hello.

    “Yeah, and she's only 11.  She’ll be kicked back into junior high before we know it.”

    “You have a point, I think we’ll be ok.”

    “Yeah.” and Josh sunk back into his seat.

    “Hello, I’m Scarlet.  I’m happy to be your new classmate.” she said.  She was different from her race, her skin wasn’t white, it was fair and her hair was a milk chocolate brown.  It wasn’t black.  The only thing that could give her away would be her fangs.  Her russian accent was a little thick, and it made it very believable as well as the fact that she learned how to speak it.  Then she smiled and her fang peeked out and glinted in the light.

    “Would anyone like to volunteer to show her around right now?” Adelly and Bailey looked at each other.  Nick saw and prayed they wouldn’t.

    “We will!” they said.


    “Dude the teacher’s right there.  DOn’t cus.” Josh said shoving him while staring at Scarlet.

    “Yeah, but I think I know what she is here for.  I’ll tell you in the locker room after school.

    “Ok.” and the girls left the boys alone to show their want-to-be new friend around the school.

    “So, do you two know Nick and Josh?” Scarlet asked.

    “Yeah,” Bailey said oddly.  She wasn’t feeling normal, and neither was Adelly.  The magic was too strong in their presence.  They hadn’t been exposed to it in years.

    “Oh.  Are you guys friends or something?  You seem to talk a lot to each other.”

    “Well, Nick was Bailey’s ex and JOsh is mine.”

    “Oh.  Well I’m glad you’re still friends.” she thought for a minute.  “You two are pretty nice.  And, what’s with the, uh, gowns?” she asked.

    “Oh, we had to do a budget thing and we were assigned a wedding.  SO now we’re dressed like the brides and fake married to our ex’s.”

    “Oh.  That sucks.”

    “Yeah.” the pendant glistened in the sun as they walked around the lockers outside.

“What’s that?” Bailey asked motioning to the gem.

“This, it’s a gem, I found in, RUssia.” she said lying.  And so they talked, and Scarlet got the princesses to be her friends, and the boys to interfere.

“Dude, Scarlet is here.  And Bailey Everheart, that’s the name of the princess I’m supposed to marry.” he said whispering loudly to Josh in the locker room.  “I think Scarlet is here to befriend them which will get her closer to us.  Dude, she wants us.” the word hung in the air as they realized she was evil and after them.  “And she’s 11.  She’s more capable of some things then we are.”

    “Yeah man.  She doesn’t even look like one of her kind.  But we need to relax, she’s just playing with us right now she said.  She enjoys playing with us and chasing us and stuff.  Let's just try to avoid her.”

“But what about Bailey and Adelly?  They’re making friends with her.”

“We can fix that.  She’s only like, four and a half feet tall and she’s eleven.  What’s the worst she can do?  We’re a whole foot taller than her.”

“Valid point man.  Alright, let's go.” after school Scarlet went out to the beach with the girls.

“How is she not dead?” Josh asked seeing her in the sun.  The boys were spying on them to see what was going on.  Right now they were in an alleyway with stray cats.

:”It must be the pendant.  She hasn’t taken it off.  It may be what’s making her stronger than us too.”

“We need to get that from her.  But she seems sidetracked.  Let's just hang out.  She doesn’t seem like she remembers what she’s here for unless someone mentions the pendant.”

“Yeah.  But for now,” Nick said with a smile towards a cat.  “revel de morph,” he looked at Josh who had a goofy smile on.  “tiger.” he said waving a hand towards the cat.  The cat morphed into a small tiger and Josh took his turn.

“Invisible el uno.” and the cat went invisible and followed the boys home so they could play with him.  The cat turned visible after an hour and the boys played with him.

“Let’s name him Feroce.  French for fierce.”

“Ok Feroce.” and the tiger jumped.  Scarlet disappeared later and appeared again at night.  She searched their home, the shops in town, the beach, and everywhere.  Her fangs glimmered in the moonlight, and always would.  In the morning the boys found specks of silver dust in their house, and some things were displaced from the previous day.

“Scarleeeeeet,” Josh shouted angrily and ran out to find her with Nick following behind.

They found Scarlet was at a graveyard looking at the graves stones.

“Why did you break into our house?” Josh asked.  His voice was angry and you could tell by the way he was talking.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she said all innocent like.  “I didn’t break in, your lock is broken and the door I could just push open.”

“Ugh, why did you go into our house?”

“Yes.  A random question.  Why would I go into the house containing two charming princes?”

“AH!  Just answer my question.” Josh said trying to keep his cool.

“Your question?  With my question you could answer all of yours.” she said slyly.  She ran over to the two boys, and they were face to face.  “Let's see, telekinesis, mind control, super speed, which should I use against you two?” she said pointing her finger at them.  “Enie menie mind control!” she shouted gleefully.  Her fingers went one by one into a fist in less then a second, and then she pulled her hand to her, then straightened her arm and opened her fist releasing a silver dust ball.  The boy suffocated in the dust and fell to the ground.

Later that day the gravekeeper found them unconscious and took them to a hospital.  Scarlet had disappeared to the volcano to talk to the fire god.

“Brasa please answer me.” Brasa was Swedish for fire.  “I come here to ask for help from thee.”

“Yes Scarlet?” Brasa said arising in a flame from the lava.

“I come here to seek your help.  I am trying to capture two princes.  Is there a way you can help me?”

“Scarlet dear.  I remember you as a child.  Smart, beautiful, evil, and witty.”

“I’m here for help not compliments.” she said with sass.  She was annoyed and didn’t have time for this.

“Don’t give me attitude.  Just know, be smart, beautiful, evil, and witty, and that’s all you’ll need.” he said and disappeared.

“What I needed was some dumb advice stupid.” she said calling out to him.  But all he sent up was a fireball that almost singed the tips of her hair as she leaned over looking for him.  So she went back down to town and took to the waves.  “It’s so boring down here.  Let's have some fun,” she said heading waist deep into the water.  Her gray dress floated wet in the water.  It went down to her knees and the sleeves were torn.  They originally were three quarter length sleeves, but they got ripped to uneven lengths as well as the bottom of the dress, and it looked like she was attacked by a tiger who left no scratches.  Her dress was fraying, but she never changed it.  It was old and worn out, and it wasn’t at all tight, it was loose and flowy.  “Oh, sharkie, come out come out wherever you are,” she said quietly.  And a minute later, a gray dorsal fin appeared and came closer to shore.  She took a needle and took her left hand out of the water.  She found a vein on the underside of her wrist, and pricked it.  Blood fell out, but she didn’t let it into the water till she was near a child around the age of her.  Then she let the blood into the water, and she saw the fin slicing the water coming toward her.  She got out of the water as the lifeguard called “shark!” but it was too late for the child.  The shark grabbed her leg and dragged her to the depths where her body was found on the shore the next day.



    “Did you hear about that attack?” Bailey asked.


    “It sucks, it was my dad’s sister’s daughter.  I met her once, her name was Lily,  She’s sweet.  But I was never really close to her.  She had an older sister to play with.”

    “Oh.  Well I’m glad Scarlet is our friend now.  But she’s different.  A gray dress that looks like it was attacked by a tiger, she won’t take off that one pendant, and she never completely smiles.  But I like that about her.”

    “Me too.  I wonder where Josh and Nick are.  I haven’t seen them today.”

    “I’m sure they’re ok.  I told them to keep their distance from us.”




    She looked around, and nobody was there to see this.  She cast a seeing dust ball and contacted Ciaptha and Mythica.  She told them everything so far and that she had located the princes, and by chance, the princesses.  She was getting to close friends with them beside their differences.

    “Good, now get to work and keep doing it, FAST.” said Ciaptha.  “We need them so we can end this war.”

    “Yes master.” Scarlet said before dispersing the dust ball.



    “Scarlet!  There you are!” Adelly said as she walked out of the alley.  She gasped leaned against the wall her hand on her heart.

    “Oh, sorry for scaring you.  But where were you at school.?  We missed you.”

    “Where I was is as no worry to you ladies right now.”

    “Ok…  Anyway, we were heading down to the beach to surf, do you want to come try it out?” Bailey asked.

    “Sure,” she said and she followed them.  She rented a board with a skull and crossbones on it.  Bailey and Adelly then took off their dresses and put their swim shirt on over their bikini they had on under.  They eventually persuaded Scarlet to put on a swimsuit, and she got a one piece that was a dark grey.  It had a little skirt attached and she frayed it when no one was looking.  Now it was a swimsuit that looked just like her dress except that it was tight and not old and lose.

    “Ok, well, let's get on the water!” Adelly said grabbing her board and running into the water.  Bailey and Scarlet followed.  Nick and Josh were spying on them from a small restaurant.  Josh sipped his smoothie.

    “We need to scare Scarlet out of here.” Josh said.

    “How?  She is 11 and is stronger and more powerful than us.  She isn’t afraid of blood, death, heights, water; she loves all that stuff!” Nick said lifting his smoothie up and shrugging his shoulders.  “This is going to be harder than I thought.” Nick said as he looked at the girls over the top of his sunglasses.

    “Wait man, you said Bailey is a princess, right?”

    “Yeah.  What does that have to do with this?”

    “Well, if you’re supposed to marry her, then that means she is magical too!  She’s greek so her ancestors probably are too, so she may have something powerful that can finish off Scarlet!  Wait, how do you know her real last name?”

    “She told me the other day when we were talking.  And great idea man!  We just need to trick her into it and see what happens.  But we don’t even know what powers she has.  It could kill us if we try to find out.”

    “DO WE HAVE A CHOICE?!  Either way we could be killed.  You want to risk it or not?”

    “Good point.  Let’s risk it.” and the boys walked over to the girl who were about to paddle back out to the sea.  “Bailey!” Nick shouted to her.

    “Yeah?” she shouted back.

    “Can I talk to you for a second?”

    “Ugh,” she said quietly.  “Sure, I’ll be right over.” and she walked over.  “What do you want?” she asked with sass annoyed that the boys wanted to talk to her.

    “Do you like greek mythology?” Nick asked.

    “You should know this stuff, we dated for a year and a half.” she said placing a hand on her hip.

    “Do you or don’t you?” he asked.

    “Yes I do.”

    “Who’s your favorite god and goddess?”

    “And mythical creature.” Josh said adding in.

    “That’s easy, Artemis and Hades.  And my favorite creature would have to be either a pegasus or a cerberus”

    “Pegasus, Cerberus, Artemis and Hades, ok bye!” the boys shouted as they ran away to figure out possibilities for powers she could have.

    “Cerberus?  Seriously?  What is so cool about a three headed dog with claws and a serpent tail?” he thought about it for a second.  “Ok I see it.” he said changing his mind.

    “Anyway Josh, we need to figure out what she could be capable of.” and Josh pulled out his laptop and looked up their creatures and gods.  The boys knew little about their true powers.

    “Right.  Artemis is great at bow and arrows which is accuracy.” he said reading over Josh's shoulder.

    “Hades is god of the underworld, and all there is are ghosts and spirits, so I’m not sure what there is there.”

    “Yeah.  And a Pegasus is elegant, pretty, and can fly.  She's already all of those so that's out.  A cerberus is just extremely powerful and was brought to the surface according to mythology.”

    “I wonder if it can be summoned by a spell or something.”

    “Wait man.  Cerberus is the guardian of the underworld, and Hades is the god of the underworld.  Dude, it has to do with the underworld.  She's got to be related to Hades.  You've seen her!"

"Hey.  Look up how to summon cerberus.  Then we should make up something dumb and believable and trick her into summoning him if she really can!”

    “Let's do it.  Tonight in our yard at nine.” he thought.  “Isn’t this kind of overkill?  Shouldn't she find out when the time is right?”


    “Good point we need cerberus let's call Bailey over.” and Bailey showed up later.

    “So we are trying to summon cerberus.” Bailey said not believing it.

    “Yeah.  But we need three people.  You’re the one actually summoning.”

    “Alright then,” and she looked at the chant.  “Start your thing.  I’m getting this done with.” and the boys lit the fire and started banging on drums they got.  “Cerberus great cerberus.  Come to the surface.  We need you to help thee please will you appear.” and she looked at the boys like they were crazy.  “Come up through the ground come up come-” the ground shook and it seemed like it was about to split.  The flames of the fire grew and got brighter

    “Trying to summon someone are we?” Scarlet said appearing behind Bailey.  The fire went out and the night was ruined.  Bailey stood up and looked at her as if it was normal to appear out of nowhere.

    “Oh my gosh you scared me Scarlet.  What are you doing here?” Josh asked.

    “I saw fire, I enjoy fire, but it’s out now, so goodbye.”

    “Yeah, this whole thing was ridiculous.  Everyone knows if you want to summon a greek god or creature, you have to make an offering.  In this case, it’d have to be an animal or human.  He prefers humans and gods though.  Oh, cerberus also likes mystical and magical creatures and beings.”

    The boys looked at each other then at Scarlet who was leaving.  “Scarlet, get back here!” the boys ran after her and try to catch her.  But she ran off and disappeared.  Then Bailey left and went home.

    If it hadn’t fallen through, Bailey could have easily summoned cerberus.

    The next day everyone was at school, and Nick and Josh tried to figure out how else they could trick her into summoning cerberus.  But they eventually gave up and decided to give up.  Sooner or later they’d figure it out.

    That night Bailey couldn’t sleep.  She just layed on her bed staring at the ceiling.  Eventually she got up when she heard the ocean.  She took off her nightgown and put on her black bikini.  She crept out her bay window and she climbed down the ivys on the side of the house.  Then she went onto a window ledge and then jumped off into the sand.  She looked around and she went to the ocean.  One toe went into the water and a shiver went up her spine, the water was cool.  The moon was hidden by clouds, and but she still waded farther in.  When the water was chest deep, she dove under and disappeared.  When she came back up she wiped her hair out from her face, and was now floating in the water.  Then she swam back ashore and sat in the water.

    “I wonder why the moon isn’t out, it’s supposed to be a clear night.” she said talking to herself.  “She leaned back on her elbows and wiped her hand in the sky as if to get rid of the clouds.  They clouds parted and revealed the moon.  “What?” and she rubbed her eyes.  “That can’t be.” she said.  She wiped her hand back across the sky as if to put the clouds back.  And they went back.  “No.” she shook her head.  “Must just be getting really tired.” she said with a yawn.  And she took one more dip before heading back to her house.  She pulled herself onto the ledge and went up the ivy's back into her room.  She dried her hair off and changed, then went back to sleep.

    “Can move the clouds.  Artemis.” Scarlet from the shadows next to her house.  Her face glowed in the moonlight.  “Nice,” she said and then disappeared completely into the shadows.



Adelly was sitting in her bay window staring out into the sea.  Then a little squirrel came up onto her ledge.  "Hey little guy."


"What?  Did you just say hey?" She thought for a minute about it.  " No, I must be imagining. Science does prove animals make noises that sounds like talking.  I must just be really tired." And she yawned then went to bed.

In the morning Adelly got up and got ready for school.

"Scarlet!  Hey!"

"Hi Scarlet!" Bailey said once she heard Adelly shout her name.

"Hi." She said blandly.

"How do the girls even like Scarlet?"

"Yeah.  I mean, the girls are so like.  Cute, smart, wow, and stuff.  And Scarlet." Josh says shrugging and at a loss for words at the moment.  "She's Scarlet."

"Yes exactly!  We need to get dirt on Scarlet so the girls don't like her anymore.  But we can't expose her."

"Let's think," and both boys sat into a hip and crossed an arm around d they're busy while the other arm held their chin."

"What the heck are you boys doing?" And the boys fell into nearby desks knocking sine over.  Then they got up and ran their fingers through their hair.

"Um, nothing why do you ask?" Nick said leaning against a desk trying to act smooth with Josh and pretend nothing happened.

"Whatever." Adelly said walking away. And the boys shrugged at each other and started to walk opposite directions before having a thought.

"You should have been paying attention." Josh said in a loud whisper.

"Me?  I was trying to think!" Nick answered back in a loud whisper.

"Whatever." And they turned around and crossed their arms all pouty. The next second they turned back around.  "We good?"

"Yeah." And they hugged.

"Ugh.  Boys am I right?" Adelly asked.


"You could say that again Bailey."

A few weeks passed and it was nearly prom time again.  They skipped homecoming, and went to England instead for a little.

"So prom is coming up, are you guys going?" Bailey asked.

"Probably.  I'm not with anyone right now, but I have my eye on a few guys."


"Stop it." She said with a smile while looking down.  "Anyway, are you going?"

"Uh, no.  I'm not going to prom this year."

"What?  Why?  You already missed homecoming.  You can't miss prom too!"

"I'm not going to prom.  I'm not going without a date and I don't have one so no."

"I don't have one either, but I'm going."

"Of course you're going!  You always have a date for everything."

"Boys ask you out plenty.  You're a magnet for hot or not boys!  But anyway, I'm your bestie and I am going to make sure you go to prom!"

"You can't change my mind Adelly.  But I will help you get a date.  Name the lucky guy and I’ll help you out.”

“So, the lucky guy is,,”
    “Wait Scarlet, how’d you know?”
    “I have my secrets.  Rumor is you’re getting asked Bailey.” and she disappeared.

“Well that was odd.  Anyway, I’m needing to get to trigonometry so I’ll see you later.” and Bailey went to math, and Adelly went to her literacy class.” later that day Bailey went to get her French books from her locker and when she opened it, it was full of balloons.  Then she closed it and turned around to see what was happening, when a confetti cannon went off.  It scared her and she slammed against the lockers.  Then a boy named Jake walked down the hall with flowers.

“Bailey, will you go to prom with me?”

“Uh.” she bit her lip and looked around.  “I-I-I think I’ll have to get back to you on that.  But I’m flattered, honestly.”
    “OK.  Well, let me know when you have an answer.” poor guy was disappointed, he wanted a yes right away.

Bailey ended up skipping prom and staying home with a messy bun and a sweatshirt and shorts made out of sweats.  She watched a movie and hung out with family.  She also went out to the beach and sat on the rocks watching the sunset while Adelly and her friends danced the night away with their dates.


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