Can You Keep A Secret?

This is a new story that my friend wrote, no it wasn't Mrs. Greenkins for those of you who are wondering. So please enjoy!


2. Part 1 - Two Queens and Kings, two Evil Queens, and two Teens

    Queen Valerie had just given birth to her child Bailey in the midst of hiding.  Ciaptha was nearby and was after the Queen and her child.  She was fought off, but the two kingdoms remained in war.  Resorting to their last option to keep baby Bailey safe, they had sent her to America to stay safe until Ciaptha had been captured or defeated.

    Adelly had just been born too.  Her mom gave birth to her safely, but then Mythica had attacked, and both Queens, with consultant of the king, had their princess go off to America to stay safe.  Fast forward 16 years into the future, and they still have no clue about their hidden past, and are living the lives of normal teens.  Only their birth parents know about their past, and their god parents only know so little.



    “Hey Adelly.  What are you doing later today?” Bailey said stopping her in the busy hallway during passing period.

    “Nothing much.  Why?”

    “Well since it’s Friday, I figured we could hang out or something.  But Nick is coming over to my place, so you want to hang there?”


    “Ok, see you there!” Bailey shouted down the hallway as they went to their last class of the day.

    At the end of the day they walked down to Bailey’s house.

    “Man, this Hawaiian heat is getting to me!”

    “Well it is almost summer Adelly.”

“Yeah, but we need to go prom shopping soon!”

    “Yeah, but neither one of us have a date yet.”

    “Wait, I thought Nick asked you already.” Adelly asked with confusion.

    “Huh?  Oh.  No.  He actually hasn’t mentioned anything about that yet.  But I really hope he does ask me.  Do you want anyone to ask you?”

    “Well, I’m hoping Josh asks me.” Adelly said blushing.

    “Awesome.  Anyway, where’s Nick?  He said he was coming.”

    “Yeah, but I’m sure he’ll be here soon.” and they arrived at Bailey’s house.  They grabbed a snack, and then they changed and went out on the beach to surf.

    Then Nick came finally.  “Sorry I’m late, I needed help with something.  Anyway, let's ride the waves!” and all three of them went out and surfed till sundown.  Then it was dark, and Bailey was sitting on the shore in her neon coral bikini, and her caramel blonde hair drying in the cool breeze.  “I’m going to go out for one more wave, be right back ladies!” and he was right back; with a small black box.  “Bailey,” he shouted to her from the waves, “You rode a wave into my heart, so will you ride that wave and surf to prom with me?”

    “Yes!” Bailey exclaimed.  Sophomore prom was sure to be a hit for those two.  He arrived at the shore and took out a ring that looked like an infinity sign and slide it on her ring finger.  Then Adelly snuck off leaving the two lovebirds alone.  She left, and then there was Bailey and Nick on the beach alone.

    “You really did ride a wave into my heart you know.  And now, we are riding a wave to prom.” Nick told Bailey.  He was holding her around the waist, and she had her arms around his neck, and they were head to head.  She smiled, and then they kissed at sunset, and the everlasting kiss you could see black against the sun.  When they finally came out of the kiss, Nick left and Bailey went into the house.

    “I see you have a date to prom,” her mom said.

    “What?” Bailey spun around.

    “Yeah.  You two are so cute!  Look at this photo I have of you two.” she held out her camera.

    “Mom, were you spying on us?  And this photo, it’s cute, but seriously?” it was a photo of their first kiss.  It was like a shadow on the sun with the waves glimmering in the dimming sun.

    “Of course it’s cute sweetie!  Now let's go inside and have dinner.  I made spaghetti.”

    “Ok.” and they went in.



    At Adelly’s house she told her parent’s about Nick and Bailey, and then she went to her room and texted Bailey.

    Adelly:: So, I assume you are excited for prom?

    Bailey: Yeah.  GUESS WHAT?

    Adelly: What???

    Bailey: Nick and I had our first kiss!

    Adelly: That’s awesome!  I just hope I get asked now.  I mean, I have a secret admirer, but I really want Josh to ask me.

    Bailey: I’m sure he will.  If not, I’m sure your admirer is cute!

    “Yeah, I sure hope so.” Adelly whispered to herself before going to bed.



    In the morning Bailey awoke to her phone buzzing.

    “Oh! It’s NIck!” she picked it up and answered.  “Hello?”

    “Hey sweetie.  I’m shopping for my suit for prom today.  Want to come with me and you can help pick it out and I’ll help with yours?”

    “Sure!  But can Adelly come?  I want her help me pick a dress out.”

    “What about me?”

    “You have terrible fashion senses.” Bailey said with a smile and a little giggle.  “Anyways, I’ll wait on the front porch for you.  Bye!” and Bailey texted Adelly to tell her to meet her at her house, and that Nick would pick them up from there.  In just a few minutes, Bailey was ready, and ran out front just in time to see Adelly drop her bike on the lawn, and come up to her.  They both had their wallets and phones, and went out to wait for Nick.  He came and they were on their way to the store.  They went into a shop full of suits and dresses.  Nick took a white button up dress shirt and a navy blue blazer, and khaki shorts.

    “That looks good on him.  Bailey?”

    “Oh yeah, but unbutton the top button.” and her fingers ran up to his chest and undid it.  “Perfect, and It looks good with your hair and silvery eyes.” she gave him a quick kiss, and he blushed and ran his fingers through his spiked brown hair.

    “Ok Bailey, your turn!” Adelly said with excitement.

    “Ok.” she replied with a smile.  Nick and Adelly chose a couple of cute dresses, then Bailey went to try them on. The first couple of dresses didn’t really look right. Then she came across the perfect one that Adelly picked.

    “Wow.” Nick and Adelly both said.  The dress had a tan colored crop top with white lace over it, and a skirt that was a netty white material with white thick ruffles at the bottom that flowed behind her when she walked.  Her skirt and top met above her bellybutton, and looked perfect on her.

    “I think that one looks the best so far,” said Adelly.

    Bailey didn’t even bother trying anymore on.

    “Ok, your turn Adelly!”

    “Ok!” and she took some dresses back with her.

    “No,” Bailey said.

    “The color doesn’t look good on you,” Nick noted, though neither girl paid attention to him.  This continued, then she found the perfect one too.

    “This one is perfect on you!” Bailey exclaimed with Nick agreeing with her.  The top was blue with some jewels on it. The bottom was a lighter blue than went a little above her knee with some additional ruffles.

    “Ok, I believe we are ready for the luau, or prom.” Bailey said.  They went and paid, and then went to the food court for lunch.  And after they went home and it was late afternoon.  Nick went home and Bailey and Adelly hung out for the rest of the day.



    Nick: “Hey Josh, when you planning on asking Adelly to prom?”

    JOsh: “Right now, I have to go, bye bro.

    And he went into a shed that he decorated with candles and lights on strings.

    Josh: Hey Bailey, this is Josh.  Can you set out with Adelly on that treasure hunt now?

    Bailey: Oh hey Josh!  Yeah.  I’ll bring her out right now.

    Josh: Ok, thanks.



    “Hey Adelly, want to get out of the house and go on a scavenger hunt?”

    “Sure, I actually was getting kind of bored.” and Bailey took out the maps from Josh and set out with Adelly.

    “Ok, 25 steps forward along the shore, two steps left, 30 steps forward again,” Bailey said, and they slowly they made their way to the shed.  Once they were there, Adelly went into the shed, and there was Josh.

    “Hey Adelly, this adventure led you to me, so can I take you on another adventure to prom?”

    “Ye-ye-ye-yes,” Adelly said with a smile and pink cheeks.  I’m surprised she didn’t freak out as much as I did.

    That week flew by, and finally it was prom night.  Nick showed up in a limo, and Bailey came in with him.  Then they went a few houses down, and Josh and Adelly joined them.  The prom was a luau, and it was on a beach this year. There were snacks, drinks, dances, and even games.

    “This is amazing, just how I imagined prom.” Bailey said quietly to Nick when they were dancing.

    “Same, it couldn’t be more perfect than this.” he whispered back.

    “You know, I was your secret admirer,” Josh said.

    “Yeah, I know that now.” Adelly answered.  After a few songs, they went over to have some food and drinks.

    “To us,” Nick said to the group.  And their lemonade glasses clinked, and then they went over to the dessert table and got s'mores.  “Here,” Nick said and wiped away some melted chocolate off of Bailey’s face.

    “Thanks sweetie.” Bailey said, and kissed him quickly on the lips.

    Tap tap tap, and the microphone came into focus.  “Ok, hello.  I’m Ruby as you guys probably all know, and, I will be announcing your prom King and QUeen today!” and everyone cheered.  “Ok, and, your prom King is Jake and your prom QUeen is Kendall.” and they both went up and everyone cheered.  “Ok, and now for the traditional King and Queen slow dance.” and they went down off the stage, and they slow danced, and then it was the last dance of the prom.  The next week till summer flew by with finals and packing up stuff for summer.   Then it was summer, but war still raged on in the two kingdoms.



    The wars in both Everheart and Swanlake have raged on in war for more than 14 years. About 50,000 soldiers total in both kingdoms have died so far. The queens have decided to join forces to take over.

Meanwhile in Swanlake, “How much longer is this going to go on?” the king asked the queen.

“I hope not much longer.  I really want to see my baby child.”

“Yeah I hope she isn’t a trouble maker to her foster parents like you are my lady.”

“Stop it.  I’m sure she is wonderful.”

In the other kingdom king John and Queen Valerie have been talking nonstop about Bailey and even having similar conversation.

King John was complaining.  “This war is taking FOREVER, can’t it be over already?!  I’M DYING for our baby girl to come home.”

Queen Valerie replied in her I’m right and you’re wrong voice.  “I’m pretty sure that she’s not a baby anymore, she’s 16 now.”

“Oh well, she will always be my baby girl.”

“I know. And I want the war to be over too.”



    “I’m so glad it’s summer!” Bailey shouted behind her as Adelly ran behind her to the small beach area in their backyard.  

    “Same!” Adelly shouted to her.

    “So, you going on any vacations this summer?” Bailey asked once they had caught their breath.

    “uh, not that I know of.  Are you?”

    “No.  I just plan on hanging out here with Nick and you.”

    “Awesome.  Oh!  Speaking of Nick, Josh and I are going out later this week, want to join and go on a double date?”

    “Sure!  Sounds like fun.  I’ll just let Nick know later.”

    “Ok.  So now to us.  We should totally go to the main beach tomorrow.  I hear there are going to be some killer waves.”

    “Totally.  That will be a ton of fun.  I need to go get some wax for my board though.  I’ll probably stop by the SUrf Shack later.”

    “Cool.  Oh!  Which reminds me, I need to get some new surf gear.  I think I grew out of all my stuff except for that one bikini I went surfing in.  But the color is fading though.  Now it’s just a pale pink it seems.” Bailey said with an itch to get out on the water.



    “Ok, well I think I’m going to go shopping now.  Heading over to town if you want to join me.”

    “Sure.  Let me just grab my wallet from my backpack inside and we can bike over there.” and Bailey ran to grab her wallet from inside, and they went over to the town.  Like prom dress shopping, they grabbed some swim suits, and tried them on.  Bailey got a lime green bikini that was a simple halter top with nothing fancy.  She also got a black bikini which was just a simple spaghetti strap with nothing fancy on it as well, a navy blue one piece and a hot pink swim shirt for surfing.  Adelly got a purple and blue tidied tankini, a hot pink bikini top and some hot pink and green shorts that went to the top of her belly button and a light pink and blue swim shirt that she used for surfing.  After that she went over to check out and got some black and pink sunglasses, since hers are too small on her, and Bailey got white ones.  After both of them were done checking out they went back home to get ready for their double date since they had to move it up because of something.  Nick and Josh picked them up in Josh’s convertible, and they were wearing beach shorts and a short sleeve thin dress shirts too.

“Again, undo the top button.” Bailey said giggling.  And her fingers slid up and undid it.  “There,” and she kissed him real quick.  The girls had on summer dresses that went down to their knees.  Bailey’s was light green, and Adelly’s was light pink.

“Um, I’ll take the summer special please.” Bailey said to the waiter, and her eyes wandered over the drink section not even looking up above her sunglasses rim.

    “I’ll take that too please.” Adelly said looking up at the waiter.  “Oh, and I’ll take a pink lemonade too.”

    “And I’ll have some sparkling water.  Strawberry please.” Bailey said looking up this time.  

    “I will  take the shrimp and lobster pasta with a Cola please.“ Nick said.

    “And I will take Surf n' Turf with another Cola.“ Josh said.

    “So, how are you two doing?“ Bailey asked.

    “Good.  What about you and Nick?“

    “Good.“ and they had small talk for the rest of dinner, and at the end they shared a scoop of ice cream, and so did Adelly and Josh.

    Then they went home.

“I’ll walk her up,” said Bailey

‘It’s alright, I’ll do it,” replied Josh.  And Josh walked Adelly to her house from the street.

    “You know, this was a nice first date/double date.“

    “It was.“ Adelly said.  And Josh held her hands in his, and they looked into each other's eyes.

    “Come on, kiss.“ Bailey whispered to herself.  “Come on Josh.  Make your move." she whispered.

    And sure enough to her pleading, Josh kissed her light on the lips, and she kissed him back.



    Ciaptha was talking to her assistant.  “This war is taking forever!  But I’m not giving up. I need to take over and kill Valerie and Bailey, so I can take over their kingdom.”

    “Oh!  WOnderful plan mistress!” said her assistant Scarlet gleefully.

    The war raged on with people getting killed almost every minute.

    Ciaptha looked into a gas ball she created showing the war.  “Send more soldiers out we’re getting down to only a few.”

    “Yes Ma’am.” and Scarlet sent a messenger down to the cave villages to deport more people, and Scarlet went over to visit her other master, Mythica.



    That morning Adelly woke up, checked her phone, and decided to text Bailey.

    Adelly: Hey Bailey, what are you doing today?

    Bailey: Nothing much, but I think I might go surfing today.  You want to come?

    Adelly: I’d love to!

So Adelly got dressed In her purple and blue tie dyed swimsuit, got sunscreen on, grabbed her bag and shoes and headed down to Bailey’s house.

    “So how did you like your first kiss?” asked Bailey.

    “Good I guess. But that means we are officially boyfriend and girlfriend” replied Adelly

    “You got that right.”

    “Do you want to make today a girl day?  Unless you’re thinking of hanging out with the boys.”

    “I don’t think I’m going to, but it sounds like fun, let's do it.”

    At about 12 Adelly and Bailey went up to Bailey’s house got dressed into clothes. Adelly got into a green flowy tank and some navy blue shorts. Bailey wore a navy blue tank top dress that was a little above her knee, then they set off to the mall. At the mall they bought some clothes and got some lunch.

    “what should we do after this?” asked Bailey.



    “Ding ding ding. How about we get our nails done?” said Adelly.

    “Good idea, lets do it.”

    After they were done with lunch, they headed of to get there nails done.  Adelly got Light blue on her fingers with a little flower on her thumbs and pink on her toes.  Bailey got peach pink on her fingers and navy blue on her toes.

    “So want to have a sleepover then?”

    “Sure!  But I’ll have drop by my house and get my stuff.”

    “Ok, and we should probably get going then.  I’ll drop you off and then you can bike over with your stuff.  And I have a movie we can watch too.”

    “Ok.  And I’ll bring popcorn over too.”

    “Ok.  See you Bailey!” Adelly shouted to her as she ran to her house.

    A few minutes later Bailey came over on her bike with a small backpack. Then Bailey went and popped the popcorn and Adelly got the move set up.  At about 8:30 there was a ring at the door.

   "Mom can you get that?" yelled Adelly.

   "Sure." replied Adelly’s mom.

   Just in a matter of seconds Nick and Josh came running in crash the girl's night.

   "What are you guys doing here?" Bailey said tossing her popcorn up in surprise.

   "Nothing much.  Just crashing your sleepover." Nick replied with a goofy smile.

   "How about you ladies?"  Josh asked.  All the girls did was look at each other with a smile.  In just a minute the girls were in the boy’s arms laying down watching the movie together.

   "So, you glad we came and crashed your girl's night?"

   "Yeah," Bailey replied.

   "But you better leave after this movie." Adelly commented.

   "Yeah we will." Commented Josh.

   When the movie was over the boys left as the girls got ready for bed. Then about around midnight they went to sleep.  In the morning they woke up and walked down the beach to the little restaurant on the shore.  They had pancakes and smoothies before heading out to the beach to relax.

    “I love this weather,” Bailey said.

    “Me too.  I also just love this time of year.”

    “Yeah.  Especially with all the weddings on the beach we see around this time.”

    “Oh yeah, I love beach weddings.”

    “Oh, look!” Bailey said sitting up and pointing.

    “Awww!” both girls cooed.  Where Bailey was pointing, there was a young couple at the beach.  And the boy got down onto one knee and proposed.  The girl jumped in excitement, said yes, and the ring was slid onto her finger.  Then the boy stood up and the girl kissed him long and hard like Bailey’s first kiss.

    “Eww.” Adelly said.

    “Oh c'mon, that’s just like my first kiss.” Bailey said giving her a little smack on the arm.  “And it’s kind of cute.  Don’t you think?”

    “Eh,” Adelly said with a shrug.  And the couple held hands and walked down along the shore.

    “Well I think it’s adorable.  And anyway, don’t you want that with your true love?”
    “Well yeah.  But I’ve never fallen in love before.  And look at you and Nick, you two are obviously meant for eachother.  Josh and I aren’t as serious as you two.”
    “Yeah, but we’ve been dating for longer.  And he’s only my first love.  It’s not like I’m going to marry him.”
    “Yeah, I guess I just don’t know what it’s like to be in love.  But you obviously do.  You and Nick seem pretty serious, and he definitely loves you.”

    “Who loves her?” Nick said appearing out of nowhere.

    “Oh my gosh you scared me!” Bailey said.  “You love me sweetie.  And I love you just as much.  Don’t think someone is hitting on me or something!  I’m yours.”

    “Good.” Nick said.

    “Nick!  Common!” Josh called to him.

    “Oh!  See you ladies later.  Got some surfing to do!” and he leaned over and kissed Bailey’s head, grabbed his board, and ran off.  But not before throwing his shirt to Bailey.

    “Ok, then.  Since we’re here and the boys are too, what do you say we go grab our board and swimsuits and go show those boys how you really surf?”
    “Let’s do it!” Adelly said, and Bailey just slid off her gray sweat shorts, she had her navy blue one piece on already.  In two seconds she was ready.  Adelly went into a restroom and came out wearing her pink and green swimsuit, and her light pink and blue swim shirt over it.  Then they ran out the door and ran all the way to the beach with their boards under their arms and a swim bag held in the other hand.  Then they got to the beach and it was barely eight o’clock.  They put on sunscreen, waxed their boards, and ran into the water.  They paddled out into the ocean, and caught the next big wave.  “There are the boys,” Adelly said pointing as the boys ran off.

    “Ugh, such show offs.  Since they are showing off, let’s show them up.” Bailey said with a smile.

    “You got that right!” and they leaned across to each other and high-fived each other.  Then they paddled back out and surfed back in shore just as the boys were coming back out.  They spent the day surfing, and only took a break to play in the sand, and eat lunch.  They stayed out in the water till sundown, then laid on the beach with their boy’s arms around them as they watched the sun go down and the kids play and slowly leave.

    “Aww.  They’re so cute!” Bailey said pointing at a married couple watching their little child play in the falling sun.  “I’d love to have a kid like that.”

    “Yeah?” Nick asked.

    “Yeah.” Bailey confirmed.  “But I’d want to have three kids.  The perfect number.  One boy and two girls.”

    “Ok.  Well I can guarantee you’ll love any kid you have.” Nick said knowing Bailey would win the conversation.

    “I can guarantee it too.”

    “Good.” Nick said, then they were quiet for a little.  “I love you Bailey-Boo.”

    “I love you too Nick.” and Bailey closed her eyes and Nick pulled her closer.  They stayed this way for a long time, and then they eventually went home to sleep for the next day.



    “This war is taking for-EVER!” Mythica shouted.  “I need more help.  Call more in hun.”
    “But ma’am, the people are in no shape for this kind of war.  What we need is someone just as powerful to join sides with us.” Scarlet hinted.

    “Wonderful idea,” Mythica said with a hint of evilness.  “I know just who to call…”



    “Mistress, an encoded telegram has come in.” Scarlet said as she scampered in with a rolled up paper.

    “From whom?” Ciaptha asked with a little curiosity.

    “I’m…  not sure.  I said it was in code.”

    “Don’t sass me.  And call in Henriq.  He decodes stuff, right?”

    “Yes ma’am.  I shall call him in immediately.” and Scarlet sent for him right away.  Five minutes later he walked in.  He was aging.  His fangs no longer glistened, his hair was graying, and he was slumping and putting on weight.

    “Yes Ciaptha?” he asked with a bow in her presence.  He had a deep voice; like the rumbling of a volcano almost.

    “I have brought you here to decode this.  It looks not so modern-which should be easy for you…” she added quietly at the end.

    “Alright.” and he took the code and stared at it for a while.

    “Well?” Ciaptha asked impatiently.

    “SOrry.” he said.  He seemed scared of her, but then again, who wouldn’t be?  He read:


Dear Ciaptha,

    I am in need of great help as the war progresses.  My morale is running low and my kingdom is not in the shape it should be for war.  I am sending this with consult of you, to ask you to help me defeat Fording kingdom.  Are you willing to join sides with me and enroll in an armistice to help each other?  I will not be offended if you choose not to join me, but I shall let you know if my kingdom falls, yours is at risk of falling too.


Mythica J.  Leftacia


    “Henriq, write her back in the same code saying I will, with honor, join her in the war front.  Fording and Everheart kingdom may join together as well… but anyways, just give it to me to sign once you’re done and I’ll send it off.”

    “Yes ma’am.” and he scuttled off in fear of what would happen if he didn’t get right to work.

The next day the kingdoms joined sides and tripled in power.



    Meanwhile while this had been going on, nothing much had been going on back in Hawaii.  A week had passed and nothing exciting happened.  But summer was close to halfway over.

    Bailey texted Adelly in the late Thursday afternoon.

    Bailey: Hey.  We haven’t really seen each other a lot this past week.  Want to come have a sleepover tonight or tomorrow so we can catch up?

    Adelly: Yeah.  Today works better for me.  I have a date tomorrow.

    Bailey: Awesome!  So I’ll see you soon?

    Adelly: Yup!

    Bailey: Ok, see you soon!

    And Adelly packed her stuff and biked on over to her house.

    “Hey girlfriend!”
    “Hey!  So, let's go up and get your stuff unpacked.  Then we can catch up on everything.”

    “Ok.” Adelly replied, and she took her backpack upstairs and took her stuff out.  “Ok, so first, how are you and Nick doing?”

    “Good!  We actually had a date earlier today, nothing much though.  We just went to Surf n’ TUrf for lunch.”

    “Nice.  Yeah, Josh and I are going to the new restaurant in town tomorrow.  Um, Lucy’s Luau I think it was?”

    “Yeah.  Well, you two are the perfect couple.”

    “Oh.  Thanks.” Adelly said blushing.  “But you two are obviously meant for each other.  I mean, he only said he loves you once, but EEEEE!”

    “Yeah!  I loved that.  And he always smells like the ocean, I like it.  But he only told me he loves me once, but I know he still does and I still do.”

    “You two are so cute.” now it was Bailey’s turn to blush.  Then they ate dinner and watched a movie.  In the morning Adelly was packing up and heading out the door when Bailey’s dad stopped her.


    “Oh!  Yes Mr. Nicolson?”

    “You see those clouds over there?” and he pointed to a huge mass of swirling clouds sweeping in towards the main island.


    “Well, that’s a hurricane coming in.  You’re staying here ‘til it’s over.  It’s too dangerous to let you go back to your house with the strong winds.  They’re already here.” and Adelly looked out the glass door and saw palm trees swaying furiously in the wind.  “I’ve already alerted your parents so they know you’re staying here ‘till the storm ends.

    “Oh, ok.” and she brought her stuff back up and told Bailey about it.  Then she texted Josh to let him know that their date would have to be postponed until after the storm.  Bailey’s parents started boarding up the windows and turned on the news to see if they’d say how bad it’d be.

    “Looks like it’ll be around a 3.5 storm,” her dad muttered to himself.  The girls huddled together under the covers waiting for the storm to pass and her parents were in their room watching the news.  The room shook with thunder and light up every other second with lightning.  It ended in the early morning the next day.

    “Well, I should go over to my house and help clean up.  Because seeing that your house is a little flooded on the bottom, mine probably is too.” Adelly said when they went downstairs.  “Ok, bye.  And thanks Mr. Nicolson.”

    “Of course.” he said.  And Adelly left to go help clean up her house, while Bailey’s family helped clean up the lower level.  Later there was a knock on the door.

    “Oh.  Hey Mr. Jaquer.” Nick said.

    “Mr. Dawson.”

    “Hey.  Umm, my house is ok since it’s up higher, so do you want a helping hand?”

    “Sure.  A helping hand never hurts.  You can go help Bailey in the mud room.”

    “Ok.  Well, uh, I’ll see you around Mr. Jaquer.”

    “Ok Mr. Dawson.” he walked away from that awkward conversation and went to find Bailey.  Her dad just was really protective and didn’t want his baby girl to grow up so fast.

    “Hey Bailey.”

“Oh, hey Nick!  I assume you’re here to help clean, so we can go outside.  I just finished the mud room actually.” her clothes were dirty and wet and her hair was mopped up in a messy bun.

    “Ok.” he replied and they walked outside.

    “Are you ok?”

    “Yeah, I’m fine.”

    “You sure?” Bailey asked really concerned.

    “Yes.  I’m fine.” he said with a hint of annoyance.

    “Ok, but you’re sure?”

    “Yes!  I’m sure!  Ok?” now he was definitely annoyed.

    “Goodness!  Do you not even care about me?!  My house was flooded and my parents don’t have the money to replace it.” tears were starting to brim Bailey’s eyes.

    “Of course I care about you!”

    “Well you certainly don’t show it if you really do!”
    “If you think I don’t care about you why are we still together?”

    “Because I love you!”

    “I love you too!  But if you want someone who shows that they care for you, maybe we should break up and you can go find a boy who asks if you’re ok a million times like you did me.” Nick shouted at her.  The first tear fell from Bailey’s ocean blue eyes.

    “Here,” she said almost in a whisper, and Bailey gave her infinity ring back to Nick.  Her ring meant forever, and yet their love came to an end.

    “Ok see you around Bailey.” and he looked at the ring in his closed hand before putting the ring in his pocket while Bailey watching silently.  The first tear fell off her chin into the sand as he walked away to his car.  When he was gone, she burst into tears and ran away to Adelly’s house.  Her room was on the lower floor and had a door that went out to a little balcony like landing.  The door was open to the back, and Bailey ran in.  Adelly sat up surprised and Bailey ran in.

    “Bailey what’s wrong?!”

    “Nick, just, broke, up, with me.” she said in between sobs.  She was hugging herself and looking down so she couldn’t see the tears.

    “Oh Bailey,” and she hugged Bailey for a long time.  “What happened?”
    “He thought I thought he didn’t care about me, and he broke up with me saying I should find someone else who cares.”

    “Oh, Bailey.” and Adelly hugged her.  Then she went back to her chair and kept reading her book to give Bailey some time.  Bailey just laid down on her stomach and cried into the pillow she hugged to her face trying to muffle the sobs.  Adelly just watching her cry.  Then her phone dinged.  She picked it up and looked at the screen.  “Oh it’s Josh!” she said happily.

    “What, is he going to ask you out again?  Because I can’t go with if he wants a double date.” Bailey said turning her head to look at Adelly.  Her face was wet with tears just like the pillow.  Adelly just looked at her.  Then she went to read it.

    “Sorry, but it’s over.  Please don’t ask, I have my own reasons.” Adelly read from the text.  She looked almost horrified, sick, and confused.  Bailey went onto her elbows and just looked at Adelly.  The tears stopped, but Adelly read it again, and her eyes brimmed with tears. Then Adelly finally figured it out.  Josh had just broken up with Adelly too.  Both of the girls sat on Adelly’s bed crying until they finally just let it go.  Summer was almost over with just about 3 weeks left before the girls were going to be Juniors in highschool. Both have moved on (maybe) from the boys and they are ready for a new year.

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