Can You Keep A Secret?

This is a new story that my friend wrote, no it wasn't Mrs. Greenkins for those of you who are wondering. So please enjoy!


6. About the Characters

Bailey: Bailey’s mom gave birth to Bailey in a magical world, but because of the war going on in the world, Bailey was sent as an infant to America with godparents so she’d have a place to stay. It’s similar to Cinderella, but only the prince knows who she is, and falls in love with her under a false identity.  Bailey is more on the timid side compared to Adelly. She’s unwilling to give anyone a chance in fear it’ll end like it did with Nick. Once you get to know her though, she’s very kind, compassionate, and caring. Adelly and Bailey have known each other since they were three, and never have there been any secrets between the two. Bailey is your complete beach blonde who boys are crazy over; she’s always getting asked out, and is used to boys watching her surf. She is super active, and likes to surf, do a little gymnastics and tumbling here and there, as a child she did swim team for a couple years, and she even danced and did a little cheerleading in high school. If she hadn’t found out about her past, she’d be in Hawaii Institute of marine Biology becoming a marine biologist. One of her biggest secrets (not even Adelly knows) is that she never was over Nick, she just didn’t want to bother with the drama.


    Adelly: Adelly was born in a different/magical world but them sent to America with no magic because of Mythica. Adelly is silly and can sometimes be annoying. She is smart and kind to everyone. She loves boys and is kind of boy crazy. She loves to go to the beach and is best friends with Bailey. They have been best friends since they were 3 years old. She is very active (which doesn’t mention all the sports she does in the book). She surfs, tumbles, and love to run and ride her bike. One secret that she had through the whole book was that she had a crush on Josh when they broke up and until the got back together. Another secret is that she love invading Bailey and her love life (even though she is rude when she does that). Last but not least she is super funny and does the most randomest thing you can’t ever think of.


    Nick: Nick does in fact know about the magical world, but he decided to go to America to get an education up to college before he had to go get married to Bailey.  He was forced to marry a princess outside the kingdom, but his parents get to choose which kingdom.  He did fall in love with Bailey the night they went surfing, but he knew he couldn’t love a normal girl, but he let his feelings get the best of him.  He took the first opportunity to break Bailey’s heart gently, but it wasn’t so gentle, and later he was asked out by an obnoxious girl who we saw Nick making out with. When Scarlet appears in the world he knows he has to protect Bailey because by then he knows her real last name, and that she’s a princess and that Scarlet is one of Ciaptha’s minions. When he’s trying to protect her, he realizes he still loves her, and that it’s not forbidden.


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