Blow Me One Last Kiss

Erin DeLaurentis is a average boy.....except for the fact that has been kicked out of every school he's ever been to. Settling in Liverpool, England is not what he planned for his school year. But when Robyn comes into his life, will he change?


3. Chapter 3: The Ice Cream Shop






Chris had managed to drag me to her car before I realized something.


“Chris, I came to school on my bike, remember?” I frantically told her, making her stop.

“Fine, go get that stupid bike of yours and meet me at our ice-cream shop.” She yelled at me, jumping in her blue and white Mustang before speeding off. I chuckled and walked to my genuine motorcycle.


Jane bought it for me just a few months ago. I loved the sleek red shine of it. I stuck in my earbuds in, smiling as I heard Something's Gotta Give by All Time Low blast in my eardrums. I mounted my bike, feeling adrenaline rush through my veins. I love this feeling.


I started to slow as I reached the shop. It was a quaint little shop, one that Chris’ dad used to take us to all the time. It had the best milkshakes I had ever tasted. Every Friday, he would drive us there and get us a cone and a milkshake. Now it has become our tradition.


“Erin!” I heard Chris yell. I turned around to see her waving at me, well, trying to, but with 2 cones and 2 milkshakes, it was kind of complicated. I laughed at her as I took the cones out of her hands.


“I grabbed just what you like, cookies and cream cone, mint and strawberry shake.” She smiled, handing me my milkshake. I took a sip and almost moaned. They make them so good here. We sat a table together, enjoying the time we get to spend with one another. I rarely ever get to spend time with her, considering she’s always with her “boyfriend”.


Since no one was talking, I drifted into my thoughts. Who was that boy from Monday? I haven’t seen him around the school, but he obviously goes there. I’ve only seen him a few times since Monday, but just flashes. Still confused, I zone back into Chris, who is talking a mile a minute.


“...and Melissa says that Rachel is f**king Jake, but I think there’s no way he would sleep with her, right? Erin, are you even listening to me?” Chris asks, sipping her cookie dough milkshake.


“Sorry sis. What were you saying?” I ask, giving her a genuine smile as she continued talking, me nodding at all the right times and interjecting when necessary.


“I’m boring you, aren’t I? Well, I have to meet up with Chad anyway. Bye big bro!” She squeals, hugging me, then speeding out the door. I sigh, leaving a tip in the jar on the counter before strutting out the door. I call up my best friend, Trevor.

“Wanna hang out?”

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