Blow Me One Last Kiss

Erin DeLaurentis is a average boy.....except for the fact that has been kicked out of every school he's ever been to. Settling in Liverpool, England is not what he planned for his school year. But when Robyn comes into his life, will he change?


1. Chapter 1: The Introduction


Picture is Erin


The clocked ticked. Pencils scratched. Papers rustled. Nothing was happening, but yet Erin couldn't stop his hands from moving. They were itching to play a song, press a note, strum a string, anything. But instead he was stuck in school, waiting fo the bell to ring. He remembered what Jane, his mother, had told him that morning. 


                 "Erin, you can't keep skipping class to do something so childish and immature." The thing is, it wasn't something foolish. It was what I loved. But apparently doing what I love isn't important to Jane. I sometimes think the only reason she keeps me around is because I look like my dad, Stephen.


I have the blonde hair, the bright blue eyes, the arrowhead nose, and his face structure. I have his broad shoulders and muscles, though my are from working summers on my uncle's farm. I stand at a towering 6'4, 2 inches taller than him with my mom at 6'0. My skinny musician fingers don't match the rest of my body, though I can still pack a punch.


I snapped out of my daydream just as the bell rang, and I jumped out of my chair, zooming out of the door on the way to my favorite class of the day.




But right as I turned the corner, I slammed into the warmest wall I have ever felt. Sparks lit up my body as I froze.  I looked up with shock into a pair of lightning-blue eyes that sent shivers down my spine. Those eyes looked at me for a moment before stepping aside, mumbling an apology as I dazedly watched him. Then I walk the rest of the way to music.

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