The story of my life 💖

Danger and his owner leahs life, hawk, dangers brother who is full of himself but still cares for his young brother. Blossom loves hawk and will do anything for him but she hates danger. Hawk the leader, blossom the smarts and danger the strenght there missing one. With fluff the cats help, trying to find a good friend for danger, will his life fully be fufilled.
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1. Chapter one

My life started wonderful, I had my master named leah, she fed me every day and groomed me.  
"Danger"! Oh that's me, I trotted up to leah, pricking my ears for the sound of grain in a bucket." Nope, sorry none for you at the moment", she giggled as if she knew what i was saying. I let out a huff and let her place a halter on me," good boy, now come on". She lead me into a barn, it was a big hallway with posts on the sides and three box at the end. The tack room was on the left side right as you walk in and on the opposite was the delicious hay. I stopped next to the pile and stretched my neck to take a nibble," hey, Danger"! She pulled the lead line and made my head turn to hers. She then lead me to a box stall with hay and water, she undid my halter and let me walk around in the stall. She walked into the tack room getting a halter and then walked outside, where is she going? I whinnied for her but only hawk returned the call. Leah came back with hawk, my brother and lead him into the box stall beside me. Hawk was bright chestnut with a blaze and a weird splotch on his right foreleg. I was black with the same blaze but for white socks. He looked like mom, and I looked like dad. My eyes followed her outside again, blossom called out again," Your fine blossom ", I heard leah's voice say. Blossom trotted into the last stable by herself and then turned around to face leah. Blossom was the smartest, she always got into mischief. She looked pure white accept she was smaller and had black in her main. Hawk was the strong leader and i was the fast and stealthy one of the group. But blossom never listened to me, she was in love with stupid hawk. He was such a big hot shot, always showing off to her. It honestly made me sick." I will be back guys ", leah called back as she slipped threw the door. Great the only person who was nice to me left. Blossom glared at me and started looking through the barred up window at hawk. 
( when i go into this kind of lettering, it means the horses or animals are talking to each other or danger " talking thoughts" will be in this font)
"I hope leah just takes me and you ", blossom hoped as she mooned over hawk. " I honestly don't know, leah always usually rides danger ". 
" Huh well i think she should take us out more, i could teach her a few things ", she sneered.
" Don't you dare ", I said as i put my ears back.
She snorted," you cant do anything about it danger ".
" blossom knock it off ", hawk warned. He sometimes stood up for me, but when it came to competition he was a grass brained idiot. I swear one time he made me slip i fell right into the mud, such a wolf heart. " I smell her, shes coming back".

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