The story of my life 💖

Danger and his owner leahs life, hawk, dangers brother who is full of himself but still cares for his young brother. Blossom loves hawk and will do anything for him but she hates danger. Hawk the leader, blossom the smarts and danger the strenght there missing one. With fluff the cats help, trying to find a good friend for danger, will his life fully be fufilled.
( I love feedback so tell me what you think, tell me what i should do! )


2. Chapter 2

She walked into the room, her pelt looking different and she had a black thing on her head. Blossom calls it a turtle shell. "Alright danger once I'm done feeding blossom and hawk we can go ride ", she said happily. I studied their language for a long time, sense i first met a human. It took me quite a long time, I'm four years old now, so I'm pretty much done with learning the human language. She went to the white fridge scooping up some grain into a bucket. She added some extras stuff and started to dump it into the feed pans. As she was doing that I looked for fluff, she was a white she-cat with a pink collar. I heard a meow coming from behind me, pricking my ears I heard it coming closer. I shuffled around in my stall trying to find the noise," Whats got into you all of a sudden". Leah then looked right pass me then brightened up," Hey its fluff "! The cat purred as she was picked up by my master. Leah set the cat back onto the hay bales next to my stall. Leah came back and dumped grain into my bucket, so i began to eat. As leah left to fetch some tack, fluffy's head popped up into view. Her head went up and jumped a few times then she jumped onto the corner of my stall. She balanced on the door," aye turn around already so i can jump on ". I let out a huff and let her jump onto my back. I put my left side next to hawks stall and let her walk into the next door. " greetings hawk, such a pity that leah didn't pick you ". Fluffy was the big sister i never had, she stood up for me better then hawk. She was better then hawk, she would comfort me and deal with some of my battles i had no chance in, like saying i was better then hawk. " huh like i care, she will take me out soon or later".
" i see, you do know truly inside she will always want danger ", she sneered. Oh boy shes pushing it! 
He stomped his hooves flustered," Im fine, i know deep inside that I'm better then my brother, leah just cant see it"! Those words stung me like ice, " Fluff thats enough",  i whispered painfully. She nodded knowing she pushed the mark. " Alright Danger lets get you ready". Leah seemed a bit weary of hawk now as she took Fluff and set her back on the hay bales. She must have heard the ruckus and got a bit scared. I looked sternly at fluff, she new she had a talk coming her way. Leah brushed me out and set a black english saddle on me, i never liked the bulky ones with all the decor. It was to heavy to gallop and trot with. Once she was done setting us up for the ride, she lead me out of the barn and into the yard. She took a  white bucket next to me then used it to level herself right. She put her foot into the stirrup and lifted her self up onto the saddle. She got her hands onto the rains and said " walk ". I obeyed and began to walk, she lead me down the driveway until a trail began to appear in front of us. She pulled the left rein and directed me to the trail. It looked like a deer trail, at least it was skinny enough to say so. She lead me into the green, lush forest. Bird song and leaves intwined with the wind making a nature tune. My ears tilted to hear a rabbit hop to its borrow. I smelled the fresh air, deer over welmed my senses. Deer herd must be around here," fine day danger, isn't it "? I wish i could tell her what i thought, it made me sad yet angered. When she cried,i wanted to comfort her. When she was scared i wanted to calm her, But i cant. As I walked her through the calm green forest, a new weird cent tickled at my nose. It was something I haven't smelled before, my ears pricked trying to hear what was coming. A growl came to my senses," cougar"!

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