Kind Monsters

When Paris White wakes up in a strange house, she meets five monsters she never knew existed. Jonghyun, a Vampire. Minho, a Killer. Taemin, a ghost. Key, a Demon. And Onew, a Werewolf. But, despite their supernatural powers and beings, they are surprising caring and kind. Paris and Ghost Taemin immediately fall for one another, and challenges are released.


34. Sorry, Wanna Continue?

I walked to the living room after taking a shower. I wanted to apologized to Taemin after that. But I gotta admit, it was a bit funny when he was sexually frustrated. It kinda made me want to continue. But then, I don't want to force him, since he might not be in the mood.

I finally reached the living room, and found Taemin sitting on one of the big couches, not laying, sitting, carrying a book. He looked halfway through it, but he didn't seem seriously into reading it. He seemed distracted, like his mind was somewhere else. I walked up and sat beside him, and pushed down the book, making him look up and stare into space, avoiding eye contact. I placed a hand on his leg as he closed the boom and threw it on the table. Taemin shivered slightly, making me hold back a smile. I had to stay serious.

'Sorry Oppa. I know I teased you really badly. I feel really guilty after doing that to you. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me.' I said. Taemin turned his head, looking into my eyes. I could tell he was searching for any lies, but I was being truthful. I caught his eyes move to my lips for a second, but then they went back up.

'And if I don't forgive you?'


I climbed on top of him, cupped his neck in my hands and leaning down. 'I'll make you forgive me.' I whispered, slotting my lips into his. Taemin seemed a bit off, but responded after a while, raised his hands to grip my waist. He sighed contently into the kiss, and he relaxed. I broke away after a bit, and raised a hand to his face, stroking his lips with my thumb. 'Mind teleporting us to a more..... Private room?' I asked, hinting him a little. Taemin got the message, and we glitched to his bedroom, on his bed.

Taemin was on top of me, his eyes filled with lust. He pressed his soft lips onto the skin of my neck, sucking it. I still had one question on my mind though.

'Do you forgive me, Oppa?'

Taemin pulled away, gazing into my eyes. He pecked my lips, and mumbled a 'yes' onto them. I ran my fingers into his hair and gently pulled him back.

'I love you.'

'I love you, too.'

A/N: sorry, I'm not gonna write smut. But just so you know, they had sex. Ok, sorry for the multiple kisses and crap, they are just fillers (I think), anyway Like and Comment! Love you, bye!!!

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