Kind Monsters

When Paris White wakes up in a strange house, she meets five monsters she never knew existed. Jonghyun, a Vampire. Minho, a Killer. Taemin, a ghost. Key, a Demon. And Onew, a Werewolf. But, despite their supernatural powers and beings, they are surprising caring and kind. Paris and Ghost Taemin immediately fall for one another, and challenges are released.


27. Q and A

---It's Two Months Later---

It's been two months since I had found out about the boys, and had pushed away Taemin. At first, he was a bit weird, but he soon turned back to normal. The boys were still confused as to why I blew up, but I just said I wasn't really in the mood at that time. Tori became more used to us, her and I getting closer and closer. But, no one knows my secret. Or, the fact that I was bitten by some enemy vampire. I just couldn't bring myself to tell them.

I told the guys I'll be going for a walk, which I did. I needed to work out a plan to tell them what I know. I began to walk towards the Secret Park. Taemin and I had kept this place hidden from anyone. We came back often, where we started conversations and even had fun. We were still boyfriend and girlfriend, luckily. I knew I had to let him know. Maybe I should tell him first. Yeah, I'll tell Taemin first. Then I'll show him the bite, and explain to him why I didn't let him have sex with me a few months ago.

I finally reached the Park, and walked inside. The cool breeze blew in my hair, though it was already tied up in a ponytail. Memories from that encounter in the gym flooded in. That's when I realized. The man had called me Arrow. No, seriously. I just remembered now. He had called me by the name of Arrow, and not Paris. Why though? Was that just some nickname? I bit my lip, trying to figure out what he meant by calling me Arrow. I stared at my reflection in the water, thinking as hard as I could. 'What did he mean?' I asked myself. Then, I saw it. I wasn't sure what it was, but it looked amazing. Bursts of light blew in the water, flying out into the air. Sparkling all around me, twinkles could be heard. They were a pure white substance, glowing and glittering in the night. They all swam around me, me being mesmerized by the color and brightness. Then, it stopped. All of them had settled behind me, so I turned, only to be met by a creature, a creature that was extremely beautiful.

She had long, straight white hair and eyes a bright, soft blue. Her skin was pale and as smooth as a baby's bottom. She wore a white dress that stopped at her knees, and no shoes. She floated slightly off the ground, her feet crossed at the ankles. She raised a hand towards me, and her fingers glowed. 'Hello, Arrow.' She greeted. Arrow? Again? Jesus, what is with this new nickname? I shrugged it off, and returned the greeting. The creature smiled. 'I'm Vega Jane. I'm here to question you. Please answer all questions honestly.' She requested. I nodded. Vega Jane came a bit closer, her eyes twinkling.

'First question: Would you rather die, and let those you love live? Or would you let them die and live in happiness with plenty of wealth?' She asked. Well, that was easy. 'I'd die for them.' I replied. Vega Jane nodded, then continued.

'Second question: How much do you love him?'

It took me awhile to register who she meant, but I came to the conclusion. She meant Teamin.

'I love him more than anyone. More than anyone can possibly imagine.'

'Good. Final Question: Would you rather risk telling them the truth and have them to never trust you again, or keep it a lie and let them love you?'

I swallowed the lump in my throat. Holy shit. Not this one. This was what I was battling myself against for the past two freaking months! But, I had to answer truthfully.

'I'd tell them the truth.' I replied. Vega Jane's smile widened. 'Well said, Arrow. I must go for now. I shall see you again. Farfarren.' She said, and disappeared into the night. I sighed, trying to keep from collapsing in awe. Then it struck me like a boulder. 'I have to tell Taemin.' I said out loud. 'Tell me what?' Asked a voice so familiar, it sent shivers down my spine. I whipped around, and gasped. There stood a curious Taemin, his lips curled into a sweet smile.

Don't think I'll be seeing that smile after this.

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