Kind Monsters

When Paris White wakes up in a strange house, she meets five monsters she never knew existed. Jonghyun, a Vampire. Minho, a Killer. Taemin, a ghost. Key, a Demon. And Onew, a Werewolf. But, despite their supernatural powers and beings, they are surprising caring and kind. Paris and Ghost Taemin immediately fall for one another, and challenges are released.


13. Ok, first date.....

I kept quiet for a moment, sucking in what he just asked. 'Girlfriend?' I repeated. Taemin nodded, and grasped for my hand. 'Paris, you know I'd never hurt you, and come on, we just had sex. Why not become a real couple? Every time I'm around you, my heart lights up and you make me feel happy. I know that I'm a ghost, but I could still make you feel loved and protected every single day. Please, Paris.' He pleaded. I could tell he meant every word. I knew that if I said no, then he would be crushed. I wanted to say yes, but I never had a boyfriend. Getting a first would be a bit strange and I don't really like strange.

Taemin sighed and looked away. 'Guess that's a no.' He murmured. He was about to get out of my bed, I grabbed his wrist and held him there. He turned his head to look at me. 'I didn't answer yet.' I told him. Taemin's eyes twinkled. 'Are you saying-?'

'Yes. I would love to be your girlfriend.'


Taemin drove along the streets, looking for the right restaurant. He had asked me out after we got dressed, so now we were off on our first date. As he drove, one hand was on the steering wheel, while the other was gripping my inner thigh gently. He squeezed it occasionally, sending pleasurable shivers up my body and making me moan softly. 'Ah!' I cried when he squeezed it again. He smirked at the reaction. Thanks to my choices of clothes, a short black skirt and dark blue blouse, and sandals, I could feel his hand actually touching my skin. Taemin wore a regular black t shirt and jeans. Simple as hell, yet so fucking hot. The necklace hung there, and he bit his lower lip every time I moaned.

We pulled up at the restaurant, which was a steak house. 'Yum!' I exclaimed. Taemin chuckled, and we both got out the car. Taemin took my hand, linking my fingers in his. We walked inside the place, which smelled of steak cooking. 'OMFG!' I gasped as I smelt the scent. Taemin chuckled once more, and pulled my to the back, where two comfy chairs faced one another. A waitress came almost immediately, and gave 'the look' to Taemin as she did so. 'May I take your order?' She cooed at him. I felt anger gnaw at my stomach, for no apparent reason. We took the menus and looked in it. I decided on a beef steak and fries. 'Number six, and a coke please.' I told her. She wrote it down, and took Taemin's order. 'Number eleven, and also a coke please.' He said. The waitress nodded, and walked off with the order.

'Gross!' I mumbled. 'What?' Taemin asked, drinking his coke. The waitress had served our drinks. I barely touched mine. 'She is sticking to your ass. Didn't you see the looks she gave you?' I growled. Taemin chuckled softly and pecked my lips. 'C'mon babe. Are you jealous?' He teased. The word babe made me blush though. 'N-No! I just hate girls who give my boyfriend 'the look'' I claimed. Taemin chuckled. 'Well, you are never going to be replaced by any of those sluts, ok? Babe, you are amazing no matter what the situation is. Even in bed you are fucking magical.' He complimented. I giggled. I had given him a blow job, before he had fucked me, so I guess the pleasure is still there.

The waitress came back, and looked sweetly at Taemin. Taemin saw me turn away and bite my lower lip, a signal when I'm angry, and he played it off. 'Babe, you alright?' He said. I nodded, smiling as the waitress walked off disappointedly. Taemin and I laughed. 'Success!' He said victoriously. He pulled my closer and kissed me softly. Then we both are our food, talking about embarrassing moments. It was pretty cute, how Taemin would blush every time something embarrassing happened to him.

Taemin and I decided to go to the mall to buy some shit I don't think we need. We were in a random electronics store, looking at phones, laptops, xboxes, and all that crap. I eyes a white iPhone 6. I've never had a phone, but this one was cool. Taemin must've seen me do it, since he asked for the price. 'Two thousand.' The man answered. I sighed and grabbed Taemin's hand. 'It's ok, let's go.' I told him. But he didn't move. He just pulled out his wallet and handed a two thousand note. I gasped as he handed me the bag with the new iPhone in it. He pulled out his own. 'Now I can call you everywhere you go.' He said. I squealed and wrapped my arms around him. 'I love you so fucking much!' I said truthfully. Taemin chuckled, and put me down. 'I love you even more!' He said. He pecked my lips and we both walked off.

We were back home in a matter of minutes. The boys were in the living room, so that's where we went. 'Where the hell have you guys been? Having sex in a club?' Key whined. I giggled at that. 'No, we had sex earlier today, but Taemin took me out on a date.' I replied. Knew burst out laughing. 'So both of you lost your virginity to each other? Nice move!' He teased. Taemin's arm slithered around my waist and pulled me to him. 'Yeah. I liked it.' He whispered in my ear. 'So did I' I whispered back, looked at him. A mental 'awwww' went off in my head.

The boys were happy for me when they saw the phone. Taemin got my account and stuff ready, and inserted all their numbers in my phone.


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