Kind Monsters

When Paris White wakes up in a strange house, she meets five monsters she never knew existed. Jonghyun, a Vampire. Minho, a Killer. Taemin, a ghost. Key, a Demon. And Onew, a Werewolf. But, despite their supernatural powers and beings, they are surprising caring and kind. Paris and Ghost Taemin immediately fall for one another, and challenges are released.


11. Goddammit Taemin......

I stepped out the shower, drying my hair with the fluffy towel. I pulled on a pair of baby blue jean shorts, and a white tank top. I tied my now bone dry hair into a ponytail, and walked out my bathroom. I sighed happily, relaxed. I haven't felt like this in years. I was never fully relaxed. Or happy for that matter. Just then, warm lips were pressed against my neck, electrifying my skin. I gasped at the contact, only to have strong arms grab my shoulders, and pull me into the bed. I couldn't see who it was, but I felt his lips continue to kiss my neck. The man got on top of me, and I recognized the body of Taemin. I knew it was him now, and realized that his hand was traveling up my leg. I closed my eyes, and ran my hands through his hair. I felt Taemin smirk against my skin, and began to suck on my neck. A small moan escaped my mouth. Taemin moved up, where he found my sweet spot. He played with it, flicking his tongue over the tender spot, and biting it gently. 'Taemin......' I moaned. His hand was now near my inner thigh.

Taemin drew his face from my neck, and he bit my lower lip, tugging it. I pulled him down, connecting our lips. Taemin's hand went inside my jeans, rubbing my bare thigh. I decided to shock him a bit, and flipped us over. Now I was on top. I parted our lips, and began to kiss down Taemin's jawline, leaving a trail down to his neck. As I reached his collarbone, I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his skin as I did so. I made little circles with my tongue, making him moan softly. His other hand was also up my bare thigh, and both of them rubbing me softly. I reached the part above the hem of his jeans, and ran my lips over it. 'Paris..... Ah!' He moaned. I went back up, until I joined our lips again.

Taemin's hands left my legs and went up my back, then he pulled back to look me in the eyes. 'Can I?' He asked. I nodded. He lifted up my tank top, revealing my torso. His hands held my sides as he flipped us over again and connected our lips. I took off the rest of his shirt, not breaking the kiss.

A/N: ok, ya'll know what comes next. This is a yellow story, so no inappropriate paragraphs! Sorry pervs! Kidding! Enjoy!

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