Kind Monsters

When Paris White wakes up in a strange house, she meets five monsters she never knew existed. Jonghyun, a Vampire. Minho, a Killer. Taemin, a ghost. Key, a Demon. And Onew, a Werewolf. But, despite their supernatural powers and beings, they are surprising caring and kind. Paris and Ghost Taemin immediately fall for one another, and challenges are released.


31. Decisions

Taemin's motorbike pulled up at the park, and we both go off. School had finished a few minutes ago, and we told the others we were going off on a date. That wasn't a full lie, only half. This meeting was kind of like a date, I think. Taemin grasped my hand, intertwining our fingers together. We began to walk to our tree, when I decided to tell him about the dream.


Taemin made a 'mmm' sound, indicating I should start. 'Last night, I had this dream. Remember Vega Jane? The spirit thing I told you about?' I asked. Taemin nodded, and we sat down under the tree, facing each other. 'Well, she came to me last night in a dream, and told me that if I was to know about you guys being..... Exiled monsters, I had to become a monster or magical creature myself. She told me to ask you what she meant and to help me pick a creature or whatever.....' I stopped, noting at how he flinched at the word 'exiled'.

Taemin thought for a moment. 'It means you have to pick a power, a creature, and a companion. Those three things will either bring you to the Underworld, or the Upperworld. The boys and I are from the Underworld, but because of our...... Um...... Departure...... We have been taken back to the Upperworld. It technically means that you either become light, or darkness. I would personally pick light. They are more fair and caring that the darkness. Although the darkness has many tricks that seem pretty cool, the light also has a few bits and pieces up its sleeve. All you have to do is pick your world power, the creature you want to be, and someone to be with you, to assist you.'

Once he finished, I understood. Now that's what she meant! Well, no shocker. It's probably bad she didn't give me all the details, but whatever. I looked back at Taemin, who smiled warmly. 'How can I pick?' I asked him. 'First, you have to pick a world. Light, or Darkness.' He said. I gulped. It was obvious I would choose Light. 'Light.' I said. Taemin nodded, his smile widening slightly. 'Ok, since you picked light, you have to pick a magical creature. Like a Mermaid. A Fairy. Stuff like that.' He told me. I nodded slowly, thinking hard.

'How about a Hybrid? They can change into crossbreeds right?' I asked, a smile forming on my face. Taemin nodded. I could tell he was impressed at my answer, since, from my knowledge, hybrids weren't exactly...... Well, there weren't a lot of them. Taemin stared into my eyes, as if waiting for my next reply. Companion. Taemin probably has his own, like a ghost or something. And I had to pick one. 'Mmm, a companion..... Do you have one?' I asked Taemin. He shook his head, and I could tell sadness was building up inside of him. 'What happened? Why don't you have one?' I asked him, curiosity overtaking me. Taemin sighed, his eyes leaving mine. 'When I was exiled, my companion was killed. The boys as well.' He replied. I felt tears form in my eyes. He looked so sad, and so angry at the same time. I can't believe I just asked him something like that. Imagine what I'd just made him feel....

'I'm sorry, Oppa.' I mumbled, looking down. The feeling of dread and sorrow placed its cold arms around me, making me feel extremely miserable. Taemin seemed to be very close to this companion. And I had just reminded him of his or her death. It was quiet for a moment, silence hanging in the air. Until Taemin broke it

'His name was Milk.'

I looked up, and found Taemin looking down at his hands. 'What?' I asked, although I knew what he said. 'My companion. He was a jaguar. His name was Milk, because of his pure white fur. He had bright grey eyes that spoke to me. I always knew what he thought, and he knew my thoughts. We were as close as brothers; he never left my side. I still remember the night when he said he'd stay with me no matter what I'd do. Milk was more important to me than anyone back then, before I met you. I still dream of him every night, telling me it's alright, telling me I've met someone like you and that I should forget him. But I can't, I can't let him go so quickly. I know that it's only been 56 years since I last saw him, but I feel like it's been forever. I can't stop thinking of him, only when I'm around you. But, whenever I look into your eyes, somehow, I see him. I see him purring whenever you smile, and whining whenever you cry, and snapping whenever your angry. It's like I know you, through him.....' He stopped, his voice cracking. I felt my own tears fall, my heart melting. Poor Taemin. How sad he must feel when he sees me. How I remind him so much of Milk. I felt like crying out 'Milk! Come back to Taemin!' But I knew I couldn't. Poor Milk was gone, and Taemin knew that. And to think that my eyes remind Taemin of Milk..... It's heart breaking.

'I'm sorry.' I repeated, meaning it to the bottom of my heart. A tear managed to fall down Taemin's cheek, and then another followed. His eyes were searching mine. 'Now he's whining.....' He said, coming closer. I slipped my arms around his neck, and pulled him close. I rested my chin on his shoulder, letting him sob on my shoulder quietly. He didn't mind, but just wrapped his arms around me, resting them on my lower and upper back, and hugging me close. 'I miss him, Paris. I miss him more than anything.' He cried, his shoulders shuddering. I coaxed him, stroking his hair. 'Shhh. It's ok, Oppa. Milk is always here. He is never gone. He is always in your heart, so you are never alone.' I soothed. Taemin calmed after a while, but stayed in my grasp. I wanted to tell him three words that would mean the world to him at the moment.

'I love you.'

'I love you too, Jagiya.'

I smiled, and kissed his cheek softly. 'You are never alone.' I whispered in his ear. Taemin stopped crying, and pulled away, his face stained with tears. I wiped them away with my thumb, smiling warmly at him. My love for him somehow rose. Seeing him like this, so loving for his companion, it's makes me feel happy. I love him like anything because of that. Taemin managed to smile that same, caring smile. 'Did you pick a companion yet?' He asked. I nodded. 'I picked a.....'

'...... Pegasus.'

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