Kind Monsters

When Paris White wakes up in a strange house, she meets five monsters she never knew existed. Jonghyun, a Vampire. Minho, a Killer. Taemin, a ghost. Key, a Demon. And Onew, a Werewolf. But, despite their supernatural powers and beings, they are surprising caring and kind. Paris and Ghost Taemin immediately fall for one another, and challenges are released.


23. Bitten By An Enemy

Lunch ended pretty fast. We had gym, which, I will admit, I wasn't in the mood for. But then again, I souls keep up with my health, right? Oh, says the person who ate a freaking burger, you think. Well, fuck off. I was hungry. Anyway, we all had rushed to the gym, and got dressed. To be honest, I was more fit now, so I didn't mind wearing the disgusting bra and shorts. Tori was sexy as fuck though. No, seriously. She had proper curves. A bit more than me! Damn. Imagine Minho's face when he sees her.

Tori and I walked out the change room together. 'So, what are you taking?' I asked her. Tori blushed a little and smiled. 'Combat.' She replied. I raised an eyebrow. 'With Minho?' I said slowly. Tori blushed harder, and looked down. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders. 'Don't worry. It's cute.' I said. Tori giggled. Then I remembered. 'Shit! I forgot my water bottle in the change room. I'll be right back. The combat field is there.' I pointed, then ran to the changing room. Nobody was in there, since they were all outside. I jogged to my locker, and pulled out my water bottle and iPod. Just when I closed my locker, someone grabbed me, and whipped me around. Before I could react, deep, menacing red eyes appeared in front of me. A man with oily black hair and red eyes stood in front of me. He had multiple scars on his face, and his body was very lean.

'Jesus! Who are you!?' I yelped. The man growled, and opened his mouth. I saw two pairs of perfectly sharp fangs. 'What the fuck?' I shouted. The man closed his mouth again, placing a finger onto his lips, silencing me. 'You know something that belongs only to the Underworld. No human should know of our existence. I suppose you know the exiled Vampire, Kim Jonghyun, right?' The man growled. His voice was deep and raspy. His breath smelled like blood. Wait, Kim Jonghyun? Oh yeah, J-Jong. I nodded, not saying a word. 'Well, as you know, Jonghyun is a Vampire. But he is banned from the Underworld, much like his little friends. He was once a loyal pet, he was. But now, after betraying us, he was banned to the human world for eternity. But now, he met someone like you. All of them have. That stupid Demon uses his powers to heal you, of all things. That Werewolf protected you against one of our henchmen. That Killer actually killed the most highest advisor. And Jonghyun had drained the blood of his own sister to protect you! And that Ghost, has fallen in deep love with you. All of us could see the passion he feels for you, and that he'd protect you from anything. This is something we despise. Jonghyun fell in love before, and he became overprotective and way too much for our community. The ridiculous part was when he had nearly killed me for his love! And now that you have come, this is all bad for us monsters.' He explained. I felt my breathing rise rapidly. Hell, this is scary. God this is scary.

The man leaned forward. 'I shall now investigate why they care for you so much.' He taunted, and shook in fear. The man leaned closer, until I felt his tongue run across my skin. I yelped. The pain was seriously shocking. Then, I felt two, sharp fangs ding into my skin, and my blood being sucked out. I screwed my eyes shut, crying out in agony. But only a few seconds lasted, when the man pulled out, his eyes wide. 'Y-Your blood...... Holy mother of god! It's so pure! I must report this. In another time, Arrow.' He backed up, and disappeared. 'Ouch ouch ouch!' I cried. Tears filled my eyes and I ran to the gym bathroom, and tried to wipe away the blood. I grabbed a ribbon that I had kept in my pocket in case I needed it for something, and tied it around my neck, hiding the bite mark. I didn't was the boys to know. Suddenly, I felt as if this all had to be kept a secret. I knew a little of J-Jong's past, and I wasn't willing to share it. I was just bitten by someone. Someone from the Underworld.

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