Mel (Melanie) was just an ordinary girl, nothing special about her except that she was absolutely beautiful and she didn't see it. All of her friends were totally obsessed with Justin Bieber. She thought he was cute and all but he wasn't such a big deal. Her friends invited her to Justin Bieber concert and she couldn't turn them down so she went. What happens next is surprising.


2. Chapter 2

*Ring Ring Ring*

Ugh, school. I guess you could say I am popular and that I have a lot of friends but I only have a few really close friends. 

"C'mon Mel, we gotta get to class!" Taylor said excited. I don't quite understand her. "I'll be there in a minute." I said putting my things in my locker.

I walked to class as everyone waved and said their usual 'good mornings' and 'hey Melanie's'. I'm not complaining I just hate being talked to so early in the morning by random people.

*After School*

"MELANIEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Taylor screamed at me from downstairs. I almost had a heart attack. We hand out a lot as you can see. "MELANIE!" she screamed again. "WHAT!?" i yelled back. "GET YOUR BOOTY DOWN HERE!" she said trying to be funny. 

"what Tay?" i said. "You'll never guess what i just bought for the both of us, i mean it was supposed to be a surprise for your birthday but i just couldn't wait and I just got the right amount of mon-" i cut her off "Taylor, what did you get us?!" I asked excitedly all jumpy for my early birthday present. "JUSTIN BIEBER TICKETTTTTSS!!" she yelled in one of those deep man voices like they do on football team.

I stood there for just a moment. "Um Tay, I think this you did this for yourself and added me in it.. You know Justin Bieber isn't my favorite.." i said with a straight face with a hint of 'i know you know' in it. "I know..." exactly "but I just couldn't help it we are going to have so much fun!! At least we will be together right, and seriously you know Justin is a babe." she said, I mean yeah Justin is incredibly sexy.. okay okay anyways I guess it could be fun. "Yeah, it'll be fun. I said with a little smile. "eeeeeeee!" she squealed.

"OH! and also guess what else I got! she, of course, made me guess. "I don't even know Taylor, just tell me!" I said. "Back...Stage...PASSES! We're going to meet Justin Bieber!!" she explained her eyes so big i'm surprised they haven't popped out of her head yet. But wow that's actually pretty amazing, how did she manage to save up for all of this? I'm not even going to ask.

"Wow girl, that's impressive!" i said, wanting to add that I can't wait but I don't want her to know that i'm overly exited to meet him. She might think i'm going to try to "steal" him from her. (Imaginary boyfriends, duh!)

"I know it's going to be FAB-U-LOUSSS!" She said, separating fabulous into three symbols. She's always been that crazy, fun, outgoing type of person. I love her for it, we balance each other out.

"Hey, so when is it?" I asked curiously, not seeming too exited, like I said. 

"Oh, um, hm...maybe in like, i don't kn-" "omg just tell me" I cut her off, she's so mean ha ha. "Okay fine! It's this weekend!!" she said.

I just looked at her for like five seconds. "OMG! We need to go shopping! AH, and we need to like, I don't even know! I am so exited!!. I blurted out, oops..there's the fan girl. She stared at me with a smirk wiped all across her face. "Oh shut up." I said. "He's extremely hot." We looked at each other.

"AHHHHH!!" we both yelled and fan girled. Damn, this is great. 


Hey guiseeee. I hoped you liked this chapter, I think I'm starting to get somewhere ha ha. Still taking suggestions and ideas though. 

I haven't edited or looked over it yet either. I'm so busy with school. 

Oh, and this is my first story soo..don't hate. Love ya'll!






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