One Extraordinary Day

One averadge girl wakes up to find that she is going to get the chance to meet Andy Biersack! Does she screw up or does she get to be a star??? Read this book to find out.


1. Wake Up Call!!

"It's here!" I yelled running down the stairs, almost tripping over my cat. My mom was still blasting In The End by Black Veil Brides in the kitchen, so I don't think she herd me. I ran up to her, almost knocking her over. I yelled over the blaring music "TURN IT DOWN, I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMTHING...ITS IMPORTANT!" Her eyes widend as I pulled out the letter. She turned off the music and pulled the letter out of my hand. "Is this the collage acceptance form?" my mother asked."I think so, I haven't read it yet." I answerd almost immeditly. My mom started screaming and started to cry as she opend the letter. "Did I get in?' I asked, expecting a no. "It's not from the's from Andy Biersack!!"

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