Dear Louis

About a great guy friend, my letters to him. All rights reserved to me.


1. Dear Louis #1

Dear Louis,

I know what you're going through right now. I went through it as well, you were here for me, now its my turn to return the favor love. You have so much potential in you Lou, but i don't think you know. It scares me sometimes how you just want to end your life just like a snap. You mean so much to me Lou, your one of my best friends on here, I would cry if you just left my life like *snap* that. I want to cry when you think like that, just like how you probably cried when I wanted to do stuff to myself. Louis, listen to me right now, if you go, i don't know what i would do. I'd feel guilty knowing i could have saved you and stopped you from doing what you did. You deserve to live Lou. Your life is beautiful. You may be going through something ugly right now in your Family, but a beautiful outcome will occur I promise. So Lou, listen to me one more time, don't hurt yourself love, your probably handsome, talented, kind, an awesome Dad, and much more, you just have to look at the positives not the negatives hun. If you say anything different about yourself, ill kick your bum. I love you Lou, your like a brother to me, I wish i had a brother to. So don't leave, please.


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