Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


2. Chapter Two


Shane, Gary and Robbie stood in a line in shock and ran to Ronan quickly and panicked. 


"Ronan! Please wake up" Shane shouted

"Ronan!!" Gary grabs his phone to call 999

"I best get Mikey" Robbie runs quickly

"No best not" Gary shouted

"I have to, Ronan's his best mate" Robbie walks off

"They're gonna find out now, this is all my fault" Shane cried

"Dont blame yourself" Gary told him

"God look at him" Shane cries


Shane and Gary nearly in tears, hoping they won't lose him. Shane kept shouting at Gary, asking him hurry up and tell the ambulance to hurry up. Ronan is still unconscious on floor with blood everywhere. Everyone in pub ran out in shock and calling for ambulance. Most of them went home and some stayed to make sure Ronan was okay. 


"Wake up please, we cant loose another mate" Shane whispered to Ronan


20 minutes later, the ambulance arrived. They took Ronan on a bed and took him in the ambulance, while Shane and Gary watched. They both hugged and decided to get in the ambulance with Ronan. Shane kept holding Ronan's hand all the way to the hospital.


Meanwhile, Robbie is banging on Mikey's door. Mikey had already setted the table and kept texting Ronan asking where is he. He was getting worried. He then opened the door and Robbie barged in his flat. 


"Woah! Robbie!" Mikey said

"I'm sorry mate, im sorry" Robbie panics

"Hold on what's up? Where's Ronan?" Mikey asked 

"I dont know what to say" Robbie says

"You're scaring me now mate, tell me!" Mikey wondered

"Its Ronan" Robbie sighed

"Is he okay?" Mikey talks slowly

"No" Robbie shaked

"Oh god whats happened? Robbie?!" Mikey wondered

"He was just outside and then we found him" Robbie gets upset

"Alive?" Mikey asked and starts to get upset

"I dont know" Robbie looked away

"Tell me, is he alive?!! Please god, please" Mikey starts to cry

"Mate" Robbie hugs him

"I need to see him! Take me to hospital right now, i can't lose him, not another one" Mikey walks out of the door and Robbie followed

"He will be okay, i think he was hit on the head" Robbie followed

"Just drive, oh that made me alot worse now" Mikey panics


Mikey and Robbie drives fast in car. Ronan is a room while Shane and Gary are waiting in waiting room. 


"I really hope he's okay" Shane looks through the window

"He will be" Gary puts his hand round him

"How can you say that, look at him! We did this to him. Its all my fault. Mikeys gonna kill me" Shane feeling guilty

"We got to tell the truth mate, i feel bad too" Gary sighs

"I best tell him but without you and Robbie" Shane looks at him

"You sure?" Gary wondered

"Yeah, its not your fault" Shane nodded


Shane and Gary sees Mikey and Robbie walking in. All of the sudden Mikey breaks down in tears and Shane goes to hug him. Robbie sits down and Gary sits next to him emotionally. 


"Why dont you go? You weren't exactly the best of friends anyway" Gary tells Robbie

"What? I am all your friends! Oh Thanks and i was the one helping Shane out" Robbie whispered

"No, im their friend more than you!" Gary whispered

"Fine, i'll get lost then shall i" Robbie sighs

"Look i know but i think its time now you go and see Steve, get his number off Shane and text him. Then give him the money" Gary tells him

"I could do but why don't you come with me? Leave Shane with Mikey" Robbie thought

"I cant leave him" Gary looks at Mikey and Shane


Mikey and Shane looks through the window looking at Ronan. Robbie and Gary stands up and gives them a hug. 


"I would stay but we thought give you both space" Robbie smiles gently

"No problem Rob" Mikey shaked his hand

"Im really sorry about Ronan, hope he gets well" Robbie sighs

"Thanks mate" Mikey watches Robbie walking away

"Do you want me to stay? I'm worried, i really hope he does wake up" Gary gets emotional

"No its fine, i really need to talk to Mikey" Shane looks at Gary

"Gary can stay mate" Mikey smiles at Gary

"Actually, give me a call if anything happens. You both are closer to Ronan than us" Gary taps Mikeys back

"No you're Ronan's good mate as well" Mikey sighs

"I know" Gary smiles gently


Gary hugs Shane and Mikey. Shane follows him, Gary explains to him what him and Robbie are doing, then Shane gives Gary Steve's number. Gary walks out of the hospital while Robbie is there waiting for him. Shane walks back to Mikey. Mikey asked Shane to let Kian know but Shane wanted to let him know later. Robbie and Gary got into the car and on the way to find Steve. 


The nurse let Mikey and Shane in the room to see Ronan but he doesn't look good. Hes still unconscious and on machine. 


"Ronan.... Hope he can hear us" Mikey looks at him

"Me too, hope he wakes up" Shane gets upset

"I know its hard mate but we can do this. Ronan's strong. Why would anyone do this to him!" Mikey cries

"I know mate, its horrible" Shane looks at him

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Mikey asked while holding Ronan's hand

"It's a long story really" Shane shaked

"Im sure i'll listen, Ronan won't mind hearing a long story" Mikey smiles

"Before this happened, we were just having a laugh and he looked so happy, he was even talking about Stephen" Shane explained

"Was it just you two?" Mikey asked

"Yeah everyone left" Shane answered


While Shane and Mikey are talking and talking about Ronan, the good times. Gary and Robbie are parked outside Steve's house. They see Adam and Jake walking out of the house but noticed Gary and Robbie in car. Adam walks up to them as they got out of the car.


"What do you want?" Adam asked

"We got the money!" Robbie throws a bag of money at him

"Thanks and im sorry about Ronan. I did tell Steve to wait a minute" Adam tells him

"Oh you're sorry? He could of died and still unconcious! Yes you should of waited! We was on our way!" Gary shouted

"Well you should've texted early then!" Jake shouted back


Steve walked out of his house and has a big smirk on his face. 


"They've given the money! I think it's best to finish this!" Jake suggested 

"Yes too right! Please stay away from us!" Robbie shouted and pushes him

"Oi!" Adam pushes Robbie back

"Leave it!" Steve stops them

"I just want this to stop, please! We paid and now this is over! Please" Gary begged

"Fine! You won't hear from us! But if we ever see you all again or you, Shane ask a favour, remember, you must pay back!" Steve stood closed to Gary

"We won't anyway! You've hurt us enough!" Robbie gets into his car 

"We got someone else so we don't need you!" Steve laughs

"Someone else? Thats sick! That's not nice, why are you doing this to other people, so you use them and then make them scared! Then move to another person after they paid" Gary yelled and pushes him

"That's what we do, so back off, we got the money now. We're moving" Steven pushes Gary and walks back in house


Gary watches Jake, Adam and Steve walk back into the house! Gary gets in the car and takes a deep breath. He looks at Robbie and smiles. 


"Its over mate" Robbie smiled

"Yeah, now im just worried about Shane" Gary nodded

"Lets hope everything will be okay. Im so tired!" Robbie starts to drive back home

"I need sleep too" Gary sighs


Back at the hospital, it is 9pm at night and Shane and Mikey are still by Ronan's side. Mikey sees Shane is falling asleep. 


"Why dont you go home Shane? Have you let Kian know yet?" Mikey asked

"No not yet, i will do tomorrow. Are you sure you will be okay on your own?" Shane wondered

"You need to tell him! Yeah i will be unless i kip at yours? I really dont fancy staying at the flat mate" Mikey looks at Ronan

"Yeah sure but it's a mess" Shane nodded

"I don't care" Mikey laughs

"Okay, shall we get going, the nurse will let us know if anything happens" Shane gets up and looks at Ronan

"Yeah okay" Mikey holds Ronan's hand tightly and walks out of the room


Shane taps him on his back and they both walk slowly down the corridor. 


"I can't leave him" Mikey looks around

"I can't either but we do need sleep. Lets get to mine and sleep it off" Shane hugs him

"You needed to tell me something" Mikey thought

"Yes i will tell you when we get back" Shane takes a deep breath


Shane and Mikey calls for a taxi. While they were waiting outside, it got colder and they can hear birds singing, the stars were shining. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Ronan's hand moved but hasn't woken up yet. Five minutes later, he moved his hand onto his chest and tried to open his eyes but he couldn't just yet. 


When Mikey and Shane got back to Shane's house, Mikey sat down and Shane walked straight into the kitchen. He took a deep breath and had a little cry. He then started to make two cup of teas and brought them to Mikey as he sat down. Mikey didn't say a word as he just stared into space worrying about Ronan and thinking of him.


"I don't know what i would do if i lost him" Mikey looked at Shane

"Me either mate but we gotta be strong for him" Shane said

"I know, its hard! We lost Steo and now i don't want to lose Ro, i can't lose him! He's my best mate Shane!" Mikey breaks down 

"I know mate, i know" Shane hugs him and cries

"He always looked out for us, hes the boss of the band" Mikey smiles

"Yes he was" Shane nodded

"Was? Hes still alive isnt he" Mikey gets emotional

"Yes of course, sorry" Shane sighs

"Anyway, what did you want to tell me? I mean... You was being strange at the pub, on your own" Mikey thought

"I was fine" Shane sighs and looks down

"Come on tell me" Mikey persuades Shane

"Few months ago, i met these men at a pub, i was on my own. They were nice guys, we started talking. I said i really want a car, then they said they'll buy me one" Shane explained

"Thats nice of them" Mikey smiled

"We met a few times for few weeks, they bought me few drinks, a meal one night. Then a month ago, i got used to all this banter so i went on a machine, casino and quizzes, i lost a lot of money" Shane stated

"Bloody ell Shane! When was this, you didn't tell us this?" Mikey wondered

"You all was away, so was Kian" Shane looks at his phone as it beeped


"They have the money and now they will leave us alone mate! See you soon, hope Ronan's okay" Gary texted


"Gary texted me, hoping Ronan's okay" Shane sighs

"Thanks. So what happened next?" Mikey wondered

"The guys used me. They said i owned them money" Shane said

"You idiot! Oh no, never trust some people" Mikey sighs

"Yeah i know. I was panicking all the time, it happened two weeks ago and they gave me a deadline that i need to pay them back" Shane explained

"Did you pay back, how much?" Mikey asked

"It wasn't that much i owned them but they gave me interest. They said i owned them 80,000" Shane sighs

"80,000???" Mikey in shock

"Yes, they conned me. Anyway, Gary saw me walking in streets getting stressed. I told him and he offered to help me with money. I paid back few times but not full. These guys rings me everyday" Shane looks at Mikey

"Wait a minute... Tell me more... Are these loan sharks?" Mikey wondered

"Yeah, They were in a pub watching us all" Shane nodded


Mikey stands up and turns his back on Shane. Mikey kept thinking all sorts of things in his mind. He walked round the living room. 


"What about when you kept going in and out of pub today? What was that all about Shane? Something you not telling me? Hang on minute.. The were guys in there staring at me and Ronan when we walked in" Mikey spoke

"Gary told Robbie, Robbie came to see me, so they both helped me, tried to get the money today. I know, they was in the pub. I was scared" Shane looks at Mikey

"You knew they was there? You knew!!" Mikey shouted

"I didn't at first mate then i saw them" Shane explained


Shane stood up and walked closer to Mikey but Mikey moved backwards. 


"No don't... Tell me everything" Mikey takes a deep breath

"I don't want to fall out. The guys were threatening me, they wanted the rest of the money today, so Robbie and Gary went to get some money. That's why they went. They wanted the money by 6pm"Shane explained

"6pm?? Few minutes after that, Ro was beaten up... Robbie told me" Mikey got upset

"I was supposed to keep an eye on him, stay with him till they got back. I thought he was in toilet with me but then when i came out Ronan was gone!" Shane shouted

"You should of stayed with him. Why didn't you tell me all this before? I would of helped! We're supposed to be mates. If he dies, i'll never forgive you" Mikey cries and sits down

"Im so sorry mate" Shane cries

"What happened next?" Mikey asked

"They came back with money seconds after he was beaten up... We found him on the floor outside at the back, the guys ran off" Shane explained and got closer to Mikey

"Stay away from me!" Mikey snaps

"No Mikey please! I panicked!" Shane shouted

"No, the Shane i knew, he would tell me in first place! Even if i was far away, i would still come back to help! Whats wrong with you? Wheres the old Shane gone" Mikey shouted back

"Im still here mate" Shane gets upset


Shane backs off and sits down crying. Mikey stands up and walks into the kitchen and breaks down into tears. Mikey looks through his phone and looks at a picture of him with Ronan and Steo.


"I miss you" Mikey looking at his mobile


Meanwhile, Kian is asleep and don't know nothing at all. Robbie is also asleep. Gary watches TV in his bed. Mikey sits in kitchen having his cup of tea, not spoke to Shane for a hour. Shane lays on the sofa feeling sorry for himself. Ronan is still laid in hospital but he has a dream. 


(Ronans Dream)


In his mind, its all white and people looked faded, just like a ghost. Music playing softly. 


"Where am i?" Ronan whispered


"Am i dead?"


A figure faces Ronan and walks around him. Ronan keeps walking and looking around.


"No you are not dead. You are still unconscious" A ghost told him

"I know that voice" Ronan whispered

"Yes you do" Ghost smiled

"Please show you're self" Ronan asked

"I cant, i dont want to upset you" Ghost says

"Sometimes i feel someone or hear" Ronan thinks

"Thats me" Ghost's voice comes clear


A Boyzone starts to play quietly


"No you cant be, god its you! Steo!" Ronan falls down on his knees


"So it as you following me"

"Don't be sad, be happy" Steo smiles and comes closer to him

"I really miss you! I would do anything for you to come back! Come back with me mate" Ronan cries

"I miss you too, i miss all of you. I am so proud of you" Steo smiles


Stephen shows himself clearly and stands infront of him smiling. Ronan stands up slowly and tries to see if he could touch him. Ronan could feel him, he closes his eyes and reaches out. He feels Stephen's hands holding his, he opens his eyes and smiles. Then Ronan and Stephen has a big gentle hug as they got closer. Stephen's tears scrolled down his cheeks. So did Ronans. Then all of the sudden, Stephen takes him back in the real world in Ireland, on top of the mountain. 


"How did you bring us here?" Ronan asked

"Magic!" Stephen smiled

"Can people see us?" Ronan wondered

"No" Stephen whispered

"Cant you come back? Will i wake up? Will i remember seeing you when i wake up?" Ronan gets emotional

"If you want to remember. I wish i could come back, it happens but i am always with you all. My wingman" Stephen smiled at him

"I miss you saying that, you're my wingman. Dont let me wake up yet, i want to talk to you for hours" Ronan begged

"We can. But i think you might wake up soon" Stephen kisses him on cheek

"Dont leave me" Ronan cries

"I can stay for a while" Stephen sighs

"You still smell the same when i last time saw you" Ronan wiped his eyes

"Same to you mate. You look well" Stephen puts his hand on his back

"I love you, my best friend" Ronan looked into his eyes

"I love you too, my best friend!" Stephen gives him his final hug

"I miss our dancing and singing" Ronan told him

"I miss it too. We will dance and sing again" Stephen smiled at him


As time is ticking, at midnight, they are back in heaven but Stephen's ghost starts to fade away. 


"Im sorry, i have to go. I wish i could stay" Stephen holds his hand

"No don't go Steo! Stephen!!! Dont go!!!" Ronan shouted

"Please dont...

"I am happy to see you and i will see you again! Please be happy, i love you. This means you will wake up" Stephen voice fades away

"I love you too!" Ronan breaks down in tears


"Dont leave me, i miss you" Ronan whisphered

"But im glad to see you again"


(End of Ronans dream)


Meanwhile back to the hospital, Ronan kept moving and all the nurses are around him trying to keep him calm. An hour later, Ronan slowly opens his eyes but his eyes kept closing and abit blurred. Ronan slowly smiles and sees a figure yet again at the end of his feet just for 5 seconds, just smiling at him. Ronan takes a deep breath and decides to go back to sleep.


Back at Shane's house, his phone is ringing but he decides to ignore it. Then Mikey's mobile rang, he didnt want to answer it, he was worried if it was bad news. 


"Im going to go now" Mikey tells Shane

"Okay..." Shane looks up to Mikey

"I think we best not talk to each other for few days but i am going to tell Ronan if he wakes up" Mikey said

"Thats fine but i want you to know i am sorry. Gary texted that they're gonna leave us alone now" Shane explained

"Thats good. Im going to go for a walk, and get a good night's sleep" Mikey opens door and walks out

"Sleep well" Shane shouts gently


Mikey walked from Shane's house to his flat in a cold windy late evening. He went straight to his bedroom, got undressed and got into his soft bed, kept himself warm. He then started to have a cry, and fallen asleep. A long day and everyone is asleep, except Shane, he looked through his bedroom window and sees Toni, Lena and Sarah walking home laughing and singing. Shane then got into bed and went asleep. 



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