Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


3. Chapter Three


On a Monday rainy morning at 9am, Gary and Robbie are awake watching a film and reading some magazines. Gary keeps looking at his phone but no one sent him a text. Robbie decided to stay in and tells Gary to stay in too, to keep out of their way to give the others time. Gary kept thinking about Shane. 

Kian decided to pop round to Shane's, he knocks on door a few times but Shane doesn't want to see anyone so Kian kept texting him, ringing him and knocking on door. Ten minutes later, Shane opens the door and lets Kian in. Shane doesn't look good as he has not shaved or anything, wearing joggers and a hoodie. 

Meanwhile, at Mikey's, he wakes up with a headache and looks at his phone. He had ten missed calls on his phone. He goes downstairs and makes himself a cup of tea but then he rings the number. 


"Hello?" Mikey whispered

"Hi, is this Mikey? Im calling from the hospital about Ronan?" Lady wondered

"Yes it is. How is he?" Mikey asked

"He is fine. I have been trying to call you but no answer. I thought to let you know, he's started to wake up slowly, but sleeping for a while, he's not spoken yet but he was very lucky. He might not feel well for a few days because he had a hit on the head, it could of damaged his brain but it didn't. Also, he could of went into a coma but he didnt. So, you can come and see him today" Lady explained


Mikey paused for a few seconds and takes a deep breath.


"Hello?" Lady wondered

"Yeah im still here.. sorry" Mikey sighed

"I know this is a shock but it is good news, nothing to worry about. Lets just say he is very lucky" Lady told him

"Will he remember anything?" Mikey wondered

"Im sure he will but things might not come straight away" Lady explains

"Oh okay, im glad, thank you so much. I will come down today" Mikey smiles gently

"No problem, bye" Lady hangs up


Mikey then sits down with a cup of tea in his hand, feeling emotional, happy and felt better that his best mate is alive and well. He hopes that Ronan will remember him when he wakes up. Mikey then rings up Gary.


Gary looks at his phone and didn't expect Mikey to ring him. 


"Hi mate" Gary whispered

"Hi Gary" Mikey sighs

"How is Ronan?" Gary wondered

"He's fine, im going to see him later. Im so happy hes back to normal, the nurse said he was very lucky" Mikey explained

"Thank God, give him love yeah?" Gary smiles

"Will do mate, let others know" Mikey tells him


Gary and Mikey puts their mobile down. Mikey goes and gets ready. Gary looks at Robbie and tells him Ronan is okay. 


"So Mikey forgiven you then?" Robbie wondered

"I guess so.. He didn't mention Shane but im glad Ronan is good" Gary smiled

"Yeah mate im glad too. Have you not heard from Shane?" Robbie asked

"Nope!" Gary looks at his phone

"Give them time" Robbie taps Gary on his back

"I think i best text Shane to say Ronan's okay" Gary smiles

"Yeah. I dont want to get involved like that again" Robbie tells him

"I know mate, they're not like that, it just happened" Gary explained

"Why dont we see our mates? Howard, Jason and Mark?" Robbie thought

"Ive not see them for a while.. I really would but" Gary smiles

"But what? They would be happy to see us" Robbie interrupted

"Its usually me who decides to see them, not you" Gary laughs

"Because ive changed now and i want to see more of them" Robbie smiles

 "I'll think about it" Gary watches the film


Back at Shane's, Shane tells Kian the full story and what happened with Ronan, Mikey etc. Kian is shocked and couldn't believe Shane didn't tell him before. 


"I dont want you to fall out with me aswell" Shane looks at Kian

"I dont know what to say... Just lets hope Ronan is alright.. You sure these guys have gone for good?" Kian wondered

"Yes they have! I feel really bad i do" Shane sighs

"I dont blame Mikey for falling out with you" Kian said

"I don't blame him either" Shane thought

"But If anything is bothering you again, please tell me! Please, we're mates, we tell each other things. But best give him time and you look a mess mate" Kian gets up to make another coffee


Shane gets a text from Gary saying Ronan is fine and don't worry. Shane smiles and takes a deep breath thinking thank god! Shane goes in the kitchen nearly crying but happy, telling Kian Ronan is okay and then Kian gives him a hug. 


Mikey is on his way in his car to the hospital, meanwhile, Ronan opens his eyes and sees a Nurse looking at him. 


"How are you feeling?" Lady smiles

"Tired... my head hurts" Ronan groans

"It will do, but you was very lucky" Lady touched his hand

"What happened?" Ronan wondered

"Try get some rest okay? I phones your friend Mikey, hes on his way" Lady explains

"Mikey?" Ronan feeling confused

"You know him?" Lady wondered

"I cant remember anything... Whats happening to me" Ronan sighs

"It will come back, you've had a hit on the head outside of the pub but everything will be fine. Can you move?" Lady wondered

"Yes i can feel my body" Ronan nodded and tries to move

"Thats good. You will feel few pains for few days and in few days, you will get your memory back 100%" Lady told him


The Nurse walks out of the room and sees Mikey walking up. Nurse opens the door for Mikey and lets him in. Mikey looks at Ronan, couldn't find words to say. Ronan smiles gently and reaches out his hand to hold Mikey's hand. 


"Mikey?" Ronan thought

"Yes its me" Mikey whispered

"I can remember you, thats good" Ronan smiles

"Im so glad you're okay, you really scared me" Mikey emotionally tells him

"Im sorry mate... What happened?" Ronan wondered

"I will explain when you feel better and when you come home" Mikey answered

"Okay.. where is everyone?" Ronan asked and looked round him

"They're all was here last night but they are probs at home with a hangover but ive told them you're fine" Mikey smiles

"We had a drink?" Ronan thought

"Yes we all was down at the pub" Mikey tells him

"Oh yeah" Ronan remembered

"I want to stay with you today, whatever food or drink you want, i'll get" Mikey smiles

"Thanks mate" Ronan smiles back


While Mikey and Ronan have a chat and spend some time together, Gary and Robbie are still at home chatting away and Kian is still at Shane's watching TV but not talking to each other. They're all glad Ronan is okay but wished everyone didn't fall out. 

Robbie walks into the living room and trips over a carpet, Gary giggles then Robbie laughs with him. 


"Not funny, i could of been hurt" Robbie laughed

"Just the way you fell mate" Gary giggles

"You going out today?" Robbie wondered

"I might do, i might have a walk in the park" Gary answered

"Looking for a woman?" Robbie smiles

"No, what made you think that? I met someone in pub yesterday" Gary told him

"Go mate!" Robbie laughs and hugs him

"What about you? You doing anything?" Gary asked

"Not really, you go and enjoy your walk. I'll be fine" Robbie nodded


Gary goes and get ready, puts his warm boots on and warm coat. He then takes a deep breath outside and looks around, seeing everyone laughing every time they walked past him. He then looks at the pub and Shane's house across road. He walks past Shane's house as he was walking to the park. He sits down and watches all the kids running round and dogs running and playing. He listens to the birds singing as the sunshine started to come out. Ten minutes later, a woman walked up to him and sat down. 


"Hi, remember me?" Lena smiles

"Oh hi, yes i remember you. Last night?" Gary wondered

"Yeah last night" Lena nodded

"How are you?" Gary asked

"I am fine thanks. You look tired" Lena answered

"Late nights, not been sleeping well" Gary smiles gently

"Aww bless, are you free?" Lena wondered

"At the moment yeah" Gary nodded

"Come back to mine" Lena winked

"Erm but we dont really know each other Lena" Gary sighed

"I didnt mean it like that Gary. Just a friendly chat" Lena explained

"Well why dont we go to a cafe, i'll buy" Gary smiles

"Okay sounds great" Lena grins


Lena and Gary walks to the nearest cafe. Gary goes and orders a nice two hot chocolate and two muffins. He then sits down and passes her them. Lena smiles and takes a sip of her drink. 


"Aw you're so sweet. Thank You" Lena smiles

"No problem" Gary smiles back

"Did you have a nice time last night?" Lena wondered

"Yeah not bad, you?" Gary thought

"It was fab!" Lena laughed

"You look nice today" Gary said

"Thanks, you look handsome too" Lena winked


While Lena and Gary spoke for hours, Robbie decided to book a weekend away for him and Gary to visit Mark, Howard and Jason in Brighton. Robbie texted Gary


"Just booked a weekend, we're going to see our mates! In Brighton mate"


Gary looks at his phone and groans, then takes a deep breath. 


"Whats up?" Lena wondered

"Robbie.. He never talks to me about it first, i never said we'll definitely go!" Gary sighs

"Why, where are you going?" Lena asked

"Brighton, to see Howard, Jason and Mark. Just for a weekend" Gary answered

"Well thats a good thing isnt it?" Lena smiles

"Yeah it is, im happy to see them but i got alot of things on my mind, i want to have a clear mind first, i just met you and i need to sort things out with other people" Gary explains

"Maybe that's why Robbie wants you both to go away for abit?" Lena thought

"Exactly! Everytime something happens, Robbie wants to go away" Gary smirked

"Oh right but I have heard about Ronan, it was a shock" Lena looks at him

"Ronan's awake" Gary smiles

"That's great news" Lena sighs and holds Gary's hand

"Actually, thanks for the food and drink. I've enjoyed it" Lena smiles

"Yeah ive enjoyed it too, you've made me happy today" Gary smiles

"So, when will i see you again?" Lena asked

"Hopefully before i go away this weekend" Gary nodded

"Sounds good, where and what time?" Lena smirks

"At the pub, Thursday afternoon about 5pm" Gary and Lena stands up

"Okay i'll see you then" Lena goes to kiss Gary's cheek


Gary then watches Lena walk away and smiles. He then walks back to his house and talks to Robbie. He opens the door and slams it. The door made Robbie jump. 


"I never said we can go Robbie! Why do you always do things without talking about it first!" Gary shouted

"Gary, it would give us a fresh start till we come back" Robbie explains

"You always do this, every time something happens, you decide to go away for abit" Gary said

"Im sorry but why not? Im going, end of. If you dont want to, you can stay here on your own!" Robbie shouted

"Dont be like this, of course i want to go and see our mates. But not like this" Gary sighs

"I just want to see them, they cant wait to see us because ive rang them" Robbie explained

"Okay. When did you book it for?" Gary wondered

"Friday morning 11am and we come back Sunday afternoon 12pm" Robbie answered

"Sounds good, but i am going to see Shane before i go" Gary sighs 

"I just want us to be happy" Robbie walks up to Gary and hugs him

"I know mate" Gary smiles gently


Gary goes upstairs and starts to pack his clothes ready for the weekend, Gary always likes to make sure he is ready on time. Gary sits on bed looking at the photos and thinking of all the good times he had with his mates. Robbie walks in the bedroom.Gary looks up at Robbie. 


"You know what?" Gary smiles

"What?" Robbie looks at the photos

"Im ready mate. Lets see them" Gary laughs

"Ha yes come on!" Robbie hugs Gary

"Why dont we arrange something? Theres a pub in brighton where you can book in to sing on stage" Gary thought

"As in.. Take That back on stage?" Robbie laughs

"Yeah, just a one off. I would love that, sing about 4 songs" Gary explains

"That sounds brilliant. I'll ring Mark and get them to book it" 


Robbie and Gary stands up and starts jumping round hugging each other


"I like it when you're happy mate" Robbie grinned

"Yeah i am mate, same to you but hate it when we argue sometimes" Gary smiles

"Promise we won't ever again" Robbie kisses him on cheek


Gary then texts Shane to meet up for one drink at a pub and texts that he has some brilliant news. Gary and Robbie starts to get excited. Back at Shane's...


"Gary wants to see me.." Shane looks at Kian

"Does he? What does he want?" Kian wondered

"Hes got some good news. Gonna meet him at the pub for one" Shane stands up

"Again?" Kian moans

"Look, im not gonna drink alot. Im of to change into my jeans" Shane goes upstairs


Shane starts to get ready and then walks down to tell Kian to look after the place. As soon Shane walked out of the door, Kian starts to clean his mess up and tidy round. Shane walks in and waits for Gary while getting a drink. Five minutes later, Gary walks in and hugs Shane. He grabs a drink and sits down. 


"Hi how are you?" Gary asked

"Im getting there, i dont really want to talk about it" Shane answered

"Good and of course, me either. Im glad Ronan's okay" Gary nodded

"So what's the good news?" Shane wondered

"Me and Robbie are going to Brighton and see Mark, Howard and Jason for a weekend" Gary smiles

"Oh thats great" Shane smiles


Gary gets a text from Robbie. "Mark has booked us in to sing on stage, and also to surprise fans. They dont even know we're peforming" Gary then has a big grin on his face. 


"You look happy mate" Shane smiles

"We're gonna perform on stage and the fans dont even know as its a surprise" Gary giggles

"Oh my god thats amazing!! Well done, im happy for you!" Shane laughs and gives him a hug

"I know! I cant wait. I will be back though. I hope you and Mikey make up" Gary smiles

"I hope so too" Shane nodded


Gary and Shane talks for two hours and they had four pints. By 5pm, they decided to go back home as they gave a big hug. Shane came back home to a tidy house and thanked Kian. Gary walked back and saw Robbie dancing around playing Take That songs, papers, pictures on table. 


"What are you doing?" Gary laughed

"Getting ready, sorting songs out. I know its only Monday but we should sort this out" Robbie smiles

"Okay mate sure!" Gary helps out


Few days later on Thursday afternoon, Ronan was ready to come home. Mikey went to pick him up. Ronan slowly got ready and sat on a chair waiting for Mikey. Ronan needed Mikey's help to walk as Ronan cant walk as fast he usually does, his body is still tired and weak. The nurses gave him some tablets. Mikey got Ronan's arm round him and walked out of the room. 


"Thank You for everything" Mikey smiles at the nurse

"Anytime. Ronan will get his body back, he will be able to walk properly again and please take care of him. His head might hurt a bit, that's why he has to have these tablets, only till he's back on his feet again" Nurse explains


Mikey looks at Ronan and smiles, and walks him to the car. He gets in the car and drives slowly as Ronan looks out of the window all the way back to the flat. When they arrive, Ronan laid on settee and watched TV as he was still feeling tired.

Shane and Kian have dinner which is Sausage and Mash. Robbie and Gary are still sorting things out but Gary had to go and meet Lena at the pub which they planned. 


At 5pm, Gary sits in a pub wearing a suit, he sees Steve go out of the pub but smiles at Gary while he went. Gary takes a deep breath and sees Lena walking towards him wearing a blue dress.


"Wow, you look wonderful" Gary smiles and kisses her on cheek

"Thanks" Lena smiles

"Would you like to have few drinks first then a meal?" Gary asked

"Yeah few drinks then a meal" Lena answered

"Oh i forgot, i had food already" Gary laughed

"Oh dont worry, maybe i'll have something little" Lena smiled


While Gary enjoys his date, everyone is at home chilling out. Shane goes outside and sees Toni walking past. 


"Hey!" Shane runs to her

"Hi Shane" Toni said

"Im sorry about the other night, i was in a bad mood. Im not usually like that" Shane explained

"Oh dont worry about it, forget it" Toni smiles gently

"Whats your name?" Shane asked

"Toni" Toni answered

"You look good. Hope we can meet up one day" Shane sighs

"Yeah i'd like that but we dont really know each other properly" Toni nodded

"I know that but seeing you other night, you looked gorgeous" Shane grinned

"Thanks" Toni blushed

"I'll see you soon. I best go in and look after my mate, he gets moany sometimes" Shane laughs

"Im sure hes not that bad" Toni laughs

"What you doing now?" Shane wondered

"I'm just on way back home, i got a Chinese" Toni smiles

"Everyones having Chinese these days aren't they" Shane smiles

"I'll see you soon then" Toni starts to walk away

"Bye" Shane smiles and walks back in


Thursday evening, Gary and Lena just finished their meal and drinks.


"Thankyou for tonight" Lena kisses him on cheek

"Anytime" Gary kisses her on lips by accident

"Oh sorry"

"Its alright" Lena laughs


Gary walks Lena home and then he walks back home, sees Robbie's and his bags packed. He smiled and looked round to see where Robbie is. Robbie has no clothes on except his tight red shiny shorts! Robbie popped out of the room and made Gary jump. 


"Rob!" Gary laughed

"Do you think im sexy" Robbie danced

"Haha!" Gary laughed

"Think i'll wear this all night" Robbie sits down and turns TV on

"Good job i didnt bring Lena round" Gary sighs

"She probs fall for me instead haha" Robbie smiles

"You're making me want to touch you all over your body" Gary joked as he put his coat away

"You what? Seriously.. Come on then" Robbie shouted while laughing

"No mate haha very funny! I'll sit on this sofa, not next to you" Gary smiled

"How was your date?" Robbie asked

"It was lovely mate..." Gary looks at the TV

"Thats good.. You cant look at me can you..." Robbie giggles and opens his legs

"Oh Rob!! Put it away! Whats got into you" Gary laughs

"I think i'll turn gay" Robbie joked

"I like to see you try to be gay" Gary sighs


30 minutes later, Robbie decided to rub Garys hair and went to get changed into his normal clothes. Gary carries on watching TV. Kian walks back to his house leaving Shane alone, Shane then gets in a hot bubble bath and relax. Mikey sits Ronan down as Ronan wanted answers. Ronan was really shocked and upset as Mikey tells him everything. He couldnt believe it. An hour later, Shane felt happy, relaxed and got into bed, but he noticed he got a text from Ronan. He was worried what it would say, he hoped Ronan would be okay with him. He looks at his text and Ronan says:


"I know everything!! :("

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