Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


10. Chapter Ten


Shane went to the shop and bought a few beers for him and Ronan. He then walks to his door and knocks gently. Ronan was in his joggers and sweater reading a newspaper. He then goes to open the door and was happy to see Shane standing there with a drink on his face.


"Fancy a beer?" Shane wondered and walked in

"I'd love one, thanks" Ronan shuts the door

"Don't i get a friendly hug?" Shane smiled

"Course, i'm so happy to see you and i'm glad you're alive and well" Ronan hugs him tightly 

"I thought i was gonna die" Shane wells up

"Hey, you're here now. You must of been scared" Ronan sighed

"Yep! I was, i would of been missing for few weeks if this Steve hadn't called Mikey, threatening him and if he didn't take me to the cliffs. I was so scared! Im just glad to be home" Shane explained and hugged Ronan

"I don't want to hear his name. I've had enough with him! I even told him i wish it was Stephen alive, not him and said he is dead to me" Ronan drinks his beer

"We all say things we don't mean, don't we?" Shane thought

"Suppose so. Now im just hoping hes okay, isnt that silly? I chuck him out but i still worry about him. I was just so angry" Ronan sighs

"Because we still care... He's gone to stay at the B&B for a while. I was angry too, i even punched him when he came to me" Shane sits down

"Lets not talk about Mikey for now.. I know everything, so you don't have to tell me" Ronan smiled

"You sure?" Shane wondered

"There is one thing but i don't want you to get hurt and be even more mad. You've been through alot" Ronan said

"No tell me, what is it mate?" Shane asked

"Its Mikey. I dont think it was Toni's fault. Mikey was taking care of her and then it just happened. Mikey promised it wont happen again and will stay away. They both slept together" Ronan told him


Shane went silent for a few minutes as he didnt know what to say. 


"Say something... But dont blame Toni. She was actually worried sick about you and kept asking about you" Ronan explained

"I went to see her but she didnt tell me!" Shane sighed

"Because of what you been through. Im sure she will tell you. What will you do now?" Ronan asked

"No idea but i still love her. What was the hell Mikey doing? I could kill him when i see him!" Shane got angry

"I know, i even told him off" Ronan looked at him

"Its a good job we didnt actually do it, untill Mikey rang me" Shane sighed

"You should've said no when Mikey wanted to meet you" Ronan sips his beer

"Enough of Mikey, talk about something else mate" Shane smiled


While Ronan and Shane had few beers, Mikey sat on a sofa in his small room at the B&B, having a few drinks, he looked round and looked through the window. He opens another of his cans and sips it while looking outside watching people walking past. He sees Toni walking into the B&B and Mikey opens the door for her before she knocks. He sits down nervously and looked to the floor. 


"Hi, could i come in?" Toni wondered

"Course" Mikey nodded


Toni then slaps him round the face as she walked in. Mikey suddenly was in shock and stared at Toni for a few seconds without saying anything.


"Toni?" Mikey wondered

"How dare you? Hurting Shane? Stay away from me and i wish us never happened!" Toni shouted

"Im sick and tired of everyone shouting and punching me today. If you're gonna moan, i think you best go! I want to be on my own! I did not mean anything to hurt Shane and i love him. I still love you" Mikey explained

"No Mikey..... No one could ever know about us, i love Shane. Me and You.. It was just grieve thing...Are you drunk?" Toni thought

"But i enjoyed it and i loved being with you... Yes i am abit.." Mikey looked at her

"Getting drunk is not the answer" Toni sits next to Mikey

"If you're gonna moan, just go..." Mikey said

"Im not, look Mikey.. Please don't do this to yourself, man up! You're not usually like this, stop feeling sorry for yourself" Toni stood up and walked to the door

"Please can you stay with me?" Mikey asked

"No, i got to go. Im sorry, i only came over so i could slap you" Toni walked out and slammed the door


Mikey then ran out of the door, running after Toni and pulled her arm and started to kiss her. Toni tried to pull away but couldn't, as she started to kiss him too. After a few minutes, they both stopped and looked each other without saying a word. Toni took a deep breath and walked away slowly. Mikey then went back to his room and carried on having more drinks. Mikey starts to ring Ronan but no answer as he ignored him while drinking with Shane.


By 7pm, Shane then decided to go to Toni's and talk to her about Mikey. He gives Ronan a big hug and walks out of the door. Ronan then helps himself something to eat but it felt strange because normally Mikey is the one who cooks or brings food. He started to have a little cry, then noticed Mikey ringing him again. It went to voicemail. While his food in microwave is cooking, he listens to Mikey's voicemail. 


"Hi Ronan, i just want to say i am so sorry about everything! I never meant any of this to happen. I had a long think about everything. I miss our friendship like we used to be. I know i have messed up. I wish you all could forgive me. If Steo was still alive, i might have been different but i know that's no excuse! I miss our jokes, laughs, helping each other and being solid. Thought we would be strong for Steo. I love you Ro, please think about this. I will give you all till Saturday morning, if none one of you, especially you don't forgive me or dont want to be friends then i will be gone. I think its best for me and you, if i away for few years. I dont want to get in between you guys. You can visit me. Mate, don't forget that i love you and you'll always be my best mate! I think i said enough now, goodnight" 


Ronan takes a deep breath and breaks down into tears. Meanwhile, Robbie and Gary found about what Mikey has done after Nicky told them, they were shocked. Then Robbie and Gary started talking about going on tour. 


"That would be amazing!" Gary smiled

"We could ask the lads, a big reunion" Robbie Grinned

"Take That back as 5" Gary agreed

"We could also ask Boyzone and Westlife" Robbie thought

"Hey, that's a good idea... Wow, Boyzone, Westlife & Take That tour" Gary gets excited

"But its a shame about Mikey, i really doubt he will be there" Robbie sighed

"I know, it would feel strange. Lets write stuff down and plan it" Gary gets paper and pen

"We could announce the news Monday, but we would have to get everyone together and talk" Robbie explained

"There would be 8 of us, i don't think Brian would come back" Gary says

"We could ask" Robbie nodded

"I think its best if we all did it separate. Like if Take That went on first, perform a few songs, after about 8 songs, Westlife comes on and then Boyzone. Then at the end, we all do three big songs" Gary thought

"Thats a great idea" Robbie agreed

"I'll ring our lads first, im so excited!!" Gary gets his phone

"Cup of tea?" Robbie shouted as he walked away

"Yeah go on then" Gary dials his phone


While Gary rings his mates about the tour. Shane is at Toni's and he felt betrayed and hurt. They both sat in kitchen while Toni made a cup of tea for them both. Toni tried to give Shane a kiss but he pulled away. 


"Whats up?" Toni wondered

"Sit down, please" Shane sighed looking sad but couldn't look at her

"How long?" Shane asked

"What are you talking about?" Toni wondered

"You know what im talking about! You and Mikey!" Shane answered loudly


Toni didn't say anything back and stood up sitting closely next to Shane, holding his hands.


"Who told you?" Toni asked

"It doesn't matter. Why? I thought you loved me" Shane thought

"I do Shane!" Toni tries not to cry

"Just tell me, how long?" Shane looked at her

"It happened Monday, when you went missing, we both was grieving..." Toni explained

"You what... Since i went missing? No, thats sick.. But i know everything about Ronan told me" Shane let go of her hands

"How did he know?" Toni wondered

"Mikey told me and stop asking these questions!!! So was that the last time or did you both do it again?" Shane asked

"I went round to Mikey's earlier to talk to him and we kissed.. God i'm so sorry Shane! Its not like we did it for months!" Toni explained

"That doesnt make it right! I loved you!" Shane shouted

"I loved you and i still do! Please Shane, please forgive me" Toni cried

"You're as bad as Mikey!" Shane pushed her away

"Don't say that! He wanted me but i said no and said i wanted you" Toni sighed

"But you both still kissed! I think we should finish, i cant forgive you what you did" Shane stated

"You are joking? We only just got together!" Toni tried to stop him from going

"I know but i have been through alot, i thought you would be supporting me. I think you best give me few days, just leave me alone" Shane opened the door

"Shane?" Toni got closer to him and hugs him gently

"I really want to kiss you and hug you now but i cant get you and Mikey out of my head" Shane sighed

"Kiss me, please" Toni tries to kiss him

"I have been cheated on before and that's why i can't trust women much. I really thought you wouldn't do this" Shane explained

"Maybe Mikey was trying to split us up, so he could have me" Toni wondered

"I best go but its over" Shane walked out and closed the door


Toni then breaks into tears and frustrated rings Mikey. 


"This is all your fault! Shane's dumped me" Toni cried

"I'm really sorry! I'll try and talk sense into him" Mikey felt sorry

"Don't bother!" Toni puts phone down


Shane walks back home and sees Nicky and Kian playing on playstation. Shane later joins in with them. Ronan lays on sofa watching TV. Robbie and Gary laughing away and talking. They have rang Howard, Mark and Jason about reunion and they have agreed.

Meanwhile, Mikey is a bit drunk but starts to pack everything up, he looks on his laptop drinking red wine and sees nice places that he likes to go to. He has alot of money already. He was thinking Spain, Tenerife, somewhere in England or Wales. Mikey loved the sun and he has always dreamed of moving and living abroad with Ronan and Stephen. He rings the villa in Tenerife at Adeje, spoke for two hours and they accepted him to live there. He smiled gently. He booked to move straight away on Saturday and booked a flight Saturday at 10am. 


Friday Morning at 10am, the sun was shining bright and it was really warm. Mikey opened his curtains feeling rough and sees kids playing outside. He sees Robbie and Gary in the street laughing and hugging. A car pulls up and Mark, Howard and Jason steps out of the car and walks into Robbie's house. Mikey wondered what was going on but carried on packing. He then hears a knock on the door and opens it. It was Shane. 


"Where are you going?" Shane looks round

"I'm moving" Mikey sighed

"What, why? When?" Shane asked

"Tomorrow, my flight is at 10am. I'm moving to a Villa in Tenerife" Mikey answered

"What about Ronan?" Shane wondered

"He can visit me, you can aswell. I have ruined all your lives and it isnt fair. I decided to go and have a fresh start" Mikey explained

"We didn't want you to move, just give us a few weeks to give you a chance!" Shane sighed

"It's too late! I've sorted everything and im moving, thats it" Mikey sits down

"Well, it's up to you and if that's what you want. Does Ronan know?" Shane wondered

"I sent a voicemail" Mikey explained

"So you're really going? What made you think you want to leave?" Shane asked

"I've hurt you, i've hurt Ronan and Toni. Everyone now hates me, even on news. I get people looking at me and shouting. I really want to be the person i used to be and try to carry on but its hard. I don't want to hurt you again. I have tried. Look, when i move, i will have changed and be the man i used to be. Please forgive Toni, dont blame her, blame me!" Mikey explained

"I can't forgive her" Shane said

"You can! She is a nice woman and she really adores you. She wont do it again when im gone" Mikey said

"I'll think about it. I do want her back" Shane looked at him

"Then take her back, please! Its my fault" Mikey sighed

"I still hate you for doing that with Toni, you hurt me" Shane said

"Shes better off with you and im sorry" Mikey answered gently


Shane sits down quietly, looking down and Mikey carries on packing. Shane watches him getting ready and looks through the window. 


"I think you best go and see Ronan before you go" Shane told him

"I will, maybe tomorrow about 7am, i'll order taxi 7.30" Mikey explained

"Go today, then maybe me and Ro will see you off tomorrow" Shane sighed

"That'd be nice, i'll see him today but.. I will miss him" Mikey gets emotional

"It is hard, it will be okay but we still hate you" Shane joked

"Yeah thanks mate" Mikey laughs

"What will you do today?" Shane asked

"Might have a few drinks after i've done all the packing" Mikey smiled gently

"I could join you?" Shane thought

"Really?" Mikey in shock

"Yeah" Shane smiled

"I know what you're doing? You're trying to get me to change my mind" Mikey laughs

"Im not, maybe but we will miss you" Shane laughs with him

"You all will be glad i've gone, just let me go. But you can always visit me. So now, you go and talk to Toni, then meet me here about 4pm?" Mikey told him

"Fine... See you later.." Shane nodded and walked out

"Have you forgiven me already?" Mikey wondered as he followed him

"Abit yeah" Shane nodded

"Ronan might not" Mikey sighed


Shane then walked to Toni's house but saw Ronan walking into his house, Shane really wanted to tell Ronan about Mikey. But Shane decided to go to Toni's and spend a day with her. Toni was feeling upset and she opened the door when Shane knocked. Toni went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea while Shane followed. 


"Mikey's moving, abroad" Shane told her

"Oh is he? Why?" Toni asked

"Loads of reasons" Shane answered

"So, why are you here? I'm really upset" Toni sighed

"You do look a mess" Shane smiled

"Thanks" Toni laughed

"I want you to choose, me or Mikey? If Mikey, you live with him tomorrow" Shane said

"What? Are you taking the piss? Of course i would choose you, what did Mikey say?" Toni answered

"He said nothing but he talked to me and he reckons i should forgive you" Shane looked at her

"Forgive me then?" Toni sighed

"I will but it will take time. No rush. Step by step yeah?" Shane sighed

"Yeah" Toni nodded

"Come here" Shane goes to hug Toni gently


While Shane and Toni are talking and spending time together. Nicky, Shane, Kian got a call from Robbie to meet at pub for few drinks with Take That and a meeting Saturday at 1pm. They also rang Mark, Brian and they agreed to come over. Gary also rang Ronan, Ronan wasn't sure at first but thought it was a great idea so he rang Shane and Keith, they even agreed too. Robbie went to the pub and booked a table. So there will be Ronan, Keith and Shane from Boyzone, Brian, Shane, Kian, Nicky and Mark from Westlife and Gary, Robbie, Mark, Howard and Jason from Take That, but without Mikey sadly. 


As the day goes by about 2pm, Shane phoned Ronan and told him about what Mikey is up to. Ronan was a bit glad but shocked as he didn't want to lose another friend. Ronan went round to Mikey's and banged on his door which made him jump. Mikey opened the door and Ronan barged in. Ronan saw Mikey's suitcases and the room looking empty apart from his beers and laptop on side. 


"I guess Shane told you, otherwise you wouldn't of have come" Mikey wondered

"Was you going to go without saying bye?" Ronan asked

"I nearly did but i thought you hated me" Mikey answered

"I did but i wouldn't hate you, i was mad at you and disappointed" Ronan sighed

"I just think its best for me to go" Mikey smiled gently

"Why? You're my mate, you dont need to leave like this? You're just being a coward!" Ronan shouted

"No I am not! I just want a fresh start! You can see me whenever you want!" Mikey explained

"I understand why you have to go but what about me? Its our dream to do that, live abroad with Stephen aswell! What am i gonna do without you?" Ronan asked

"You will have Keith and Shane. I thought you and Shane Filan hated me and now you both dont want me to go?" Mikey thought

"We never hated you, we was upset and you hurt us. Did you know that Westlife, Boyzone and Take That are having a meeting tomorrow? It wont be the same without you" Ronan asked

"I know, Gary rang me ten minutes ago. I told him that i'm really sorry but i'm going away. He said that's alright" Mikey wondered

"Can't believe you're going, leaving me! I listened to your voicemail yesterday, it just made me how much i love you as a friend, but still angry at the same time" Ronan walked to the door

"I had too much to drink last night, i was drunk and messed up" Mikey explained

"Why do that to yourself? You're an idiot! Are you trying to make me feel sorry for you? Because im not" Ronan said

"I don't want to be like i was when i was young, remember i drank a lot and i was depressed? I don't want to go down that road again Ronan! Remember you and Keith trying to support me, help me get me back on my feet" Mikey gets emotional

"I forgot about that" Ronan looked down

"Why don't you join me and Shane at 4pm for few beers? A few drinks to say bye and then i'd like it if you both take me to the airport tomorrow" Mikey smiled

"I will think about it and yeah i will come tomorrow" Ronan smiled gently


Thursday Evening at 8pm, Shane, Ronan and Mikey are still chatting away, having a laugh for the first time in ages and talked about memories. Mikey wished he would join the reunion but couldn't as he said he will support and watch them sometimes on TV and ring them. He told them they are welcome to see him anytime. 

Nicky and Kian are still at home chatting and decided to order a Chinese. Gary, Robbie, Howard, Mark and Jason are in living room talking about the tour and thinking up of songs to sing. 

Toni is at home asleep in bed as she was very tired. She smiled in her sleep as she is finally happy with Shane.












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