Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


6. Chapter Six


Early Sunday Morning, at 11am, Gary is back in Ireland at his house, he sees Robbie's stuff but ends up throwing them and burning them. He tidies around, sorting stuff out he doesn't want. Shane comes by his house and noticed Gary's back, Gary left his door wide opened. Shane walks in and shouts his name few times, wondering where he is. He then sees Gary throwing Robbie's clothes on the fire. 


"Gary! What are you doing?!" Shane wondered, made him jump

"Oh fuck, mate.." Gary turned round

"Sorry i made you jump" Shane sighs

"Its okay" Gary looks at him

"Why are you throwing Robbie's stuff and where is he?" Shane wondered

"We did something really... bad... Stupid mistake!" Gary throws a book in fire

"Like what?" Shane said

"I hate him, i hate him!!" Gary throws another book in fire

"Hold on, calm down mate..." Shane sighed

"I cant get it out of my head" Gary breaks down and cries in Shane's arms

Shall we go and have a cuppa, talk about it" Shane and Gary goes back in

"I prefer a beer!" Gary gets a can

"I'll have one too" Shane opens a can

"Im sorry" Gary sighed

"Don't be.. I never seen you like this before... I thought you was happy" Shane thought

"Shane, we was really drunk that night and it just happened" Gary explained

"What happened?" Shane asked

"Robbie is in UK, with other band mates for a while.." Gary looks at Shane

"You didn't answer my question and Robbie will go mad that you burned his stuff" Shane said

"I know, but i'm not bothered. Hes got plenty of stuff back in UK" Gary answered

"What if he comes back?" Shane thought

"I don't think he will really.." Gary sips his drink

"He might.." Shane whispered

"I should of not had  a drink that night" Gary looked at him

"Anyway, Lena asked about you.." Shane told him

"I'm not ready for a relationship, i thought about that too" Gary sighed

"You're gonna have to tell her then, not keep her hanging too long, it'll hurt her because she really likes you" Shane explained

"I know" Gary smiled

"I forgot to cook some lunch... Me and Toni was supposed to be meeting up" Shane tutted

"Go and see her, i'll be fine" Gary smiled

"No it's okay, i havent got her number yet.. Just a one off, will explain when i see her" Shane smirked


Gary starts to explain to Shane about what happened that night and told him everything. Shane was so shocked that he didn't know what to say. 


"I know, its stupid! You can go if you want, i will be okay" Gary looks at Shane

"I will support you, whatever it is, like you supported me" Shane told him

"Thanks" Gary smiled

"You need to get checked out" Shane stated

"Wat.. I am fine, i won't catch anything" Gary said

"Just incase, please... You know Robbie, he's always sleeping around, when was the last time he was with a woman?" Shane asked

"About two weeks ago, he was with two women in one week" Gary answered


Shane and Gary decided to stay and have a chat and some take-away food. In Ronan's flat, he noticed the door opening slowly, he went and had a look but no one was there, he knew Mikey was out to get something from shop. Ronan turned round and saw a clear figure for 5 seconds.


"Ronan" Stephen's voice echoed


Ronan hears his voice but starts to get emotional, then he decided to ignore it and carry on what he was doing. Mikey was on his way back to their flat but then again he sees Toni. 


"Hiya" Toni smiled

"Hi, you alright?" Mikey smiled

"Yeah i'm good. I'm just looking around in town" Toni sighed

"Sounds good. I'm just gonna cook some lunch" Mikey smiled

"Oh nice, what are you cooking?" Toni asked

"Pasta, Tuna and salad cream, nothing special" Mikey laughed

"Nice, i love that" Toni smiled

"Maybe i should cook for you one day" Mikey smiled

"Yeah why not, i best go back anyway" Toni said

"Okay no probs.. wait.. you and Shane dating right?" Mikey asked

"Sort of, why?" Toni answered

"Just wondered" Mikey smiled 

"Oh no, i forgot to go round to Shane's for lunch... I hope he's not waiting" Toni sighed

"I actually saw Shane walking into Gary's... maybe he's forgotten too" Mikey tells her

"Yeah could be, oh well.. Next time" Toni smiled


Mikey walks back into his flat and hears Ronan talking. Ronan takes a deep breath and laughs. 


"I knew you'd come back mate" Ronan spoke loudly as he feels Steo


Mikey walks into the kitchen and sees Ronan making a cup of tea and smiling to himself. 


"Ro? Who are you talking to?" Mikey wondered

"Oh sorry mate... No one, i was just... Just ignore me" Ronan laughed

"What did you say that for? Who's come back?" Mikey wondered

"Did i? Oh i meant Gary, i seen him earlier" Ronan smiled

"Oh right i see. Make me a cuppa too" Mikey sighed

"Did you get anything from shop?" Ronan asked

"I got couple of cans, coca cola, some chips. I saw Toni today" Mikey nodded

"Did you, how was she?" Ronan wondered

"She was fine, looked good. Shame she's seeing Shane" Mikey sighed

"Oh, you like her?" Ronan smiled

"Sort of, she is nice" Mikey smiled

"Oh Mikey!! Well, they're only just dating.. Maybe you got a chance" Ronan laughed

"Unless..." Mikey thought

"Are you thinking what im thinking?" Ronan sighed

"Maybe" Mikey smiled


Mikey gets up, taps Ronan on the shoulder and sips his cup of tea. He sorts some food out. Ronan then sees something yet again, he walked into the living room, looked round and saw a photo of him and Stephen dropped on the floor. He goes to pick it up and then goes into the kitchen. 


"Please don't start or say anything but i think i'm gonna try and get Toni, break Shane's heart" Mikey explained

"You what?!" Ronan in shocked

"You can't! Thats cruel, what has he done to you? Thats sick!"

"He hurted you, so its payback!" Mikey sighed

"He said he was sorry. And how long you going to do this for? I cant let you do this to him, hes happy now" Ronan wondered

"Maybe a few weeks... I am not bothered, it'll only be a few kisses anyway" Mikey told him

"What if Toni says no to you? She might want to be with Shane" Ronan explained

"I can think of a way, you know me and how i am with women.." Mikey gets up

"You are mad!" Ronan shouted

"I'll do what i want" Mikey said

"Whats got you like this? I wish Stephen was alive" Ronan sighed

"What are you trying to say?" Mikey wondered

"Right now, i wish it was Steo still alive, not you!" Ronan shouted 

"You dont mean that mate" Mikey whisphered

"Shane is my mate. I forgave him. I thought you was a nice guy, i know we knew each other for a long time but this, this isnt you!" Ronan explained

"Ronan.. I am still the same person" Mikey sighed

"You're not. Where's the old Mikey? You know what, im going, just leave me alone" Ronan stands up

"Im sorry" Mikey said

"Please don't hurt him" Ronan sighed

"He could of got you killed... Its just the once and after that it'll stop" Mikey explained

"This is wrong mate" Ronan sighed

"Im going to do some chip cobs" Mikey sighed


Ronan took a deep breath and couldn't believe what Mikey plans are. He then storms into his bedroom and lays on his bed to read one of his books. 


"Don't let Mikey do anything stupid" Stephen whispered


Ronan heard and looked round but then carried on reading. Back at Gary's, Shane and Gary are chatting away. Gary gets a text from Robbie saying he is coming on Wednesday but he's sorry. 


"Rob just texted me, hes back on Wednesday and said he's sorry" Gary sighed

"Thats a good sign, maybe you both should sort this out! You both are good friends" Shane explained

"I don't think i could face him" Gary said

"I couldn't face Mikey or Ronan when what i did but they got over it" Shane said

"What i did was worse than you!" Gary said

"I know mate, i dont know what to say but i hope you both sort things out" Shane gets up

"Where are you going?" Gary wondered

"I think i'll go round to Toni's, ask if we go for a meal" Shane smiled

"Okay mate, have a nice time" Gary and Shane hugs

"It will take time mate" Shane walks out


Shane walks down to Toni's flat and knocks on her door. Toni opens it while she has her dressing down on, hair wet but felt embarrassed, she just got out of shower. 


"Oh hi" Shane smiled

"Hi Shane, i didn't expect you to come but im sorry about earlier, i forgot" Toni laughed

"Its not a problem, i forgot aswell and Gary needed someone to talk to" Shane explained

"Its alright, how is he?" Toni wondered

"He's good. I just wanted to ask if you would like to come out for meal later?" Shane asked

"Yeah that would be great, what time?" Toni wondered

"Great! Let's say 6pm?" Shane thought

"Thats fine" Toni smiled

"Oh and tell Lena, Gary wants to talk to her, its best if Lena goes round to his" Shane nodded

"Oh okay.. is everything alright?" Toni asked

"Well not really, Gary has a lot of things on his mind, hes not ready for a relationship. Im sorry" Shane sighed

"Thanks for telling me, i'll tell her now but she'll be upset" Toni sighed

"Unless you tell her everything, no need to see him though" Shane smiled

"Okay, see you later.. which pub?" Toni wondered

"Same one" Shane smirked


Toni closes the door and then tells Lena the bad news. Lena gets upset but said didnt want to see Gary. Toni then goes and gets changed. She looks through her cupboards and sees a nice dress, she gets out a nice Blue dress and tries it on. Shane goes back to his flat to get ready while Kian was going to a football match live with Nicky.


"Have a nice time" Kian smiled as he walked out of the door

"Same to you mate" Shane smiled


While Kian went to watch the match with his friends, Shane looked through his cupboards and found a nice black jeans with a white shirt to wear for his date. Meanwhile, Gary is still at his flat and chilling out. Sarah and Lena decided to go shopping for few hours. But Lena wanted to say something..


"I think i best leave, im sorry. I'll be gone by tomorrow" Lena sighed

"Im sorry to see you go but why?" Sarah wondered

"Nothing here for me really. But you got Toni" Lena smiled

"If you're happy, we're happy whatever you want" Sarah said

"Thank You and Toni, hope you have a nice date. Shane's lucky to have you" Lena told Toni

"Thanks" Toni blushed


Ronan is still not happy with Mikey but walks downstairs, sees Mikey asleep on sofa. Ronan went to make himself a cup of tea and rings Shane. 


"Hello mate" Shane picks up

"Hi mate, how are you?" Ronan asked

"Im really good! I've got a date tonight" Shane answered

"With Toni? Thats good" Ronan smiled

"What about you? Im just getting ready" Shane asked

"Im at home, Mikey's snoring his head off but im chilling out as usual" Ronan said

"Ha bless him. Kian's gone to watch a football match with Nicky" Shane sighed

"Cool" Ronan went into liverpool and stared at Mikey sleeping

"Mate, i've got to go, nice to hear from you though" Shane said

"You too, have a brill time" Ronan puts phone down


Ronan then goes into the kitchen, gets a mug of cold water and then started to throw it at Mikey's face. It made Mikey jump and shouted which made Ronan laugh.


"You did it to me mate, your face" Ronan laughed

"Ronan..." Mikey moaned

"Its you and your snoring" Ronan sighed

"I cant help that" Mikey looked at him

"You clean this mess, im off out now" Ronan told him

"You're not leaving me to clean all this... Thought we said we would do it together, help each other out, sort stuff out" Mikey thought

"After what you just said you was going to do? No mate, im off to the pub and dont follow me" Ronan put his coat on

"What is the matter with you?" Mikey wondered

"I am perfectly fine mate" Ronan smirked


Mikey started to feel bad but he couldn't help that he would never forget what Shane did. He thinks about it while he sorted the flat out. Ronan walked along the street and goes into his local pub. 


Sunday Evening, at the local pub, Toni walks in looking really nice with blue dress, hair down and sits down at the bar waiting for Shane. Ronan was back of the pub drinking his pints and looking on his phone. Ten minutes later, Shane comes in looking decent and his hair styled. He smiled as soon he saw Toni. 


"Hi" Shane smiled

"Hey" Toni smiled back

"You look nice tonight" Shane said

"Thanks, you look good too" Toni blushed

"I'll buy you a drink, then about 7, we will order food" Shane smiled

"Yeah thats fine" Toni nodded

"What you been up to?" Shane wondered

"Nothing really, shopping, going out and about with my friends, you?" Toni answered

"Same really, Kian's gone to the football match" Shane sighed

"Lucky him, why didnt you go?" Toni wondered

"I didnt have much money... How's Lena?" Shane thought

"Oh well, next time you can go. Lena is alright, was upset but then shes leaving town this week, nothing here for her anyway" Toni said

"Not because of Gary?" Shane thought

"No not him, everything" Toni said

"Shall we sit down" Shane and Toni took their drinks and sat

"Isnt that Ronan" Toni saw Ronan

"Yeah it is... Strange hes on his own" Shane looked

"Yeah, hope hes okay" Toni said

"He likes to be on his own sometimes" Shane smiled

"Dont we all" Toni laughed

"I fancy Steak and Chips" Shane looked at the menu

"I fancy Steak and Kidney pudding with chips" Toni sighed

"Kidney? Ew" Shane coughed

"You cant really taste it anyway" Toni laughed

"Looks like but, its just the kidney, i would have it without the kidney" Shane explained

"Unless you ask them to take the kidney out" Toni laughed

"Very funny haha" Shane laughed


Ronan sees Toni and Shane laughing, as he smiled to himself, he texts Mikey... 


"Toni and Shane are having a nice time, Shane looks really happy! If you ever hurt him, i'll never forgive you" 

"Im your best mate" Mikey texted

"So is Shane, please dont do this" 

"How can you choose him over me?"

"I'm not! I'll be back soon but i love you both as a good mate"


Ronan has two more drinks and then went back home. By the time it was 10pm, Shane and Toni walked out of the pub laughing and hugging. Shane walked Toni home. 


"You know what, i had a brill time" Shane grinned

"So did i" Shane smiled


Mikey was outside behind a tree, watching Shane and Toni.... 


"When would you like to meet up again?" Shane asked

"I'll give you my number" Toni gives number

"I wish we could stay longer" Shane sighed

"Me too but i feel tired and too much to drink" Toni laughed

"You dont look drunk, i look more drunk than you" Shane grinned

"Thanks for tonight, you've made me happy" Toni kissed him on cheek

"You're welcome" Shane got closer to Toni


Mikey then kicked the silver metal bin over which rolled over the road. Shane and Toni looked round but no one was there. Shane really thought he could kiss her untill they heard and saw the bin, it was Mikey who kicked it. Ronan was looking for Mikey untill he saw Mikey watching Toni and Shane, Shane walked back home while Toni went into her flat. 


"Mikey! What are you doing?" Ronan asked

"I was watching Toni and Shane, they nearly kissed so i kicked that bin over there" Mikey answered

"You are stupid, you know what... im going! Im not getting involved" Ronan walked away

"Look, mate.. wait" Mikey shouted and followed Ronan

"What?" Ronan turned round

"I'm not doing this on purpose to hurt Shane. What he did.. i know it wasn't his fault but I miss Stephen" Mikey explained

"Don't you dare use Steo as an excuse!" Ronan shouted

"I'm not! I've been all over the place, you dont know what goes in my mind.. Im not the same since he passed" Mikey sighed

"You've been the same to me" Ronan said

"I pretend infront of you" Mikey said

"You're just trying to make me feel sorry for you. Just leave me alone!" Ronan walked off

"Ronan!" Mikey followed and grabbed his arm

"Get off!" Ronan punched him

"Whats the matter with you?" Mikey wondered

"Im sorry, i best go. See you in morning" Ronan walked off again


11pm time, everyone is asleep apart from Mikey and Kian. Mikey isnt home yet and has been walking far from his flat, about 1 hour walk away, walking in the rain. Ronan lays in bed, looking at the ceiling thinking about Mikey, Steo and everyone else. He then falls asleep cuddled himself up in his bed. Kian arrived home at 12pm, sees Shane asleep on sofa and went straight to bed.  


Mikey texts Ronan at 2am in the morning. 


"I'm sorry but Shane's dead! He's going to pay"
























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