Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


7. Chapter Seven


Monday morning, Ronan wakes up, walks downstairs and makes himself a cup of tea. It was 10am, usually Mikey is always up about 9am in kitchen reading a newspaper. He looks round feeling thinking there's something wrong, he then walks into Mikey's room and sees that his bed hasn't been slept in. 


"Oh great!" Ronan tries to ring Mikey but no answer

"Answer, please" He sighs

"Mikey!!" Ronan shouts


Ronan noticed he got a text and then reads it! Ronan felt shocked and started to worry. He then rings Shane.


"Hi mate" Shane answered

"Mate, you alright?" Ronan asked

"Yeah of course, you?" Shane smiled

"Good, that's good to hear" Ronan sighs

"Why? What's up?" Shane wondered

"Nothing erm... Mikey's bed not been slept in and he's been out all night. I don't know where he is, he's not answering my calls" Ronan explained

"Oh no mate. I'll keep a look out if i see him" Shane sounds surprised

"Thanks Shane. I'll let you know" Ronan said

"It's not usually like him really" Shane thought

"I know. We kinda had an argument. Anyway, how was your night with Toni?" Ronan wondered

"It was brilliant thanks" Shane smirked

"Great! I hope you're both happy" Ronan nodded

"Thanks matey, i've got to go now mate, need a catch up with Kian" Shane explained

"No problem, see you soon" Ronan sighed

"Bye" Shane hangs up


Ronan still starts to worry but he decided to wait for one hour incase he comes back. Ronan is feeling bad because of the argument they had Sunday night but worries more about Mikey hurting Shane. Ronan then texts Mikey but no answer. 

Meanwhile Mikey sees a shed opposite the a cafe about 1 mile away, middle of nowhere, it started to get warmer and the sun shining brightly. He walks across and sits in the cafe. He checks his phone and starts ring Shane but no answer. 


About 1pm, Shane walks to Toni's flat but sees Ronan running up to him. 


"I cant still find him!" Ronan sighed

"Mate, just try keep calling him. I'll send a word out. I'll let you know when i've seen him. I promise. I'm just on the way to Toni's" Shane explained

"Yeah thanks, you do look rushed" Ronan smiled

"I love her and you know... I'm gonna just go in there and kiss her" Shane grinned

"I'm happy for you!" Ronan hugs him


Ronan keeps looking for him and rings Keith and Shane L to keep an eye out for Mikey. Shane knocks on Toni's door and waits 5 mins, then he knocks again. Toni runs from the bathroom to the door and opens it wearing her dressing down. 


"Oh Shane, sorry about that. I was having a bath" Toni smiled

"No worries, can i come in?" Shane wondered

"Yeah sure, want a cuppa?" Toni asked

"Yes thank you, two sugars" Shane looks round 

"My mate Sarah has gone to her friends for a week so you'll have to put up with me all week" Toni laughs

"Oh when she coming back?" Shane smiled

"Monday.. a week, why?" Toni thought

"No reason" Shane sighed

"Oh you prefer her than me now?" Toni said

"No Toni i love you more" Shane laughs

"Only joking Shane" Toni laughs

"Mikey's gone missing" Shane looked out of the window

"What? You're joking? Is he okay?" Toni put the teas down and walks up to Shane

"He's been missing since last night, him and Ronan had a argument. I think hes okay" Shane looked at her

"Lets hope so" Toni kisses him on his cheek


Shane walks closely and kisses her gently. They started to kiss slowly and they both sat on the sofa while snogging. Shane leaned on top of Toni and started to touch her. Toni's hands started to touch Shane's bum. They both started to undress each other but when Shane heard his phone, he stopped and sat up to look at his phone.


"Shane?" Toni puts her arm round him

"Sorry, it's Mikey. He texted me that he wants me to meet him but don't tell anyone" Shane looks at Toni

"Oh.. Why don't you meet him after we finished" Toni kisses his neck

"Okay, he can wait" Shane kisses her


Mikey waits half an hour and still no answer from Shane. Mikey rings him. 


"Hi Mikey" Shane picks up

"Why didn't you answer my text?" Mikey wondered

"Sorry i was busy, i'm with Toni" Shane sighed

"Oh sorry.. but i need you to meet me but please don't tell anyone" Mikey warned

"Ronan was really worried about you" Shane said

"Im not bothered, all i want is you to meet me" Mikey said

"Oh and i thought you didn't like me, so now you want my help?" Shane wondered

"I do like you, that's why i want to talk to you, about everything" Mikey explained

"Okay, where do i meet you?" Shane asked

"At the cafe on the motorway, we'll have a drink and breakfast" Mikey answered

"I'll be there soon" Shane puts phone down


Shane smiles at Toni, gives her a kiss and starts to get changed. 


"Im sorry, i would love to stay, we could of had a some pizza and wine together, watch a film but Mikey wants me, it sounds important" Shane explained

"Then stay Shane, we've only just got together and now you're running off to your mate. Sounds like you're choosing him over me" Toni holds his hands

"Of course not babe. I will be back later on, i won't be long, i promise. I love you" Shane kisses her

"I love you too" Toni kisses and hugs him

"Get changed, put some nice clothes on and order a pizza, i'll fetch few bottles of wine" Shane smiled

"I'd like that, sounds nice. Text me when you're on your way back" Toni follows Shane 

"I will do" Shane kisses her again and walks out


Shane gets in his car and drives off quickly about 3.30pm. Toni goes and gets changed, starts to tidy round, then orders a pizza. Ronan still looks for Mikey but decided to go back to his flat for few hours.

Meanwhile, Mikey walks into a shed, looks round and sees some rope, locks, a bed etc. He quickly sorts everything out and then suddenly he hears a car pulling up, he runs back into the cafe and sits down. Shane walks in and sits opposite Mikey. 


"What happened? Ronan is worried about you! After this chat, we best get back" Shane explained

"Just a silly argument" Mikey sighed

"Ronan did say that" Shane said

"I just want to say sorry about everything but i'll never forgive you about what happened before. Im still mad. We can be mates still and i've heard you got a new girlfriend, that's nice isnt it?" Mikey wondered

"What are you up to?" Shane whispered

"Nothing mate" Mikey said

"Oh okay.. Yeah Toni's lovely. I also want to forget the past Mikey, this is getting stupid. I miss all our friendships" Shane explained

"Yeah and you messed it up" Mikey told him

"It wasn't my fault!" Shane sighed

"I know but i don't know mate" Mikey said

"I know its hard but that guy has gone now. We all can move on. This isnt you Mikey" Shane put his arm on his shoulder

"Maybe i've changed" Mikey looked out of the window

"No, mate. Ronan needs you, be the old nice Mikey, please" Shane sighed

"I will" Mikey smiled

"Fancy a walk? It's dead in here" Shane asked

"Yeah why not" Mikey nodded


Shane and Mikey goes for a walk, they were getting closer to the shed but Mikey kept thinking in his head if he will put Shane in there or not. He still felt angry inside. He wants to be Shane's mate and forget the past but he couldn't. 


"Its nice walking in the sun and the birds singing" Shane looks at Mikey

"Yeah its really quite" Mikey smiled gently

"See that shed?" Shane points out

"Us guys could build something in there, make a den where we could order food and have few beers, put few blankets in there, if we wanted to get away for one night" 

"Sounds great!" Mikey nodded

"Let's have a look" Shane walks and Mikey follows behind him


Mikey gets a call from Ronan and he finally answers it. 


"Hey mate" Mikey sighed

"Mikey! You alright?" Ronan wondered

"Yeah im fine" Mikey answered

"You made me worry all day, thought something happened! Why didn't you come back in?" Ronan asked

"Im sorry Ro, i just wanted a clear mind that's all. I will be back later" Mikey watches Shane 

"Good. I hate us falling out we should be best mates" Ronan said

"Me too mate, when i come back, we should have a night in and have few beers" Mikey wondered

"Sounds good to me" Ronan smiled


Mikey looks at his phone and tries to find Steve's number on a website, as soon he found it, he walked away to make sure Shane doesn't hear. He rings Steve the one put Ronan in hospital. 


"Who is this?" Steve wondered

"I want you to do something for me but i will pay you" Mikey wondered

"Tell me who is this first?" Steve asked

"Mikey" Mikey said

"Mikey? The one who is mates with this Shane? Why do you want my help?" Steve asked

"This is just a one off. I want you to hurt him" Mikey sighed

"Why?" Steven thought

"Because of what happened, you know about it. I'm still mad at him" Mikey explained

"Okay... How much you thinking to pay me and how long?" Steven wondered

"£500? Give it 2 weeks. Im going to hit him with the bat, put him in the shed, tie him up and then im off. You do the rest" Mikey sighed

"Fine! Ring me when you've done" Steve puts phone down


Shane looks at Mikey and smiles. He shouts Mikey to come in the shed and sits on the bed. As soon Shane turned his back to Mikey, Mikey quickly grabs a bat and hits him over the head. Shane falls onto the floor unconscious. He quickly ties him up hard and walks out of the shed. Mikey breaths heavy and shakily gets his phone out to ring Steve


"Ive done. Im near the cafe on the motorway, in the shed. How long will you be? Before he wakes up" Mikey wondered

"Ten minutes" Steven answered


Ten minutes later, he sees a black big car with black windows and sees Steve gets out of the car. He walks fast to Mikey and handed out his hand for money so Mikey gives it him. 


"You sure about this?" Steve asked

"Yeah, im sure" Mikey nodded

"This isnt his fault" Steve said

"Oh and i thought you hated him. Well its both of you" Mikey said

"I guess but this is what i do! What do you want me to do with him?" Steve asked

"Just get this over and done with. Just do what you normally do. Still give him food and water" Mikey sighed

"Well you best go then. I will ring you in two weeks time" Steve walks slowly in the shed


Mikey quickly runs to his car and drives off. He then starts to shake and cries. He can't believe what he had done but he kept on driving. Mikey arrives back and walks into his flat. He sees Ronan having a nap on sofa. He goes in and washes his hands. Ronan wakes up and hears the water running. He then gets up, walks into the kitchen and sees Mikey. 


"You alright?" Ronan hugs him

"Yeah im fine, never better" Mikey smiles

"Fresh start?" Ronan smiles

"Yeah why not" Mikey whispered


Mikey and Ronan sits on sofa, has a chat and having a beers while watching football. Meanwhile, about 6pm, Steve reads a newspaper and sees Shane waking up. He was laying on the bed tied up. 


"Ouch, my head" Shane whispered

"Hi again" Steve smirked

"You? What are you doing here? Where's Mikey?" Shane asked

"Hes gone! You're putting up with me now" Steve smiled

"Why am i tied up? Who hit me?" Shane releaised what was going on

"You must of tripped" Steve explained

"No, it was more than that... Mikey was here, what have you done to him?" Shane wondered

"Nothing, he phoned me. He wanted me to do his dirty work" Steven sat on bed next to him

"No he wouldnt! Mikey wouldnt do this" Shane in shock

"He hit you and then ran. He even paid me!" Steve laughs

"No, please let me go!" Shane struggled

"NO!" Steve shouted

"Come on mate" Shane begged

"I dont think so" Steve grabs a bat

"What are you doing?" Shane asked

"Oh dont worry, we just wanna see you suffer" Steve throws the bat


Steve gets up, takes his mobile and walks out of the shed. He then closes the shed and locks it while Shane kept on shouting. 


Shane tries his best to get free but couldn't. He then goes quite and starting to get hungry. It started to get a bit cold and Shane starts to shiver. 


Back at Toni's flat, she waited for him but started to worry. She kept ringing Shane's number but it kept going to voicemail. She walks out of the flat and sees Gary so she went up to him. 


"Toni, you alright?" Gary asked

"No, Shane said he wasnt gonna be long but hes gone for hours and his mobile is turned off" Toni whispered

"Oh no, how long ago was this?" Gary wondered

"About 3.30pm. He was meeting Mikey. Its 6.30 now" Toni looked round

"I'll try and ring him" Gary rings Shane but no answer

"His mobile is turned off... Look, don't worry. Lets go inside and get warmed up, it's cold out here" Gary walks with her

"We only just got together and we was gonna have a night in, hope something hasn't happened to him" Toni panicked

"I hope not too. I can see you made this place nice" Gary makes a cup of tea

"Actually, im gonna have this wine Gary, want some?" Toni opens a bottle

"I'll have one, thanks" Gary sits down

"Think i best ring Kian and other lads" Gary said

"Actually, lets wait and see tomorrow if he comes back. If we don't hear from him, we'll have to send a word round" Toni gets upset

"Yeah we will, pray to god he comes back" Gary hugs her

"I love him" Toni sighs

"I know" Gary smiled

"I have to go round to Mikey's, see if Mikey has come back" Toni stands up

"I'll come with you" Gary offered


7pm, Toni and Gary walks round to Ronan and Mikey's, they knock on the door loudly. Ronan opens it and sees them abit upset.


"Can we come in?" Gary asked

"Yeah sure, whats happened?" Ronan wondered

"Its Shane" Toni whisphered

"Shane? Is he okay?" Ronan asked

"He hasnt been back since 3.30pm, hes has his mobile turned off. We cant get hold of him" Gary answered

"Where's Mikey? Shane said he was meeting him" Toni said

"I didnt know that, he didnt tell me this" Ronan whisphered

"We are getting worried, who would hurt him, like Toni said, he wouldnt go away without texting anyone" Gary explained

"Exactly! If he was gonna be late, he'd text us" Toni looks at Ronan

"Thats true.. He wouldn't just vanish. I hope hes okay" Ronan sighs


Mikey walks into the living room..


"Oh hi guys" Mkey smiled

"Mikey, tell me the truth, did you meet Shane today?" Ronan asked

"Yeah i did" Mikey nodded

"Well? Where is he?" Ronan asked

"I dont know, we had a chat and i left him. He wanted to go for a walk on his own" Mikey explained

"Mikey, i think hes gone missing" Gary sighed

"Oh im sorry mate. Is he okay?" Mikey wondered

"Hope so. This is gonna hit the others hard" Gary sighs


Ronan looks at Mikey and takes him into the kitchen.


"Have you got something to do with this?" Ronan whispered

"Me? No, i wouldnt do anything to hurt Shane!" Mikey said

"Yo wanted to hurt him the other night! Sounds like it must of been you" Ronan said

"Ro, i am telling the truth! I wouldnt hurt him" Mikey sighed

"Well i hope not! If i find out its you, we're done" Ronan walks back in living room

"If we dont hear from him by tomorrow night, we'll have to ring police and his mates" Ronan looks at Mikey


They all sit down and chatted for few hours. 


Meanwhile, at 9pm, Shane was on his bed sleeping but hears Steve walks back and throws some food at Shane and bottle of water. He wakes up in pain and felt cold.


"Thanks" Shane whispered

"Feeling cold?" Steve asked

"Yes and bruised" Shane sighs

"Good!" Steven pushes Shane's chest hard

"Ouch! Please" Shane cries

"Enjoy your food" Steve walks out

"No come back! Help!!" Shane yells and breaks down


At Mikey's and Ronan's flat, Ronan offered Gary and Toni to stay over and they agreed. Toni was in kitchen feeling upset and Mikey came to give her a hug. 


"Where is he? He could be in the dark by himself scared" Toni cries

"He will be back, don't worry, come here" Mikey kisses her cheek and hugs her

"Thanks, i think i would need a few hugs from you" Toni laughs

"That would be nice" Mikey smiled

"I best go and get some sleep, if i can go to sleep" Toni feeling worried

"Okay, goodnight" Mikey walks out 


Everyone went to bed, Gary and Toni on the sofas. Back where Shane is, Shane is feeling cold and shivering. He tries to keep warm by curling up. 


"Help...." Shane whisphered


















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