Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


1. Chapter One

On a Sunny Sunday morning in Ireland, at 9am. The trees are blowing by the wind and the rubbish flying around. It was cold in early morning but started to get warmer after 9am. There are six good friends who always hangs out together. Mikey and Ronan who lives in a flat. Shane and Kian who lives on their own. Robbie and Gary who lives in a small house. They have a plan where they all meet up once a month.

At Ronan and Mikey's flat, Ronan is still asleep and Mikey starts to cook breakfast. The Sun starts to shine on Ronan which wakes him up, he opens his eyes and smiles while staring at the window. While Mikey cooks breakfast, Mikey looks at a picture of Stephen who was their best friend who died few years ago. He smiles and then turns back to carry on making breakfast. Ronan couldn't be bothered to get out of bed, so he stretches and decides to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later, there was a light bang near the bedroom, Ronan then opens his eyes slowly and turns on his other side wondering what was the noise.

"Ronan! Breakfast mate!" Mikey shouted 
Ronan groans. "Wait a minute" He whispers and closes his eyes

Five minutes later, Mikey slowly walks into Ronan's room and decided to wake him up by throwing water on him. Ronan woke up in shock. 

"Hey, what did you do that for mate?!" Ronan shouted
"Its breakfast time" Mikey laughs
"I am not your mum!" Ronan smirks
"I know mate but you wanted a breakfast, you couldn't stop going on about it" Mikey said
"Yes but when i'm up!" Ronan said
"We did say we pop down to the pub, its 10.30am now" Mikey thought
"Bit early really mate" Ronan sighs
"We're meeting others aren't we" Mikey smiled
"Yeah i know.. But we're missing one person.. I miss him" Ronan whispered and gets up
"I know mate, i do too but we'll drink for him. Come on, lets have this full breakfast" Mikey sits and put his arm round him

"Its not the same without him really" Ronan looked at Mikey

"I know but he would want us to be happy" Mikey smiled and went downstairs to set table ready. 


Ronan got out of bed and stretched again. He gets a phone call from Shane Filan. He decides to ignore and walks downstairs. 


"Smells delicious mate!" Ronan smiles and sits down


The breakfast is done and they both sit down to eat but Ronan's phone starts to ring again. Its Shane. 


"Its Shane" Ronan looks at his phone

"Answer him" Mikey says

"Not while we're eating, he can wait" Ronan sighs

"Fair enough" Mikey nodded

"Did you hear a bang earlier on?" Ronan asked

"No" Mikey answered

"Oh... I thought i heard a bang when i was upstairs" Ronan says


Meanwhile at Shane's house, Shane is already ready and already had food. He looks at his phone and looks through his contacts wondering who he should call. He starts to phone Ronan again but no answer. He then phones his mate Kian.


"Morning Shane" Kian said

"Morning, Kian? What time you meeting me at pub?" Shane asked

"11.30am mate" Kian answered

"Okay no problem, see you there" Shane smiled

"Okay mate" Kian hangs up


Shane looks at his phone and puts it in his pocket. He then gets a loud bang knocking on his door which made him jump. He didnt want to answer it as it scared him. He slowly walks to the door and opens it slowly.


"Oi! Let me in!" Robbie pushes the door and lets himself in

"Hey what do you think you're doing??" Shane shouted

"I want a word with you" Robbie slams the door behind him

"What about?" Shane looks puzzled

"Whats this about you borrowing money off Gary?" Robbie wondered

"I didnt" Shane whisphered

"Dont lie to me!" Robbie laughs

"Look mate... I was desperate.." Shane sighs

"Desperate?? How much did you borrow?" Robbie asked

"I cant say and i cant say what for" Shane turns his back on him

"Look at me.. How much and why? Tell me! What are you and Gary hiding?" Robbie wondered

"Why did Gary tell you!" Shane thought

"Because hes my mate but he wont tell me full story.. If its something bad, i can help!" Robbie explained

"Look, i need to go. I got to meet others" Shane tries to walk away

"No!" Robbie pushes him back


Shane takes a deep breath and sits down. He looks to the ground while Robbie stares at him demanding answers. 


"Gary was only helping me. I wished i never met them!" Shane sighs

"Met who? What have you done?" Robbie asked

"I met these guys, i thought they were nice.. They lend me money just to treat me, bought me drinks, food, buying a car for me. Then they started to act different, said i owned them money" Shane explained

"Are you thinking what im thinking?" Robbie looked shocked

"Yeah" Shane looks at Robbie

"How much Shane? How much?!" Robbie starts to shout

"I own them 80 thousands.. It wasnt even that much! Then Gary saw me after they left me, he was worried about me so i told him. Then he started to borrow me money" Shane gets upset

"You idiot! What are we gonna do!" Robbie wondered

"I dont know, ive not heard from them yet. I still own them another 50 thousands" Shane stands up

"So you borrowed off Gary 30 thousands?" Robbie asked

"Yes and im sorry" Shane sighs

"You own him" Robbie tells him

"Lets go to the pub invite Gary and we will sort this mess out" Shane said

"Right okay, what time?" Robbie asked

"11.30am" Shane puts his coat on

"Where you going now?" Robbie wondered

"To walk" Shane opens door


Shane mobile starts to ring. Shane and Robbie looks at the phone. They both look at each other. 


"Oh no" Shane sighs

"Ingore it!" Robbie tells him


Shane switches his mobile off and walks out with Robbie. As they walked down the street, they see Gary walking out of the shop. Shane quickly walks into the pub while Robbie catches up with Gary. 


"Hi mate" Gary smiles

"Hi, i think we need to talk" Robbie smiles softly

"Are you alright?" Gary wondered

"Yes im fine, but Shane isnt" Robbie said

"Shane? Is he okay?" Gary starts to worry

"Looking worried Gary?" Robbie laughs

"Its not funny mate, if something happens to him.." Gary slips

"I know the full story so i think we best go in pub and sit with Shane, sort this mess out!" Robbie interrupts

"You know? Oh no Robbie!" Gary said

"I want to help" Robbie puts his hand on his shoulder


Robbie turns round and walks into the pub. He sees Shane at the bar looking at his phone. Robbie orders himself and Gary a drink.


"Im supposed to be meeting Kian and others" Shane looks at Robbie

"Stuff them for now, we need to sort this out, its serious! When do they want the money?" Robbie warned

"They're my mates! So im gonna have a drink with them first" Shane sips his drink

"Fine but im coming over later after i talk to Gary" Robbie walks away and sits down


Gary walks in the pub and sees Shane. He walks over and puts his arm round him. 


"Mate, dont worry" Gary smiles

"Im scared and i dont even have enough to pay them" Shane sighs

"Here..." Gary gives him 1,000

"You what.." Shane looks at the money

"I went to the bank, now all you need is 40 thousands after you paid them" Gary explained

"Thanks mate.. I dont even know when im seeing them again.. They rang me few times this morning" Shane takes his money off him

"You're joking... Look i best go, talk later" Gary sighs and sits next to Robbie


Kian then walks in, sees Gary and Robbie chatting away and sees Shane looking at his phone looking worried. He walks and sits next to him. 


"Fosters please" Kian asked the barman

"You dont even have Fosters" Shane sighs

"I like it sometimes" Kian smiles

"Sorry, im not in best of moods" Shane laughs

"Dont worry mate" Kian smiles

"And you're meant to be 100% irish, not 100% English" Shane sips his drink

"Thats true" Kian laughs

"I have Guinness" Shane looks at him

"How many have you had?" Kian wondered

"I drunk this one quickly and i was only here for 15 minutes" Shane answered

"Steady mate, i'll get you another one" Kian smiles


"Hes drinking quick Robbie" Gary gets worried

"Its really got to him hasnt it?" Robbie looks at Shane and Kian

"Hope Kian cheers him up" Gary smiles


An hour later, at 12.30, Shane and Kian are playing pool, Gary and Robbie are chatting away still but as the pub gets busy, the three big men walks in and stands at the end of the bar. Mikey and Ronan walks in laughing and joking. They order a drink but while they were getting a drink, the blokes stares at them. 


"Mikey? The guys are looking at us" Ronan whisphered

"Ingore them, maybe they're drunk" Mikey laughs

"At this time?" Ronan thought

"Dont worry, they think they're hard but they're not" Mikey sighs


Mikey and Ronan walks away as soon they got a drink and sits down and joins Shane and Kian. Ronan then started to feel cold and turned round but no one was there. 


"You alright Ro?" Mikey wondered

"Yeah, i just felt something cold behind me" Ronan answered and smiles but looks round


"How you both doing?" Kian asked

"We're good" Ronan and Mikey smiled

"Great!" Kian smiles watching Shane

"Yes! I've beaten you twice mate! Loser" Shane laughs playing pool

"Haha very nice mate" Kian sips his drink

"Actually lets all sit around and catch up" Shane sits down

"Sorry i didnt answer your calls Shane but im glad to see you" Ronan said

"No worries" Shane shakes his hand


The lads see Gary and Robbie at the other side of the room. Ronan stands up and walks up to them. 


"Hi guys, arent you both joining us?" Ronan wondered

"Yeah sure, Robbie?" Gary stands up and looks at Robbie

"Fine but im not" Robbie sighs

"Come on, its only few hours mate" Gary tells him

"No im fine sitting on my own thanks" Robbie looks at him

"Come on Rob!" Ronan smiles


Gary looks at Robbie and walks away to join others, he sits next to Shane and smiles at him. Ronan sits next to Robbie and tries to persuade him. 


"Rob you're usually always up for a drink!" Ronan laughs and sips his drink

"I know mate but not today. Honestly, you go and enjoy yourself. I think i'll go back home" Robbie stands up

"Hey, whats up?" Ronan wondered

"Just look after Shane and Gary for me" Robbie sighs and smiles


Robbie finishes his drink and walks out of the door. He then notices few guys looking at him. He turns round and stares at them back. 


"Whats your problem?" Robbie wondered

"Nothing mate" One of the guys says and laughs


Robbie then walks home. Ronan joins Shane, Mikey, Gary and Kian. The pub was getting busier and busier. Music got louder. The lads were still there but kept going outside round the back. Gary goes to the men's toilet and Shane follows him. 


"Mate, you made me jump" Gary laughs

"Sorry" Shane sighs

"Whats the matter?" Gary asked

"I think they're here" Shane panics

"How do you know?" Where?" Gary in shock

"They're at the end of the bar, they're actually looking at us all the time" Shane explains

"They cant hurt us, its packed full of people" Gary told him


Shane takes a deep breath and slowly walks out of the room. Everyone starts to look at him but he ingores them. He then looks at his mates but walks away to go outside for a fresh air. Gary then walks out of the toilet, ordered a drink and sits down. He looks round and asked where Shane was.


"Wheres Shane?" Gary wondered

"I thought he went to toilet" Kian thought

"He did, i thought he would come back here" Gary looks round

"Im sure he'll be wandering outside having fresh air" Mikey explains

"He wont be long mate" Ronan smiles

"Yeah hope so" Gary whispered


Shane stands outside and one of the lads grabs his coat and pushed him against the wall. 


"Hello again" Steve whispered

"Get off me" Shane tries to push him

"Wheres the money?" Steve asked

"I thought you were a friend!" Shane shaked

"I lied, we used you so where is it!" Steve laughs

"I only got 1,000" Shane gets his money out

"Thanks but we need another 40,000.. mate!" Steve lets him go

"When do you need it?" Shane asked

"Tonight!" Steve shouts

"Tonight? You are joking, im out with the lads! Cant i get it later in week" Shane panics

"No. If you dont get it by tonight, something will happen to someone who you love, maybe Gary or Ronan" Steve laughs and walks away


Shane then takes a deep breath, gets emotional and panics. He walks away from the pub and sits down on a bench. He then tries to phone Robbie but no answer. 


Meanwhile in a pub, Gary starts to worry about Shane but he waits patiently. He goes to the bar and buys a round then he sees a woman walking up to him. 


"Hi" Lena smiled

"Hi, do i know you?" Gary wondered

"You've seen me around" Lena laughs

"Oh sorry, yeah ive seen you walking your dog" Gary laughs

"You out with the lads?" Lena wondered

"Yes i am" Gary smiled

"Well i best leave you to it. I'll see you soon" Lena smiles

"Well i could always join you if you're on your own?" Gary asked

"Im actually with a friend, Toni and Sarah" Lena answered

"Nice names. You all look nice" Gary smiles

"Thanks babe" Lena kisses his cheek and walks away to join her friends


Gary joins the lads yet again. Still no sign of Shane. 


"Where is he?" Kian wondered

"Ran off with Robbie" Mikey laughs

"Yeah, having few cans at home" Ronan laughs

"Maybe" Gary smiles

"Guess its just us four then" Kian smiles

"Who are the girls over there?" Ronan wondered

"Oh, Lena, Sarah and Toni. I never met them but i've seen them around" Gary answered

"Maybe we should choose who to join but sadly theres only us four, theres three" Ronan smiles

"Actually im not bothered" Mikey sighs

"Me either" Kian looks at Mikey

"Im not gonna get pulled tonight Ro" Gary laughed

"Why not?" Ronan laughs

"I got other things on my mind" Gary said

"Like what mate?" Ronan wondered

"Im not ready for a woman" Gary told him

"Yeah right, i saw you talking to her" Ronan smiled


While Ronan, Mikey, Kian and Gary have a laugh. Shane is at his house trying to find the money. He gets a text from Steve. 


"6pm tonight! Dont be late"


Shane rushes everywhere to find the money. He tries to call Robbie but sadly Robbie has fallen asleep at his house. Shane then runs to his house, banging on his door but no answer. 


"Robbie! Answer the door!!!" Shane shouted

"Robbie.. You stupid man" Shane looks through the window


Shane then walks back to the pub, sees the lads having a laugh and then orders a big jug pint of Fosters. He sits on his own and starts to drink. A woman comes up to him, 


"Hi you alright?" Toni wondered

"I just want to be on my own please!" Shane yelled

"Fine by me, was only being nice" Toni and her friends walks out of the pub

"No need for that was there?!" Gary walks up to him

"Leave me alone, i want you all to leave me alone!" Shane gets upset

"Man up Shane! You usually dont care" Gary sighs

"I dont but this is different" Shane looks

"Stop being like this, whats wrong" Gary sits next to him

"He wants the money, Steve. He wants the rest by tonight 6pm. If i dont give it him, something will happen" Shane explained

"Oh shit" Gary in shock

"I know, this is stupid!" Shane laughs

"We need to get Robbie" Gary drinks his pint

"I still got this left" Shane looks at his drink

"Cant believe you bought a jug, you'll be drunk by 6pm" Gary says

"Robbie has got the money, why cant he pay off and i'll pay back! I'll pay every penny" Shane explained

"I'll see what i can do.. Its 4.30 already" Gary looks at his watch

"Times going too fast... But He said you or Ronan"

"You what..." Gary whispered and looked at Ronan

"Im sorry mate" Shane sighs and drinks his pints

"You shouldnt of started being mates with them in first place" Gary then walks off


Gary walked up to Ronan and Kian, told them he has to go and check on Robbie. He told them he had a good time and thanks for the laughs. Gary gives them a hug and walks out of the pub without giving Shane a hug. Mikey was in toilet but a guy pushed by him but walked off, Mikey sees that Gary has gone but then sits next to Ronan and Kian. 


"I think you best talk to Shane mate" Mikey smiled

"Yeah i guess so, see you guys later. I think i'll head home after this pint" Kian smiled and walks to sit next to Shane


Gary isnt abit happy with Shane because what he caused even though he wants to help him. Gary walks back to his and Robbie's house but noticed the guys following him but he walks faster and got into his house quickly. He shuts the door and sees Robbie fast asleep. Gary wakes him up by putting loud music on then turned if off when he was awake. Robbie gets up quickly and sees Gary looking stressed. 


"Shane's in trouble!" Gary stated

"You what?" Robbie stands up

"We need to money by 6pm! Or something will happen! Please mate, lend us some money. I know its his fault but he will lend you every penny back" Gary explains

"How much? What.. another 50?" Robbie thought

"No 40 because i lended him 1,000 today" Gary answered

"God sake Gary, we need the money!! Wheres his money gone?" Robbie shouted

"I dont know. It'll be me or Ronan, thats what Shane said if we dont get the money and right now, Ronan is in that pub, he could get hurt because the guys are there!" Gary shouted back

"I'll have a look for some money but whos in that pub now?" Robbie takes a deep breath

"Ronan, Kian and Mikey.. Shane is sitting on his own drinking" Gary sits down


Robbie isnt happy but is willing to help. He starts to find some money and goes to the bank if he could borrow a loan. Gary goes with him and helps. 


Meanwhile, Mikey and Ronan has a chat. 


"I think i best go soon. I feel rubbish" Mikey laughed

"Me too, we've only drank for 5 hours" Ronan smiled

"Thats long" Mikey sighs

"Shame that we all didnt stay together today" Ronan said

"I know, fancy a Chinese?" Mikey asked

"Whatever you want mate" Ronan smiled

"Fresh day tomorrow" Mikey taps his back


In that hour left, Shane and Kian have a laugh but Shane is still worried as he keeps looking at his phone and watch. 


"Mate, you can tell me anything" Kian hugs him

"I wish i could" Shane whispered

"Tell me" Kian asked

"Im sorry but i am fine, honest" Shane smiled

"Okay, i think i best shoot off but im here if you need me" Kian smiled 


Kian and Shane hug tightly and when Kian walks out of the pub, theres now only Shane, Mikey and Ronan left. Shane stands up but sees Steve and his mates still at the bar. Shane walks over to Ronan and Mikey. 


"Hey you're back!" Ronan hugs him

"Miss me?" Shane smiled

"Of course mate" Ronan laughs

"We always miss you! Actually, now im gonna leave you two piss heads" Mikey laughs 

"See you back at the flat" Ronan said

"Yeah, i'll order it about 6pm, come when you're ready and we can have one last drink for Stephen" Mikey smiles and walks out of the pub


Shane gets a text from Gary. 


"Getting it sorted now!" 


Shane smiles and starts talking to Ronan. They both start to have another two more pints. 


Meanwhile, Robbie and Gary are at the bank. They asked for a loan but the lady said they can post it through, will be next week. Robbie and Gary gets frustrated. 


"No we need it now! Please, we need it" Robbie shouted

"Im sorry, it will be posted by next week" Lady said

"Why not give it us in cash!" Gary asked

"How much?" Lady looks on computer

"40,000" Gary sighs

"What?!" Lady shocked

"I know and we are in trouble.. If you get what i mean" Gary explained

"No Shane is!" Robbie looks at Gary

"I understand, i really do. Will you be able to wait a minute?" Lady stands up and walks away to sort something out


Gary and Robbie looks at the time and sits down. The clock is ticking. It is already 5.30pm! They are about 10 mins away from pub. Shane and Ronan are still there, so is Steve's men. 


"I feel him sometimes mate" Ronan tells him

"Aw mate, he would be proud of you" Shane smiled

"Thanks pal, you are a great guy to be with" Ronan drinks his pint

"I try to be" Shane laughs


Shane has forgotten the time because he was enjoying himself with Ronan. Mikey is at home, setting the table ready for Chinese and one can each. Kian is back home watching TV and falling asleep. Gary and Robbie are still at the bank, waiting impatiently.


"I thought you had enough in your bank" Gary mentioned

"I do.. let me check" Robbie goes to his bank


Its already 6pm. The lady comes back and talks to Gary and Robbie. 


"I can only give you 20,000" Lady hands over a bag of money to Robbie.

"Thanks..." Robbie sighs


As the lady walks away, Robbie and Gary looks at each other. Robbie tells him hes took 40,000 out of his bank but Shane owns him alot of money. 


"I got abit of money left in bank but i think we best go! Oh shit its 6pm!" Robbie looks at the time


Gary and Robbie starts to run back to the pub. But is it too late?


Meanwhile at the pub, Shane starts to worry as he looks at the time. Ronan was desperate for the toilet, so was Shane but Ronan when first. Shane finishes off his drink. Ronan then went outside the back for a fresh air. Shane went off to the toilet while getting a text by Gary. 


"Its done mate, on the way" 


"Times up!" Steve says

"Who shall we get?" Adam asked

"Ronan, hes just gone outside" Steve answered

"Maybe wait a minute" Jake thought

"No way, i need to be going soon, so get ready" Steven warned


The three blokes start to walk outside round the back slowly. Ronan sits down and all of the sudden, he thought he saw something. He stood up and walked slowly. He felt a breeze go past him and felt suddenly cold.


"Hello?" Ronan yelled quietly


There was a ghost moving slowly, as Ronan walked closer, the figure walked backwards. 


"Is that you?" Ronan thought

"Steo? Dont go!" Ronan suddenly saw a figure of him but then he started to get upset


Before Ronan turned round, there was three big guys behind him. Shane walked out of the toilet noticed Ronan wasn't there, neither was Steve and his men. He then saw Gary and Robbie walking in the pub. 


"Wheres Ronan? The guys isnt here" Shane wondered

"Oh no but we got the money!" Robbie tells him

"Lets have a look but you were supposed to keep an eye" Gary starts looking round

"I did but we went to toilet, then Ronan was gone" Shane tells them


Steve and his guys had a cricket bat in their hand. Before Ronan turned round, he was gone! They hit him that hard he fell on the floor. Jake and Adam starts to beat him. Steve gets a text from Shane.


"We got the money, where are you?" 


Steve got mad but when they heard a noise, they all turned round and ran.


Shane, Gary and Robbie saw the guys running off but went round the back and saw Ronan layed on floor in shock.

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