Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


9. Chapter Nine


At 1am, Steve is checking his phone and looking round to see if Mikey has arrived. Shane is very cold and tried to get warm. 


"Im starving!" Shane shouted

"There's some crisps in there!" Steve shouted back


Shane struggles to move as he felt bruised and in pain, he grabbed a packet and felt relieved when he ate some, he also saw a bottle of coke beside him and drunk it too. Shane felt upset and betrayed. He tried to get out of the car, slowly grabbed a brick off the floor but Steve caught him and kicked him hard that he fell onto the floor. Steven then pulled him by grabbing his jacket and pushed him in the car. 


Meanwhile, Mikey had a lot of money in his savings and he decided to use it to pay Steve. He was on way, driving fast with loud music on. Mikey started to panic as he couldn't find them. 


"Come on!! Where are you?" Mikey shouted as he cries

"Im so sorry...."


Mikey saw a black car near the cliff and noticed Shane in there and Steve standing outside. Mikey grabbed his money, got out of the car, slammed it behind him and walked slowly towards them. Shane and Steve sees a figure towards them and it was Mikey! Shane felt so angry and hurt but glad at the same time as he quickly walks painfully towards him just before Steve grabbed him, Shane managed to punch Mikey. Steve then grabbed his arm and dragged him with him at the edge of the cliff. 


"Steve! Please let him go, if you do i will give you the money" Mikey shouted

"It doesn't work like that, give me the money first or he dies" Steve laughed

"Just look at him, what are you doing to him?" Mikey looks at Shane

"It was your idea Mikey! You started this!" Shane yelled

"Shut up" Steve shouted at him

"Maybe we both might jump in" Steve steps back

"No please" Shane begged

"Here, here's your money!!" Mikey threw it in his car

"How much?" Steve asked

"£800 grand" Mikey answered

"£800??" Shane in shock

"Good man!" Steve grinned

"Now let him go..." Mikey sighed

"Try it" Steve walked backwards


Mikey runs towards Steve and punches him in the face but then Steve pushed Shane to the floor and grabbed Mikey's jacket and kicked his leg so hard that he was in pain.


"Mikey!" Shane ran towards him but Steve stopped him


The fight didn't stop, for ten minutes, the three kept on fighting each other. 


"This is stupid, you're both like a pair of boys" Steve laughed and turned his back to them, he walked towards the edge of cliff looking at the ocean.


Mikey and Shane looked at each other, both covered in blood and then Mikey grabbed a brick, walked slowly behind Steve and hitted his head very hard. Steve suddenly went forwards, tripped up and fell into the sea. Mikey and Shane watched his body floating in the ocean but slowly drowning. 


"What have i done? Shane?" Mikey took a step back, fell on his knees and broke down into tears


Shane looked at him feeling hated and upset but he then goes to hug him, both hugged each other tightly and cried. 


"I'm so sorry!" Mikey cried


They both stood up, collected the money back, walked into Mikey's car and sat but didn't say a word to each other for 30 minutes. Shane looked at his watch and realised it was 2.30am. 


"Were you in on this? I want to know everything!" Shane asked

"I didn't realise what Steve was like, i only wanted him to make you suffer, not kill you" Mikey answered

"Why? What is it? Is it because what i did to Ronan?" Shane said

"Yes" Mikey whispered

"I don't believe this... but how did Steve get involved?" Shane asked

"I hit you, tied you up and then i phoned Steve.. I offered him money, think i said 400" Mikey replied

"You paid him to hurt me?!" Shane shouted

"I know and im sorry" Mikey cried

"Sorry isnt good enough, you've hurt me" Shane sighed

"Mate... I do feel guilty! I wish this never happened. Yesterday, he rang me and wanted more money. Now i understand how you was feeling, how messed you was because of him!" Mikey explained

"You shouldn't even done it in the first place. You was supposed to be my mate" Shane got upset

"I still am... Shane, why dont we get back, get cleaned up before they see us" Mikey said

"No im gonna let them see me like this!" Shane smirked

"They cant find out" Mikey begged

"What about the police, what will you say to them? and now, Steve is dead, things will get worse!" Shane sighed

"It wont get worse, we can sort it" Mikey told him

"Adam and Jake, they will kill us now if they find out Steve is dead... You didn't think of that did you?" Shane shouted

"Oh no... I'm so sorry" Mikey sighed

"I don't think i'll ever forgive you" Shane got upset

"All i wanted was a fresh start, forget the past... But no you spoiled everything" 

"I tried to save you!" Mikey touched his arm

"Yeah because you felt guilty.. can't wait till Ronan finds out what you've done" Shane shrugged

"Please don't tell him... But firstly, we need to go to the station.. Everyone, the police are looking for you" Mikey explained

"Oh now you decided to be nice and want to sort things out. Where is the old Mikey gone? Right, we'll go but we have to be honest!" Shane sighed

"I don't want to go to prison.." Mikey starts the car

"Who's fault is that?" Shane looked at him

"Could i ask you a question? If Steve didnt ring you that day, would you of left me there for weeks?" Shane asked


Mikey didnt say anything and nodded slowly which made Shane shocked.


"Oh my god!"


At 3.30am, Mikey and Shane arrives at the station. They both got out of the car and walked in together. Mikey was really nervous and tired, so was Shane. They walked up to the desk, a policeman saw Shane and tapped on his shoulder. 


"Are you Shane Filan?" PC Clarke asked

"Yes" Shane nodded

"You look terrible. Where have you been for 4 days? Would you like to come in for a chat?" PC Clarke wondered

"Yeah.." Shane whispered and looked at Mikey

"I saw you the other day, how come you're with Shane?" PC Clarke asked

"It's a long story" Mikey answered

"Shane, after this, you need to go to the hospital to get checked up" PC Clarke stated

"Okay" Shane sighed

"Why don't you talk to me afterwards Mikey" PC Clarke pointed out


Shane went into a room to talk to PC Clarke and Mikey was in another room waiting for Shane to finish, he was worried what Shane was going to tell them. They were both nervous. 


(Shane's interview)


"Everyone was worried about you. Where were you? Could you tell me what happened?" PC Clarke asked

"I was with Mikey, walking along and then he hit me, tied me up and everything. I was in the shed since Monday morning. I guess after that Mikey went home, but he phoned Steve, paid him to hurt me" Shane explained

"Why did Mikey do this and who is Steve?" PC Clarke wondered

"Because of what happened before to his best mate, i got involved with the wrong people, i owned them money and they nearly killed his friend. That's who Steve is, and his two other friends Adam and Jake. Mikey just felt angry that he wanted to hurt me" Shane got upset

"When did Mikey come back to you? Are you telling me that these guys are bad news? Loan Sharks?" PC Clarke sighed

"They are loan sharks. Steve took me to the cliff and phoned Mikey, told him to pay him extra money or i die. Mikey came this early morning to try help me. It turned nasty and then Steve fell, hes dead.. but you need to arrest Jake and Adam, they will kill us if they find out" Shane got worried

"We will try and find them, thanks for explaining me this. It's good you both came straight away" PC Clarke smiled

"There's a car at the cliff, his car.. thought you should know" Shane sighed

"Right, i think we're gonna talk to Mikey now but dont worry. Its up to you if you want to charge him or not for hurting you. Weill 100% arrest Adam and Jake"


Shane walked out of the room and sat down, took a deep breath. 


"Are you okay?" Mikey asked

"I feel better now that i told them but i told them everything, i'm sorry Mikey. So you best tell the truth" Shane answered

"By the way, i didn't say you hit Steve so i've done you a favour.... Just say he fell" 

"Mikey?" PC Clarke smiled


Mikey smiled and nodded as he stood up and walked in the room. 


(Mikey's interview)


"Shane has told me everything. Would you like to say something?" PC Clarke wondered

"I didn't mean any of this to happen. We were supposed to be mates. Steve nearly killed my best mate, i blamed it on Shane because he got involved. I felt really angry and hated him. Now, i feel so guilty and he tries to be friendly with me, but now he won't forgive me..." 

"You do know this is serious offence" PC Clarke sighed

"I know" Mikey nodded

"I'm glad you told the truth and Shane, and you both admitted it straight away, which means you're not in trouble. But we are going to arrest Adam and Jake. Coming outside?" PC Clarke opened the door


Shane stood up as Mikey and PC Clarke came out of the room. 


"Mikey, i will give you last chance. If you do this again, you will be arrested. You're very lucky" PC Clarke told him

"Yeah, thanks" Mikey nodded and smiled gently

"The case will be closed as soon i have let everyone know that you're okay" PC Clarke told Shane

"That it? I mean..." Shane thought

"Usually we would take it further, but for now we are find information and arrest Adam and Jake. They have been arrested before. Please don't go anywhere near them" PC Clarke warned

"Do you want to ring someone?" 

"No, we'll see them face to face" Shane smiled

"Okay, you can go now. Will let you know when we found them. I'm going to ring the ambulance" PC Clarke walked away

"No i am fine, i feel okay" Shane refused

"Shane, you look terrible, you need to get cleaned and checked up, before any damages" PC Clarke explained


One of the police started to call the ambulance, so Mikey and Shane had to wait, sit outside for them. Mikey told Shane he will drive his car and follow the ambulance. It was 5am by the time the ambulance arrived. Shane got in slowly as he was in pain. 


"Where does it hurt?" Paramedic asked

"My stomach, leg and my head.. Feel sore and a bad headache" Shane answered 


He was taken to the hospital then the doctor did some check up and the nurses help him to clean the wound. He didn't look good, he had to have a plaster on his stomach and the left side of his forehead. The nurses gave Shane some tablets to keep him going, to help the pain. It was 6am when Shane walked back to Mikey's car. 


"Feel better?" Mikey asked

"Yeah a bit, still feel bruised, they've given me tablets" Shane sighed



 As Mikey started the car, they decided to go to the 24 hour B&B because it was too early to go back home. 


"Fancy breakfast?" Mikey wondered

"I have no money on me...." Shane answered

"I'll pay, i got that £800 grand but i best put it back in savings" Mikey smiled

"Okay but it doesn't mean i forgive you" Shane looked at him

"I'm sorry, but i guess it's all over now" Mikey sighed

"Get ready for the big fight" Shane smirked

"Ronan did say if i was involved, he wouldn't forgive me" Mikey explained

"I don't blame him" Shane sighed

"Im just glad they will be arrested" Mikey told him

"Adam and Jake? Yeah me too" Shane agreed


The clock is ticking and it is 7am, Mikey and Shane enjoyed their breakfast, especially Shane since he hasn't had any proper food in past four days. 


"Oh i miss this!" Shane enjoying his food

"You've only been gone 4 days" Mikey smirked

"4 days hell.. Steve has been buying bacon cobs every time from that cafe but i don't want to talk about it. It was horrible, i thought i was gonna die" Shane explained

"Bacon Cobs are nice" Mikey sighed

"Yeah but it was cold, i bet he bought himself one, eaten it, then waited 30 minutes and give it me" Shane tutted 

"I've missed you" Mikey whispered

"How would you feel if i was dead?" Shane asked

"I would be devastated and upset. Guilty. I'd probs be in prison" Mikey answered

"I'm just shocked! Bet Ronan will wonder where you are" Shane thought

"Again! He was worried about me Monday morning, because i didn't come back home, we had an argument Sunday night" Mikey sighed

"Anyway, i remember when Nicky was walking in the park, he was on a swing, messing about. He went too high that made him flew off the swing, he was lucky because he landed in the water, he was sore but it was funny when you think about it" Shane laughed

"Wish i'd seen that. Ronan did some funny things, so did Steo. You should've seen Ronan about 5 years ago, he was around the pool and he slipped, but slipped on his bum instead of in water. Ouch! But then he stood up and slipped backwards into the pool, he had a bit of drink" Mikey smiled

"Mikey? At this moment, you're like the old Mikey... but why hurt me... I feel like i can't forgive you yet, when we get back, best keep our distance. Look, we best get going but good luck because you're gonna need it" Shane explained

"I still do care. I don't know what i'll say to Ro. What about you?" Mikey asked

"I'll have to be honest and tell them but they won't be happy with you, even Gary and Robbie won't, Robbie would go mad" Shane said

"They all can't just hate me" Mikey sips his tea

"You got to give us all time. How is Robbie? Hope Rob and Gary are okay" Shane thought

"I think they're fine, not seen them much" Mikey smiled


At 8.30, they arrive back at their hometown. Shane tells Mikey hes gonna get a new phone and then see Kian and Nicky. They both get out of the car, Mikey looks at his door then looks at Shane. 


"This is it mate. Im off" Shane taps on his back and walks away


Mikey slowly walks into his flat and sees Ronan on the sofa watching TV, releasing Mikey coming in looking abit dirty and abit of bruise on his forehead. 


"I thought you was in bed... Where have you been and what happened to you?" Ronan asked

"I think we best have a chat, a long talk. There's something i have to tell you" Mikey answered

"Right.. Okay.. I'm all ears" Ronan sits back on sofa

"First of all, Shane is well and alive" Mikey smiled gently

"Oh that's great news! Thank God" Ronan hugs Mikey tightly

"Yes hes at home" Mikey sighed

"Best phone police to let them know" Ronan gets his mobile

"No don't, they already know. We went early hours this morning, we've already been interviewed and the case is closed" Mikey explained

"Oh... I don't understand... Why were you interviewed? You've done nothing wrong, you found him right? Mikey?" Ronan wondered

"You know how you thought i was involved, i was kinda the reason why Shane was missing" Mikey confessed


Ronan stared at Mikey and paused... He couldn't believe what he was hearing...


"I bloody thought so" Ronan's voice got louder

"Let me explain" Mikey sighed

"You better do, right now" Ronan got angry

"I hit him, tied him and locked him in shed but i paid someone else to hurt him. I left him until 12am this morning because i found out he was at the cliff with the person i paid, i had to pay him extra money to save him or hes dead, now Steve's dead, because he tripped and fell" Mikey closed his eyes and looked down

"What... Are you mad... Oh my god... You left Shane in a cold shed, no water, no food but getting beaten up badly?!" Ronan shouted

"He had food and water" Mikey sighed

"Oh and that makes it alright doesn't it? Thats sick, you are sick! He could of died!" Ronan took a deep breath

"Im sorry! At the end i saved him!" Mikey told him

"Yeah because of that phone call, made you felt guilty? I'm surprised the police let you off!" Ronan sighed

"They given me one chance!" Mikey shouted

"Who is Steve? Don't tell me it's the same guys who nearly killed me?" Ronan hoped


Ronan knew from Mikey's impression straight away, he couldn't believe it and he kept walking up and down the living room. Mikey tried to get nearer to Ronan but Ronan pushed him away.


"I cant even look at you right now. I want you to go!" Ronan in tears

"Mate" Mikey cried

"Don't mate me! You're not my best friend, you're just a another bloke. The Mikey i knew is dead, you're dead to me" Ronan sat on sofa crying

"You don't mean that, i need you and you need me!" Mikey took a deep breath

"I wish Steo was here than you... Look, please go!! I want you out, so why don't you pack your bags" Ronan walked off


As Ronan walked off into his bedroom and slammed the door, he broke into tears. Mikey starts to get upset and then slowly goes and packs his bags.


Meanwhile, When Shane arrived home, Nicky and Kian were pleased to see him, hugged Shane tightly but wasn't really happy with Mikey when Shane told them everything. Shane told them to leave Mikey as he doesn't want to make matters worse. About 10am, Mikey walked out of the door with his bags and Kian saw him as he walked back to his flat on the way from shop. Kian wanted to hit him but respected Shane's wishes.


"Have you forgiven him then?" Nicky asked

"No but we're gonna stay away from each other for a while. I told him it's gonna take time for us to be mates again" Shane explained

"I just saw Mikey outside with his bags and suitcase. Good on Ronan chucking him out!" Kian walked in

"I knew this would happen... Actually i'm gonna go and see him" Shane gets up

"Shane! Don't you dare, you could of died because of him" Nicky moaned

"I know, i just need to talk to him" Shane walks out


Shane sees Mikey and runs up to him. 


"Mikey!! You okay?" Shane sees Mikey in tears

"He hates me. I don't know where to go! I didn't mean any of this to happen! I love you all, remember that" Mikey takes a deep breath

"Why dont you go to the B&B, its only down the road. Just give everyone space" Shane suggested

"Yeah why not.. I guess Kian and Nicky are mad at me" Mikey sighed

"Very but i told them to leave you alone. I best go" Shane walks back in


"When are you gonna see Toni? She's been worrying about you, she's just called me" Kian explained

"I'll see her now, i'll have to tell her same details" Shane smiled

"She will be happy to see you" Nicky gives him a hug


While Mikey goes to the B&B, Shane was on way to Toni's but Gary and Robbie saw him walking down the street.


"Shane? Oh my god, we was scared something happened to you!" Gary hugged him

"Nice to see you back mate, how are you feeling?" Robbie wondered

"Same as usual, its a long story but you'll find out one day" Shane sighed

"You could come over and chat with us" Gary suggested

"I'd like to but i really need to see Toni, she's not seen me yet" Shane smiled

"No problem, see you soon" Gary nodded


As Shane walks away, Gary and Robbie noticed he had some bruises and cuts. Ronan still at home but sees Shane through the window walking to Toni's. 


Toni hears the sounds of knocking while she watched TV, she then turned TV off and walked to the door. She hoped it would be Shane and it was. When she opened it, she was gobsmacked and didn't know what to say. 


"You've come back!" Toni in shock

"Hi Babe" Shane winked

"Hey... I thought you was dead" Toni was relieved

"I've missed you" Shane smiled

"I missed you too!" Toni and Shane hugs tightly and kisses


As they both couldn't keep their hands off each other, Shane had to tell Toni everything and she was really shocked! She couldn't believe Mikey would do that and thought he was a nice man. 


"Im just glad you're okay! I feel like i just wanna slap him!" Toni sighed and hugged into Shane's arms

"He was a good friend to you wasnt he?" Shane thought

"Yeah and he even made sure i was okay, he looked after me and he knew all along" Toni sighed

"Hey, im back now. Forget about him. Im here" Shane hugs her


Toni really wanted to tell him about her and Mikey but thought to leave it for few days... Shane spends his time with her for few hours, to make up from Monday. Then about 3pm, he tells Toni that hes going to see the last person who is Ronan. Shane gives her a gentle kiss and hugs her, then goes to see Ronan. 



































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