Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


4. Chapter Four


Today is the day where Gary and Robbie goes to meet Howard, Mark and Jason in Brighton who they have not seen for ages. They arrive at the airport, and sat waiting for the plane. There's a lot of fans seeing Gary and Robbie travelling in airport wondering whats happening, these fans are going to Brighton too to watch some artist on stage. Robbie and Gary decided to have abit of food and few drinks while they're waiting. 

Meanwhile, Shane makes himself a cup of tea and listening to abit of his songs, made himself a nice Bacon Cob with Brown Sauce. He did enjoy that. About 40 minutes later, he hears a knock on his door and it was Ronan. Ronan managed to walk slowly all the way to Shane's, Ronan leans against the wall next to Shane's door. He then press doorbell few times. 


"Come on Shane" Ronan sighs


Shane opens the door and shocked to see Ronan standing infront of him. 


"Hi, can i come in?" Ronan asked

"Yeah" Shane lets him in


Shane watched Ronan walked and sat down on his settee. Ronan could smell something and started to get hungry. 


"Did you have Bacon? Im hungry... I've not eaten much these past days" Ronan wondered

"Okay i'll go and make some for you" Shane walks into the kitchen

"Thanks" Ronan sits back


Shane started to make another Bacon Cob for Ronan but was confused as why was Ronan acting normal. Ronan gets a text from Mikey asking where he is. Ronan texts back he's at Shane's. Few minutes later, Shane gives him a cup of tea and a Bacon cob. Shane sits down and takes a deep breath. 


"Say something mate" Shane waited

"I saw Stephen!" Ronan told him but didnt give Shane a happy look

"Stephen?" Shane feeling confused

"Yes.. When i was in hospital asleep..." Ronan answered

"Really?" Shane laughed

"Its not funny... I didn't want him to go.. I was so happy when i saw him. Then i woke up, and it wasn't real after i woke up, although i saw his figure for what.. five seconds.. but we was talking, i saw him in heaven" Ronan explained

"Things happen when you're in hospital, strange dreams" Shane told him

"It was not a dream, it was real!" Ronan shouted

"Sometimes i feel him when im awake, i thought i saw him and it was him, before i got hit"

"Im sorry" Shane apologized

"You're sorry? You're sorry... You wanted me dead, i wished i stayed with Stephen!!" Ronan breathed heavy

"Dont say that mate, i didn't want you dead. Im happy you're okay.. I tried to stop them, we had the money and was on our way, then we found you half dead" Shane explained

"Look, i know, Mikey told me... Why did you let that happen? You could of us if you was having problems. We was the last ones in pub, you could of said something" Ronan sighs

"Look i've been through this with Mikey, Robbie and everyone. I dont want to talk about it no more. Its done now. Please mate, i want to start fresh" Shane gets upset

"You hurt me" Ronan sighed 

"I cant even look at you sometimes, either can Mikey"

"Ronan mate" Shane touches his arm

"Dont mate me..." Ronan shouted

"I hate myself, sometimes i want to kill myself for what i done but this was a mistake! I am sorry they attacked you, i didnt they would. Mate... Can we please forget this! He has gone! Hes not coming back as ive already paid him" Shane explained

"I really hope he has!" Ronan sighs

"100% I'd do anything to make you feel better" Shane tells him

"I dont need it..." Ronan looks at him

"I am so glad you're okay. I love you as a friend" Shane tries to hug him

"Shane... mate" Ronan pushes away slowly

"Sorry. I really am" Shane sighs

"Im not having a go. I dont want to fall out with you either. If you got any problems, tell us or me!" Ronan gets emotional

"Yeah" Shane nodded

"I think i best go and talk to Mikey" Ronan tries to get up

"Are we okay?" Shane wondered

"Why wouldn't we be? You're just a daft human sometimes" Ronan smiles

"Tell me about it" Shane laughs 

"Look mate, i'll try and get Mikey to talk to you" Ronan walks to the door

"Thanks" Shane and Ronan hugs

"Thanks for the Bacon Butty, it was nice. I miss your cuppa as well" Ronan smiles

"You're welcome, maybe you should come round every morning" Shane smirked

"I was just shocked thats all. Lets forget it and dont say about this ever again.. i've heard Gary and Robbie are away?" Ronan wondered

"Yeah. But i kept thinking, i wish my band and your band would come back as well" Shane thought

"We will do one day" Ronan nodded


Ronan and Shane gives each other a hug. Ronan smiles gently and walks out as Shane closed the door. Shane takes a deep breath and was glad they are okay. Ronan arrives back at his and sees Mikey looking at him like if something happened. 


"I've forgiven him mate" Ronan looks at Mikey

"Right.. Okay.." Mikey nodded

"Maybe you should forgive him too" Ronan tells him

"I cant mate, it's hard" Mikey sighs

"Do it for me then. This thing is over now. When was the last time you spoke to him?" Ronan wondered

"When you got hit that night" Mikey answered

"Shane is a good man and we've known him for years! He's sorry and it was one big mistake" Ronan explained

"I know.. I could of lost you" Mikey whispered

"Hey, im here now, i'm still here and Stephen is too" Ronan let it slip

"Stephen? Steo?" Mikey wondered

"Oh sorry, forget i said that.. i meant his spirit is still here.. I feel him sometimes" Ronan smiles gently

"I do too" Mikey hugs him


At the girls Flat, there's Lena, Toni and Sarah who lives together as flat mates. Lena tells them about Gary and Toni tells them about Shane. They all are single at the moment. 


"Maybe you should find a man Sarah" Lena smiles

"Ah no im okay for now thanks" Sarah shaked

"You will find one, one day" Toni smiles

"So do you think, you and Shane will ever get together?" Lena wondered

"Erm.. We're just gonna get to know each other first. I like him, hes nice" Toni grinned

"Awwww. Gary's nice too, he treated me well" Lena laughs

"That's good! Im happy for you both" Sarah drinks her tea


The girls have a long chat about Gary, Shane and other men. Meanwhile, Gary and Robbie are on a plane travelling to Brighton. Robbie falls asleep snoring


"Rob! You sound horrible" Gary wakes him up by hitting his leg

"Ouch! Oh sorry mate" Robbie wakes up

"The whole plane could hear you" Gary said

"Really?" Robbie looks round

"God i fancy something" Gary sighs

"We only eaten few hours ago" Robbie tells him


An hour later, the plane landed in Brighton and noticed the weather looked lovely, bright sunshine and no clouds. Robbie and Gary walked out of the plane and smiled as they got excited. Gary got a text to say where they will meet.


"Better than boring Ireland" Robbie laughed

"Ireland's not bad" Gary smiles

"Weather isnt" Robbie sighs

"Mark just texted, meet at his house" Gary looks at his phone


They arrived at the hotel, dropped their bags off and went to Mark's at 2.30pm. They were all happy to see each other. Mark told them the concert starts at 7pm till 1am. The lads are on stage about 10pm. Jason gave them a list of songs they are going to sing, which was The Flood, Greatest Day, Hey Boy, These Days, Relight My Fire, Million Love Songs, Never Forget and Pray. They all were happy with the song choice. They all tried to sing together and get on track with the songs. They all had a laugh and started to get in car, on their way to the arena. 


"Should of done it tomorrow" Robbie wondered

"Na, tonight. Tomorrow we all are gonna catch up and have plenty of beer" Jason smiled

"Sounds great mate" Robbie laughed and shaked his hand

"Again?" Gary sighs

"I didnt have a drink the other day, you did" Robbie told Gary

"Yeah and looked what happened" Gary smiles

"I heard about what happened" Howard tells them

"Ronan is fine and well" Robbie nodded

"Glad to know" Mark smiles

"But we got to get up early and go Sunday about 10am, the flight is 12pm" Gary explained

"I should've changed the time" Robbie sighs

"You should of done..." Gary looked at him


40 minutes later, they arrive and walks backstage to their room. They got given costumes and everything. They also practice the songs and having a laugh. 


Back in Ireland, Shane goes for a long walk and sees Toni sitting down at a cafe reading a magazine. He then sees Kian crossing the road but all of the sudden, a fast car comes round the corner and hits Kian as Kian landed on the car and fell off the car. Someone in the car couldn't care less and carried on driving.


"Kian!!!" Shane shouted

"Oh no!" Toni runs up to them

"Kian, you okay mate?" Shane picks Kian up

"Ouch.. my leg.. I bet i'll have a bruise tomorrow!" Kian laughed

"Kian, i think it's best you get checked up" Shane sighs

"Bloody idiot! Cant believe that bloke ran you over and drove off" Toni got angry

"He was too fast i guess... Did you say a man?" Shane wondered

"I feel fine actually, thanks" Kian nodded

"No we'll take you for a check up" Toni smiles gently

"Toni? Did you see what he looked like?" Shane asked

"Just a man, dark hair with a cap on, he was too fast, so i couldn't see properly" Toni answered

"I knew he'd come back" Shane sighs

"Who?" Toni thought

"Hey don't worry.. So you coming with us then?" Shane asked

"Yeah, if you like me to" Toni smiles


Kian stands up properly and leans against Shane, trying to press his feet but then he screamed as his foot hurt. 


"I think i might have sprained my foot mate" Kian moaned

"That's it, we're going" Shane takes him to the car

"Actually wait.. I do have some stuff back at my flat to put on his feet, and put a bandage on" Toni explained

"Better than hospital, im not going all the way there" Kian told Shane

"Okay fine" Shane nodded and they both followed Toni


Shane and Toni takes Kian to Toni's flat. Lena and Sarah had gone out somewhere for the day. Shane sits Kian down and looks at him worried. 


"This might hurt" Toni takes Kian's socks off and rubs it gently

"Ha..." Kian closed his eyes

"God Kian, your feet stinks" Shane covers his nose

"Actually i can't smell" Toni laughed

"I wash my feet twice a day thanks" Kian looks at Shane

"Yeah whatever" Shane smirked and stares at Kian's feet

"Shane.. do you want to lick my feet?" Kian asked

"Eh no!" Shane shouted

"Stop staring at it then" Kian told him

"Right, im going to put some cold cream on, it will soak it in" Toni starts putting cream on

"That is cold" Kian giggles

"So Shane.. You look worried" Toni wondered

"Im fine. I thought the driver who i knew but it wasn't" Shane answered

"Don't worry mate, you saved my life" Kian smiled

"Yeah but i didn't save Ronan's did i?" Shane sighed

"Look he's forgiven you and end of. Cheer up" Kian smiled


15 minutes later, Toni puts a bandage around Kian's foot. Then goes and washes her hands. They all talk for two hours. Shane keeps looking at her as he thinks he loves her. Kian then tries to stand up but instead he has to hop all the way home. 


"You might have to give your feet a rest though" Toni smiles at Kian

"Yeah, thanks anyway" Kian smiles

"Right let's go mate and thank you for everything" Shane smiles and kisses Toni's cheek


Toni is surprised by Shane's kiss and feels blushed. She watches Shane go as he closes the door behind him. Kian and Shane walks slowly back to Kian's house. 


"You like her don't you?" Kian wondered

"Yeah i do, shes sweet" Shane answered

"Don't rush it though" Kian smiles and walks in

"Will you be alright? As i'm going back to mine" Shane wondered

"Yeah course, im a grown man" Kian laughed

"Of course. I'll see you mate" Shane smiles and walks away

"Bye mate" Kian closed the door


Shane goes home to chill out. Kian sits on sofa and has two cans while watching TV. Ronan reads Stephen Gately's book and smiled while looking through pictures. Mikey is at his local pub but decided to walk back home to check on Ronan but then he sees Toni walking towards him. Toni looks at him and remembers him from the other night.


"Hi, Mikey right?" Toni wondered

"Yeah it is, what's your name?" Mikey asked

"Toni. You're the guy from that night at pub with Shane? You kept looking at me few times" Toni asked

"Yeah thats right" Mikey nodded

"Cool. I've seen you about couple of times, especially in boxers shorts once" Toni laughs

"When? I can't remember" Mikey laughed

"You was in black hot pants, i could actually see everything.. You were having a laugh with Ronan, guess you guys were having a few drinks" Toni explained

"Oh yeah i remember now. Oh no thats funny and embarrassing" Mikey smiles

"You was also with Stephen" Toni slowly speaks

"Yeah... I was..." Mikey smiles gently

"Well, im going to meet my friends now. I hope you have a nice evening" Toni smiles

"Thank You. I hope you do too" Mikey smiles


Mikey goes back into his flat and sees Ronan reading. Mikey thought to leave him alone, so he decided to grab few cans in fridge and watch TV. Ronan asked Mikey to get him a beer so he went to get him one too. 


Meanwhile, in Brighton, loads of fans are cheering and don't even know yet who's coming on stage. The one and only Take That! The lads are so excited as they ran on stage at 10pm and started to sing and dance. Robbie wanted a few drinks after the concert, Howard, Jason and Mark weren't really bothered as they would be tired. Gary told Robbie he might join him. 

The show nearly ended, 11.30pm.

Never, everybody sing that song

Never, yeah louder, louder, loud now
Someday, come on, come on, everybody, everybody
Everybody, everybody, everybody

Never forget where you're coming from
Never pretend that it's all real
Someday soon this will all be someone else's dream
This will be someone else's dream

We've come so far and we've reached so high
And we've looked each day and night in the eye
And we're still so young and we hope for more....

The show ended on a high and the fans really loved it! The lads shouts bye and love you etc Then went backstage to get changed. 


"That was amazing!!!" Gary smiled

"I would do it all over again! Mark hugs Gary

"Maybe one day, it was a one off" Robbie sighs

"No we will do it again but you dont have to join us everytime we do it" Howard tells Robbie

"Hey dont be like that. I will join everytime" Robbie smiled

"Good. Im so tired" Jason yawned

"Britney Spears" Gary smiles and hears her on stage

"Shes good!" Mark nodded

"Right, im ready" Robbie smiles at Gary

"Okay you twisted my arm" Gary smiles

"Nice bum" Robbie slaps Gary's bum while putting his coat on

"You both flirting? Get a room" Howard laughed

"Na we're messing" Robbie and Gary laughs

"Why dont we grab few beers and drink at the hotel room?" Gary wondered

"Yeah if you want, its easier" Robbie sighs


Its gone past midnight, they all gave each other a hug and planned to meet up at a cafe for breakfast on Sat morning. Robbie and Gary walks back to the hotel with beers in their hands. Gary and Robbie take their coat off and sits down with a beer. 


"I've enjoyed it. I miss all this" Robbie looks at Gary

"I miss it too" Gary smiles

"Mate, why dont we move back to England?" Robbie wondered

"Why? Im enjoying it over there and we've got our friends, i got Lena aswell" Gary explained

"Oh sorry..." Robbie sighs

"Maybe you should move on your own" Gary laughs

"I wouldn't leave you mate. We're too much of a best friend to leave each other" Robbie smiled


Robbie and Gary chatted and chatted till it got too late. It was 3am in morning and they're already started to be tipsy as they had their 6th can. As the late morning went, Robbie and Gary sat closer to each other laughing. It got to 5am, they had enough to drink but very drunk. Gary went into the bedroom and sat down taking his shoes off. Robbie followed him but tripped over carpet yet again but is drunk, he fell on bed laughing closely to Gary. Robbie and Gary looked at each other, Robbie leaned to kiss Gary without knowing what they were doing. Gary then kissed back... They started to get on top of each other kissing and touching.... Gary stopped... 


"What are we doing?" Gary closed his eyes

"Oh no" Robbie laughs and then Gary started to laugh


They both get up and laid on bed but then Robbie took his top off, so did Gary because they were hot. They both looked at each other and Robbie started to touch Gary and teased him by touching his bulge and body, then Gary stopped him as they both started to have a steamy session.... 


It got to 6am, Gary and Robbie are on bed fast asleep naked... What will they do when they wake up? and realised what they have done.. 










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