Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


5. Chapter Five


In the next morning on Saturday, at 10am, Gary was fast asleep in bed and Robbie slowly opens his eyes, he felt something behind him as he was laid his back to Gary. He turned over and realize they both are naked. Robbie slowly gets out of bed with a bad hangover, feeling rough and looks at Gary. Robbie remembers what happened and felt sick. He slowly gets changed and tries to be really quiet so he doesn't wake Gary up. 


"Oh no... What have we done.... God!" Robbie whispered

"Sorry Gary, i'm going!"


Robbie opens the door and slowly walks out. He then runs downstairs and ran out of the hotel. He kept breathing heavy for a few minutes. He walks down the road and sits down on the bench. Then he decides to walk long away. Back at the hotel, at about 11.30am, Gary is snuggled in bed as he was cold. He opened his eyes and felt different, he looked behind him and noticed Robbie was gone. Gary gets up and also remembered what happened that he broke down in tears. He looks at his phone and tries to ring Robbie few times but no answer. Gary leaves a voicemail. 


"Hi Rob... I cant believe it... what we did... It wasn't meant to happen... I worry this will ruin our friendship... I feel really sick thinking about it! You make me sick... You were the one flirting, messing about, messing with my head... Bet you loved it trying to get me drunk. I have a nice woman who i'm dating back in Ireland and you've just ruined that. But where are you? If i don't hear or see you by tomorrow, i'm still going on that plane back to Ireland on my own! Or i might aswell go now! You always run away every time something happens... I think its best we dont see each other for few weeks..." Gary takes a deep breath and hangs up. 


Gary then gets changed and tidy the room up. He feels so guilty that he felt very down and not in best of moods. He now hates Robbie but blames him and himself. An hour later, he walks down to the cafe to meet others for a breakfast. Gary doesn't feel like eating, so he sits and has a cup of tea instead. 


"Where's Rob?" Mark wondered

"No idea and im not bothered" Gary looks at Mark

"You both fell out again?" Howard asked

"Yeah sort of mate" Gary nodded

"What happened?" Jason asked

"You dont really want to know... I dont feel i want to do this.." Gary sighs

"We'll cheer you up, few drinks and you'll be fine" Mark smiles

"Thanks.. I feel so rough though" Gary takes a deep breath

"You look rough, but after a few pints, you'll feel better" Jason explains

"Im going home tomorrow with or without him" Gary looks at the guys

"Where is he?" Howard asked

"Hes gone, i dont even know where he is mate" Gary felt sick

"We'll let you know when we find him or see him" Mark taps on Gary's back

"Shouldn't we find him now?" Jason wondered

"Na, Robbie wouldn't do anything silly, he'll come back to us. He'll be fine, it's not the first time" Howard explained


By 1pm after they all chatted, had lunch and a cuppa. They decided to go to the small pub and sat down, they ordered their first drinks. Gary texts Shane. 


"I've messed up mate! Robbie's gone! Will tell you tomorrow" Gary texted


Gary then carried on having a chat with lads but there was so sign of Robbie.


Back in Ireland, at 3pm, the girls decided to dress up and get ready to go for lunch and a few drinks. 


"I've got a problem" Toni told the girls

"Whats up?" Lena wondered

"Theres two blokes that i like but i don't even know who to date.. If one of them asks me" Toni explained

"Oh dear.. Shane seems nice" Sarah said

"So is Mikey" Toni sighs

"I tell you what, you have a date with the two and then choose" Sarah smiles

"But thats abit wrong, i cant... We might see them tonight" Toni explains

"Just go with a flow. Gary's in Brighton. I miss him" Lena sighs

"He will be back tomorrow" Sarah smiled


While the girls are getting ready and chatting away, they already got one drink in their hand. At Mikey and Ronan's, Mikey and Ronan sits on sofa being bored and watched TV, going on laptop. By 5pm, Ronan decided to ask Mikey something.


"You fancy going to pub for a few?" Ronan asked

"If you like mate yeah, im bored but are you feeling up to it?" Mikey smiles

"Great! Dont worry i feel fine today, honest" Ronan smiles

"Thats good to know" Mikey gets his coat

"Let's go.. Shall we ask Shane and Kian to come out?" Ronan puts his coat on

"Shane? Kian? Why can't it be just us two mate" Mikey sighs

"The more, the merrier" Ronan smiles

"What about me? I thought it could be just two of us, we've not been on our own in a pub for ages" Mikey explains

"We will next time mate, i promise" Ronan nodded

"Okay" Mikey walks out of the door

"Why dont you text Shane?" Ronan wondered and grinned

"Me? Why not you?" Mikey wondered

"Come on, it'll make Shane think you both are okay" Ronan explained

"Fine but it will take a while" Mikey smirked


As Mikey and Ronan walked down to the pub, they noticed the girls coming the same way as them. Mikey texts Shane. They both ordered their drink and sat down.


"Hi, are you and Kian coming out to meet me and Ro?" 


Shane was shocked to get a text from Mikey. Shane ask Kian on the phone if he wants to go to pub but Kian wasn't really bothered. Kian is the type of guy who likes to be on his own most of the time. So Shane texted back - 


"Okay mate, only me, Kian isn't bothered. See you there 20 minutes"


"It's just Shane coming, Kian's staying at home" Mikey told Ronan

"Oh right" Ronan smiles gently

"You really have forgiven him haven't you?" Mikey smiled

"Its not his fault but yes i have mate" Ronan sighs


Ten minutes later, Lena, Toni and Sarah walks in and went to the bar. They all wore nice dresses and walked in smiling and laughing. Mikey and Ronan looked at the girls and smiled. 


"The guys are looking at us" Lena whispered

"Really? Mikey and Ronan?" Sarah wondered

"Oh great.. I knew they'd be here" Toni looked round and smiled

"So why don't we join them?" Lena wondered

"If you want but i thought we was gonna have a girlie night" Sarah said

"Yeah we are" Toni nodded

"Wait for them to come up to us instead" Lena grinned


Toni turned round and smiled at Mikey as Mikey smiled back to her. The girls went to sit on the other table. Twenty minutes later, Shane walks into the pub and ordered a drink, he turned round and saw the girls drinking and dancing. He then got his drink and joined Mikey and Ronan. Mikey smiled gently at him but Ronan gave Shane a big hug. 


"Alright mate?" Ronan hugged him

"Never been better" Shane smiled

"Whats wrong with Kian?" Ronan asked

"He's not really bothered mate, its not like him to stay in. He usually comes out" Shane answered

"That's what i thought" Ronan smiled

"I feel Kian might want to see Nicky, Brian and Mark, he told me today. He just doesn't like this place. I'll miss him" Shane explains

"Why dont you go with him?" Mikey thought

"I would but i like it here. I am dating at the moment" Shane laughs

"Who.. Toni?" Mikey wondered

"Well not dating but we might do" Shane said

"I like her, she seems nice" Mikey looks at Shane

"I found her first" Shane laughed

"Kian's got a girlfriend back home hasn't he?" Ronan thought

"Yeah he has, that's another reason. I dragged him here but i got you guys" Shane explained

"I had a text from Gary, he sounded upset. He and Robbie fallen out" 

"Really? Hope hes okay" Ronan shocked

"The concert went well and then after that, i don't know what happened" Shane sighed

"I guess Gary will be back on his own tomorrow?" Ronan asked

"I'll talk to him when he gets back and yeah i guess so mate" Shane nodded

"I blame Robbie, he does sometimes mess things up" Mikey looks at Shane

"Yeah..." Shane smiled

"Like you" Mikey told him

"Mikey, just leave it!" Ronan told him off

"I'll buy you a pint?" Shane got up 

"Okay.. Thanks" Mikey nodded


Shane and Toni walked up to the bar at the same time. They both smiled at each other and Shane offered to buy her a drink. 


"Would you like a drink?" Shane wondered

"Yeah okay, thanks" Toni grinned

"How are you? You having a nice time" Shane asked

"Yeah not bad, what about you?" Toni answered

"Not bad either" Shane drinks his pint

"Thanks for the drink, i best get back to the girls" Toni smiled


They both walk back to their own seats. Meanwhile, at 7.30pm back in Brighton, Robbie still nowhere to be seen. He is at the different pub. Gary, Howard, Jason and Mark are still at the pub drinking, laughing and joking. They shared a lot of memories. 30 minutes later, Robbie arrived at the pub where they were but tried to hide at the other side of the room while ordering a drink. Howard noticed Robbie at the side of the room, he takes his pint and walks up to Robbie to talk to him. 


"You look awful! Where have you been?" Howard asked

"Wandering around" Robbie sips his drink

"What.. early this morning? What happened?" Howard sighed

"You don't really need to know mate" Robbie looked at him

"Tell me, i wont tell others" Howard wondered

"We had a few drinks, got hammered and we fell out over something stupid" Robbie explained

"You both fall out but always sort stuff out but why not this time" Howard wondered

"Its hard to say" Robbie sighs

"What was it that was so bad?" Howard said

"Mate.. You would hate us, both of us" Robbie shaked

"We wouldn't, no matter what happens, we still will be your friends" Howard explained

"You really mean that?" Robbie said

"Yeah... Why don't you come and join us?" Howard asked

"I don't want to face Gary" Robbie said


Howard carries on talking to Robbie, trying to get it out of him and sat with him chatting about other things. Mark, Jason and Gary wondered where Howard was but ten minutes later, they noticed Howard talking to Robbie. 


"Robbie is back and Howard is talking to him!" Jason said

"Why are they not coming over?" Mark wondered

"Leave them, they look serious anyway" Jason laughed

"You're quite Gary" Mark said

"I think i've had enough to drink so i guess i'll go back to the hotel mate" Gary stood up

"Oh mate, come on" Mark shouted

"Why, oh because Robbie is here?" Jason wondered

"No mate, it was nice seeing you all. I got to get up early to catch the plane" Gary explained

"Fine but it was nice to see you" Mark stood up and gave him a hug

"Yeah its 9pm now and im tired" Gary sighed


Gary gives his mates a big hug and then he looked at Robbie as he was walking out of the pub. 


"Go and talk to him! Rob?" Howard sighed

"I can't mate, i can't" Robbie gets emotional

"Oh mate" Howard hugs him

"We.. We did something bad... Makes me feel sick! Gary sent me this voicemail, i agree with him" Robbie looks at his phone

"Can i listen to it?" Howard asked

"Yeah.... But i'm going to the toilet" Robbie gives him the phone


Robbie walked to the toilet. Howard looks at the voicemail and starts to listen to it. Howard tries to think what happened after he listened to the voicemail. He felt shocked. Ten minutes later, Robbie comes back and orders another drink, he looks at Howard looking shocked. He didn't know what to say. 


"Oh my god mate" Howard shocked

"I know! We was havin a laugh and we got so drunk that we didn't even know we was doing it" Robbie told him

"What are you gonna do?" Howard asked

"Nothing.. it's done! I do want to talk to him but it's like i can't even look at him" Robbie sighed

"Mate.. these things happen.. I think you should talk to him, maybe not tonight but when you're on the plane or something" Howard said

"I want to stay here Howard" Robbie tells him

"How long? You can stay at mine for one week mate till you sort yourself down and till Gary calms down, when you're ready to talk" Howard tells him

"Thanks mate" Robbie smiles


Robbie and Howard then joins Mark and Jason. They all chatted and was happy to see Robbie. Howard kept Robbie's secret to himself. Gary arrived into his hotel room 30 minutes later and went straight into bed to sleep. Gary then gets a text from Robbie saying he's staying with Howard for few days till things has settled, Gary ignored it and went to sleep again.


Back in Ireland at 11pm, Lena and Sarah decided to go back home because they had enough to drink leaving Toni on her own as she was going to buy another drink. Loud music was still playing at this time of night. Mikey and Ronan decided to go back to the flat as well, Shane wanted to talk to Toni so he ordered a drink for her and himself, he then joins Toni. 


"Hi Toni" Shane sits next to her

"Hi Shane" Toni smiles

"Just the two of us now" Shane laughed

"You're drunk" Toni grinned

"So are you" Shane smiled gently

"I'm tipsy" Toni laughed

"Same thing" Shane smiled

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Toni wondered

"I might chill out, what about you?" Shane asked

"Same, i might do a Bacon Cob, hangover food" Toni laughed

"Why don't you come round to mine tomorrow about 11? I'll do you some Bacon, Egg and Sausage Cob" Shane smiled

"That sounds nice but yeah okay i'll come round" Toni sighed

"Great!" Shane smiled

"I think i best go after this drink" Toni sighed

"Me too, i'll walk you back" Shane sips his drink

"Okay thanks" Toni nodded


Toni and Shane talked for another hour. It got to midnight and they both walked home, Shane walked Toni to her door and chatted for 5 minutes. 


"Thanks for walking me" Toni smiled

"No problem" Shane hugs her

"Anyway i best go in" Toni opens the door

"Wait.." Shane kisses her gently


As soon Shane kissed Toni, they both looked at each other and smiled. Toni then kissed him on cheek instead of lips. Shane then walked home and got ready to go to bed. 


Midnight, everyone was asleep. Gary could not sleep, so he decided to pack his bags and booked a earlier flight which was 4am. He went to the airport and waited for his plane. While waiting, he looked through the window looking at the stars and listening to other people talking, laughing and kids playing. He sat back and was thinking about his future.






















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