Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


11. Chapter Eleven


On a Saturday morning at 6am, Mikey is dressed and ready. He takes a deep breath and looks outside but sees Shane and Ronan outside the B&B. He gets a text from Ronan. 


"Come down for breakfast, i'll pay mate" Ronan texted


Mikey read his text and smiled gently. He walks down and sees Shane, Ronan sitting at the table. He joins them. 


"Morning mate" Shane smiled

"Morning, thanks for buying me breakfast" Mikey smiled

"Anytime. Looks like you could do with it since you had a lot to drink" Ronan nodded

"Yeah true, i do feel a bit rough" Mikey laughed

"You look rough" Shane laughed

"Are you sure you still want to go?" Ronan asked

"Yes" Mikey answered

"If none of this happened, you wouldn't be going anywhere" Shane sighed

"Yeah that's true" Mikey smiled gently

"Then stay, we'll give you another chance. I need you" Ronan begged

"Sorry mate, please lets enjoy our last morning. I'm hungry" Mikey sighed

"Fine, i'll go and order" Ronan gets up

"I think he feels guilty" Shane said

"No need to be. I've done all this mess" Mikey looks at Ronan

"Will you be back?" Shane asked

"I might do, maybe next month" Mikey answered

"Hope so, don't leave us waiting too long" Shane laughed

"Im looking forward to it" Mikey smiled


Shane, Ronan and Mikey eats their breakfast and enjoys their last few hours together. They couldn't stop laughing and joking. By the time 7.30 arrives, they went in Ronan's car and drove off to the airport. They arrived at 8am. They got out of the car and stood outside the airport. Mikey got his bags out of the boot and took a deep breath. 


"Well, here we are" Mikey smiled

"How did we get here?" Ronan sighed

"We'll miss you" Shane hugs Mikey

"I'll miss you both!" Mikey nodded

"Can we change your mind?" Shane asked

"I can't stay, you know that. If none of this happened, i would stay but i can't cope with people looking at me and hating me" Mikey explained

"What time's your flight again?" Ronan asked

"10am. I best go" Mikey answered

"What am i gonna do without you? I need you. Im sorry i turned my back on you" Ronan gets emotional

"Dont start me off mate" Mikey cries

"Listen, you are the best mate i ever had! Please promise to visit me? Text me, ring me all the time. Don't you forget us" Ronan hugs Mikey tightly

"Stephen would be so proud of you Ro" Mikey kisses his cheek

"He would be and he'll be proud of you. No matter what" Ronan sighed

"Yeah. I'll text you when i arrive" Mikey smiled

"Mikey, i'm glad to have known you. No matter what you did, i still love you and at the end you did save my life" Shane smiled gently

"Thanks" Mikey hugs Shane 

"You look after Ronan for me" Mikey smiled

"I can look after myself" Ronan laughed

"We'll look after each other" Shane looked at Ronan

"You both can visit me anytime. I'll text you my address" Mikey said


While Mikey and Shane were hugging, Ronan then joined in and hugged them both together. As Mikey had to go, Mikey felt emotional as he tried not to cry. He picked up his bags and went into the airport. Shane and Ronan watched him go and Ronan puts his arms around Shane. Ronan had tears in his eyes but as they both walked back into the car, Ronan broke down into tears and made Shane cry too. Ten minutes later, Ronan drove off slowly. 


When they got back at 9.30am, they both went to Ronan's flat and made themselves a cup of tea and some food. They sat down and chatted. 


"I can't believe my own best mate has gone" Ronan sighed

"Oh mate, don't say it like that. Mikey is still out there, i miss him too already" Shane tapped on his shoulder

"What are we going to do without him?" Ronan wondered

"I will be here, i know it's not the same but i am here for you" Shane answered

"Ah thanks Mate! We can't mope forever can we" Ronan sighed

"Nope. We best get sorted and meet others at the pub, for a meeting" Shane smiled

"Yeah! But it's not till 1pm, unless we go early? Fancy a pint? About 12pm?" Ronan thought

"Yeah sure. I'm gonna see Toni then i will meet you" Shane said

"Okay mate" Ronan nodded


Shane goes round Toni's flat and noticed her door was a bit open so he walked in but made Toni jump. 


"Can i come in.. Oh sorry to made you jump" Shane laughed

"Oh it's fine" Toni took a deep breath

"Why did you leave it open? Anyone could of came in" Shane asked

"Sorry, Sarah left it, she's gone away, moving" Toni answered

"Moving? Im sorry" Shane sighed

"It's okay, i needed to be on my own, been living with her for ages and its about time i need a place on my own" Toni smiles

"That's true" Shane sat down

"How was it with Mikey?" Toni asked

"It was hard, me and Ronan didn't want him to go but he did. We can go and see him anytime we want" Shane 

"Aww Shane" Toni hugs him and kisses him

"I really fancy a cup of tea and hot cross buns" Shane kisses her back

"That sounds delicious, i'll make some" Toni smiled

"Why don't you join me and the lads? At 12pm?" Shane asked

"I don't want to bother you guys" Toni answered

"They won't mind. Or, i'll bring a few bottles of wine later and a Chinese Take-Away" Shane smiled

"That sounds good but won't you be drunk" Toni laughed

"I thought you don't mind me drunk?" Shane smirked

"I dont, but dont come hammered" Toni smiled

"I wont do, its only a few pints and a chat about stuff. I'll text you when im on the way" 

"Yeah okay, i can't wait" Toni kisses him

"You can't get enough of me can you?" Shane thought

"Nope! I could kiss you all day" Toni smiles and kisses him

"Anyway, marry me?" Shane asked without thinking

"What? Seriously? We only just got together" Toni thought

"Well, i just realise how much i love you and adore you" Shane holds her hands

"I think same about you but i thought you wanted to take it slowly.. Isn't it getting quick?" Toni smiles gently

"Im sorry... Its 10.30 and best get food on, i'm going at 12pm to meet Ronan" Shane sighed

"Okay" Toni walks slowly to make some food and drink


Toni starts to make Hot Cross Buns and Cup Of Tea. Shane went to have a shower and change his shirt. When it got to 12pm, Shane kisses Toni goodbye and goes to meet others. Toni started to get cleaned up, got a bath and then put something nice on. She got herself a can out of the fridge and watched TV. 


At 1pm, Take That, Westlife and Boyzone met up in the pub, got their drinks and sat down round the table. Talking about plans and tours. Ronan is still thinking of Mikey and wished he was still here but Shane and Keith tried to cheer Ronan up by making him laugh. Ronan suddenly saw a figure by the door and thought it was Stephen. 


"Stephen?" Ronan whsphered

"Ro?" Keith wondered

"Oh sorry, i thought i saw someone" Ronan smiled gently as he kept looking

"I can't see anything" Keith said

"I've been seeing or hearing things recently but im okay" Ronan sighed

"You sure?" Keith thought

"It may sound stupid, so you don't really want to know. Let's leave it" Ronan then noticed the figure was gone


A text came through from Mikey to Ronan "I have arrived, it looks amazing and can't wait for you all to see it when you visit. Missing you all mate xx"


"Mikey texted saying hes arrived" Ronan smiled

"That's great" Shane Filan smiled back

"Good to know, he should be here really" Shane Lynch sighed

"He will join us again one day" Ronan smiled


The ideas for the tour was that they all tour together but separate. Westlife are going on first, then Boyzone, then Take That and then at the end, they all come on stage to sing together. The lads agreed and was happy about the ideas. They couldn't wait. Mark Owen phoned to let the bosses know and confirmed their dates and when the lads got told that the tickets will go on sale Monday, they couldn't be anymore excited.


"We bet get rehearsing soon" Mark laughed

"I can't wait!" Gary smiled

"We can't either" Ronan and Nicky agreed


The tour starts in 3 months and the setlist they have made is - 


Westlife on first

Uptown Girl

You Raise Me Up

What About Now

World Of Our Own

The Easy Way

Bop Bop Baby


Flying Without Wings

Boyzone on second

Love Is A Hurricane

Love Me For A Reason

When The Going Gets Tough

No Matter What

Picture Of You

Love Will Save The Day

Who We Are

Gave It All Away

Take That on last

Relight My Fire

Back For Good

A Million Love Songs



The Flood


Greatest Day

Boyzone, Westlife and Take That on stage together

Life is a RollerCoaster

When You're Looking Like That

Never Forget

End of Show


As the meeting ended, they all went back home around 5.30pm. Shane went to get a Chinese and few cans, plus a bottle of wine. He walked in Toni's flat and sees her all dressed up nice on sofa with a glass in her hand watching TV. 


"Im so hungry, thank you" Toni sees Shane

"So am i" Shane sets the table

"Thanks for buying the drinks too" Toni smiled

"No problem" Shane sighed

"How did it go?" Toni asked

"It went brilliantly, i can't wait to tour" Shane gets excitedd

"Let's have a can to celebrate" Toni smiled

"Why not" Shane laughed

"Shane? When you said you wanted to marry me, lets do it and i would love it if you moved in?" Toni wondered


Shane looks up at Toni for a few seconds, he didn't know what to say but he was happy she said that.


"I would love to! God i love you" Shane kissed her passionately 

"I love you too" Toni smiled


Everyone is now happy, chilled back at home, having a few drinks and take-aways. While Mikey is in his villa on the balcony with his laptop and wine. Ronan sits in his back garden looking up the stars with his glass of wine. 


"Miss you mate and Stephen" Ronan sighed

"Miss you too" Stephen echoed


Ronan looked behind him as he heard his voice and felt his presence. He smiled and relaxed back on his chair. 



The End

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